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Michael A. Robinson is a 35-year Silicon Valley veteran and one of the top technology financial analysts working today. In just a little over two years, he’s been able to deliver his readers 44 double- and triple-digit winners.

That’s because as a consultant, senior adviser, and board member for Silicon Valley venture capital firms, Michael enjoys privileged access to pioneering CEOs, scientists, and high-profile industry insiders. In fact…

  • He was one of five people involved in early meetings for the $160 billion “cloud” computing phenomenon.
  • He was there as Lee Iacocca and Roger Smith, the CEOs of Chrysler and GM, led the robotics revolution that saved the U.S. automotive industry.
  • As cyber-security was becoming a focus of national security, Michael was with Dave DeWalt, the CEO of McAfee, right before Intel acquired his company for $7.8 billion.

In addition to being a regular guest and panelist on CNBC and Fox Business, Michael is also a Pulitzer Prize-nominated writer and reporter. His first book Overdrawn: The Bailout of American Savings warned people about the coming financial collapse – years before the word “bailout” became a household word.

Silicon Valley defense publications vie for his analysis. He’s worked for Defense Media Network and Signal Magazine, as well as The New York Times, American Enterprise, and The Wall Street Journal.

Michael is 100% independent and receives absolutely no compensation from companies he writes about. His ideas are completely his own. And now, his ideas are yours as well.

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Nova-X ReportNova-X Report puts you directly in touch with high-tech research, analysis, stock picks, and strategies that can double, triple, even quadruple your retirement savings faster than any other sector on earth. It’s led by 35-year Silicon Valley insider Michael A. Robinson, who has uncovered nearly every major tech breakthrough since the personal computer, making a fortune for his readers in the process. The key to winning in tech investing is to ignore the hype, while pouncing only on companies that offer real growth. Michael shows you how to do this every month. Today, he’s following some of the most lucrative tech trends in history – including mobile technology, “Big Data,” the Cloud, biotechnology… and more. Each issue shows you exactly how to capitalize on these opportunities for the biggest gains… while safely protecting your retirement. Learn More
Radical Technology ProfitsRight now. mind-blowing new technologies are hitting the market faster than ever before. These go way beyond simply new, or innovative, or even astounding. These are truly radical technologies. Ones that have the power to sweep across the globe and change the very fabric of our lives. Radical technologies like these have three things in common: 1) They can take decades from inception to the time they finally “break out;” 2) Their potential impact can be nearly unimaginable early in the process; 3) For those who see the vision and get in early, these technologies can create life-changing wealth.That’s precisely what editor Michael A. Robinson aims to do for you with this service. Learn More
Strategic Tech Investor logoNever in history have so many mind-blowing tech opportunities hit the market at once. But thanks to 35-year Silicon Valley insider Michael A. Robinson’s time-tested strategies, Strategic Tech Investor readers are gaining insight into the world’s most lucrative trends… and picking up winners like clockwork.

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