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Dr. Kent Moors is an advisor to the highest levels of the U.S., Russian, Kazakh, Bahamian, Iraqi, and Kurdish governments, to the governors of several U.S. states, and to the premiers of two Canadian provinces. He’s served as a consultant to private companies, financial institutions, and law firms in 25 countries, and has appeared more than 1,400 times as a featured radio and television commentator. He appears regularly on ABC, BBC, Bloomberg TV, CBS, CNN, NBC, Russian RTV, and the Fox Business Network.

Dr. Moors is a prolific writer and lecturer, whose six books, more than 750 professional and market publications, and over 250 private/public sector presentations and workshops have appeared in 44 countries.

Now, after more than four decades of advising the energy industry’s biggest players, Dr. Moors is turning his attention to individuals… people who ordinarily don’t – or simply can’t – get access to his market intelligence.

On a weekly basis, Kent makes specific investment recommendations in his highly read newsletters, Energy Advantage, Energy Inner Circle, and Micro Energy Trader.

He also provides a free weekly newsletter called Oil & Energy Investor, where he shows everyday investors how to make money following the industry’s biggest and most profitable developments.

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Energy AdvantageAfter 40 years advising the world’s top energy producers, as well as governments, policymakers, and Wall Street, Dr. Kent Moors is showing individual investors how to profit from the “super shifts” in the global energy markets. As these new paradigms take hold, all you have to do is follow is simple instructions… and prepare to make a killing. It’s not insider trading, it only feels that way. Learn More

Energy Inner CircleThis fast-paced service is designed to exploit the energy market’s most significant moves… before mainstream money does. And it’s run by the only man on Earth who can do this for you on a consistent basis…Dr. Kent Moors has been on the front lines of global energy for 40 years now. His connections offer you an unprecedented way to profit from sudden shifts in the dynamics of world energy markets. And now, for the first time, he’s agreed to share the industry’s most lucrative secrets – investment recommendations he reveals to members of his Energy Inner Circle. Learn More

Micro Energy TraderThis is a “swing for the bleachers” type of service. Each week you’re going to get opportunities to take small amounts of money (say, $1,000 to $5,000) and turn them into $20,000 or $50,000. Occasionally, we’ll only get to second or third base. Other times, however, we’ll hit it out of the park.

This is a high-end research service designed to exploit the smallest yet most explosive companies in the stock market. And it is limited to a small number of subscribers.

For more information, please contact our VIP Trading Services Team at 855.509.6600 (or 410.622.3004 for international callers). Learn More

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