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Ernie Tremblay was singled out as the “most winning” stock-picker in the investment newsletter industry in 2014. But his background isn’t in stock-picking at all.

Ernie is one of the foremost biotech analysts in America, with over 25 years of experience studying and writing about the latest developments in health, medicine, and related technologies He has contributed to more than 100 books on topics like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, rheumatology, microbiology, and other groundbreaking medical therapies for top publishing houses like Prentice Hall and Harper Collins.

Yet when Ernie turned his attention to the biotech investing world, he discovered what everybody was getting wrong. What every other “expert” analyst didn’t know.

It’s the simplest question on earth: Does the science behind the drug work?

When you can master that one simple question (and no one else can), you can get extremely rich. Ernie proved that almost right away.

The cause for the excitement is his proprietary Three-Phase System. Ernie developed it to identify the next “blockbuster” drugs – the ones that will cause a biotech stock to double or triple overnight – and sort out the drugs that will be just another casualty of the FDA approval process. Most remarkably, he maintains a calendar that shows when the gains will come, down to the day.

In 2012, after years of calibration and testing, Ernie started publishing his recommendations exclusively for Money Map members.

His very first one was a “buy” on a small-cap biotech called Aegerion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AEGR). The company was developing a new orphan drug to treat a rare, fatal blood disease in young adults. Ernie was convinced it was a winner.

In October 2012, when the stock was $17/share, he wrote to members:

“[I] put the potential share price of this company at just shy of $72 per share. Based on the current share price – that represents a potential first-year gain of over 360%.”

As it turned out, the stock delivered a 346% total return for members in just eight months – four months ahead of schedule.

Today Ernie uses this very same system to track the best profit opportunities for his Biotech Insider Alert members. He also contributes to Money Morning as the biotech investing specialist.

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Biotech Insider AlertBiotech investing expert Ernie Tremblay has built a powerful three-phase formula that can accurately determine whether a new drug will be a breakthrough winner – or a casualty of an FDA denial. And once a drug has passed his rigorous evaluation, Ernie pinpoints the exact calendar date the pharmaceutical company behind a new therapy can skyrocket in value, popping by double and triple digits overnight, then running up to even bigger gains in the months ahead. Learn More