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D.R. Barton is a world-renowned authority on technical trading with 26 years’ experience in the markets.

He’s best known for his Stealth Stock Trading Indicator (SSTI), a proprietary computer model that has taken the better part of his life to build and perfect. He analyzed thousands of trades and tested years’ worth of data – over 133 million data points, to be exact – to build this program. It scours the market to identify the nearly invisible, short-term “stealth” stock trends that turn into fast gains, often in just a few days.

In 2014, he launched Stealth Profits Trader, showing regular traders how to use SSTI to create big profit “paychecks” almost every month for just a few hours of work. The best part is, it works in any market or stock movement – bull, bear, or sideways.

He immediately gained a following:

I just subscribed about a week ago and started trading according to your recommendations with a lot of success and satisfaction. … All in all I have cleared $6,101.61 during the 8 business days. ~ Barry

Net gain was $4,598. Nice paycheck for a two day investment… ~ Tim

I have tried several systems before, but none produced a first win of this magnitude. ~ Kenneth

Before rocking the trading world, D.R. was a chemical engineer with DuPont. He retired early to pursue his passion – showing investors how to build financial freedom. Today he’s a financial author, lecturer, and coach. He has helped many thousands master the powerful trading techniques that professionals use, like swing trading, forex, and cutting-edge risk management.

He holds a national spotlight as a leading expert on system designs for risk reduction. D.R. co-authored the New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling book “Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom,” a comprehensive guide for aggressively shedding risk without derailing profits, as well as “Financial Freedom Through Electronic Day Trading.” He has been featured on Bloomberg Radio, BNN, Financial Advisor magazine, SmartMoney, and the Van Tharp Institute.

D.R. is also the founder and COO of the Directional Research and Trading Hedge Fund Group. He holds a B.S. from Virginia Tech and an MBA from the University of Delaware.

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Stealth Profits TraderD.R. Barton Jr. spent over 25 years building and perfecting his proprietary Stealth Stocks Trading Indicator. This ultra-powerful system scours thousands of moves on thousands of stocks every day… then consistently and reliably signals an automatic alert every time nearly invisible, short-term stock trends are about to turn into fast, extraordinary gains. And the homerun focus gives you the opportunity to make double- and triple-digit profits within just a few days or weeks. Learn More