Reviews for Tom Gentile

  • “I’ve made $200,000.00 on Tom Gentile’s Money Calendar Alert”

    — Thomas Mackey
  • This was my first week and cashed out for a gain of $1,420.

    — Wallace W.
  • Made $4,880.00… Got a smooth double. Getting ready for next Monday.

    — Jeremiah R.
  • 80% gain in a matter of minutes yesterday. That makes a big impact on a small account. This was actually my first options trade but I thought it was just as easy as buying and selling a security

    — John M.
  • Here are the 1st 4 trades with your Money Calendar: IBM +$285; AAPL +$764; GS -$179; and PCLN +$894. Thanks!!!! This will make my retirement easier. I am going to plow most of the gains back in to grow the “bank.” This is a Godsend.

    — George Gault
  • Tom I am new at trading options but now have 3 trades with your advice and they are all making money. Your explanation of options is the best I have ever seen. This Money Calendar is so powerful I have never seen anything even close to it.

    — Asher Rooney
  • As a new investor, I was thrilled that my first two option trades using your system netted me half my subscription price in the first week!!

    — Jessie Horn
  • The BAX trades were a dream. And it proved to me that his system does work extremely well.

    — Pen Easton
  • I sold to close and took my double bagger. If I can do this regularly by following your recommendations, I will be a happy camper!

    — Clem Robertson
  • New subscriber and first time options trader – Love your newsletter format, training videos and alerts. Just what I need to enhance my investment returns.

    — Reg Ronson
  • You pick so many more winners… it blows me away, and your winners are big winners.

    — Tuck Fiddler
  • This is my favorite advisory because it really works.

    — Jamie Gordon
  • I appreciate the detailed attention to every move. Makes it all so easy.

    — J.G.
  • I have been buying and selling options for a while, but Tom’s method is a “sure-fire way” to get winning trades.

    — Dominic Chavez
  • All winners so far!

    — Yadev Pravat
  • Tom’s system is very unique and very user friendly. The best I have seen.

    — Ryder Tillman
  • I invested $189.00 and sold out on 7/20 for $450.00 a gain of 238%. Whoopie! I will continue to follow his instructions to the letter.

    — Jack Templeton
  • Overall, for an initial outlay, including costs, of $1,531.32 I netted a profit of $4,875.95 giving me a net return of 318.41% which was wonderful for a two week investment.

    — Patrick Ellison
  • $4,300.00 profit in 3 working days.

    — Barb Reese
  • I put in $2,118 on 12 contracts at $1.75 and sold at $6,641 on 12 contracts at $5.50. (313%)

    — Ricky Constantino
  • I got into AAPL on this trade at $2, and sold at $5.76 for a 288% return! Loving that was my first trade.

    — Cal Anderton
  • I just want to thank you for my first 100% ever!

    — Elliot Voorhees
  • My 3rd 100% gain since joining a few weeks ago.

    — Archie Riggleman
  • My first trade using Tom’s Money Calendar service… 205.12% gain.

    — Rob Butterfield
  • I made a profit of $3215.00 on my very first option trade! Tom made it so easy. Thanks so much!!

    — Jenny Braun
  • $1,124 in 6 calendar days and $740 in 9 calendar days!

    — Ryan Stevens
  • My total profit on these two trades was just over $7K. So far so good.

    — Ron Glauberman

Reviews for Michael Lewitt

  • I took your advice yesterday and bought 10 Nov 150 puts at $9.80 when the stock was around $150. I sold them this AM at $43.00.Thanks for the great research and advice.

    — Thomas Orange
  • Followed your advice about buying the puts on Valeant and did quite well. Spent $3k made $18k.

    — Josiah Brunckhorst
  • Many thanks for your excellent intel and stock price prediction regarding VRX. I picked up 10 contracts of Nov $140 puts yesterday at $360 and closed them at over 1,100% this morning! Fantastic early Christmas present!

    — Gene Carmel
  • After I read Mr. Lewitt’s report just yesterday I sold that put option this morning for almost a 300% gain in less than 24 hours. That has never happened to me before! What a ride!! Thank you, thank you Mr. Lewitt!

    — Tyler Pratt
  • Thanks for the heads-up about VRX! I played it with an April 15 $60/$50 Put-spread that paid 202% when the bottom fell out of VRX yesterday. Thank you again!

    — Sammy Lentz
  • When I first read your comments on VRX I took a fat profit on the $150 put when the stock dropped to $94 the first time. Please come up with more rotten companies we can short! Thanks a million!

    — Marty Tethers
  • Sir, I doubled on VRX the first time you recommended and practically doubled on this one. Thanks again. And waiting for another one.

    — Simon Matcha
  • Mr. Lewitt’s call on VRX was brilliant and the timing superb. In one day I regained everything lost in the past 3 months. I’m not a big experienced trader but I finally believe I’ve found someone whose opinion I trust. Thanks heaps Mr. Lewitt.

    — Carl Reinberger
  • OK, OK Now I’m a believer. Pitch me another one!

    — Max Kanvers

Reviews for D.R. Barton

  • I just subscribed about a week ago and started trading according to your recommendations with a lot of success and satisfaction. … All in all I have cleared $6,101.61 during the 8 business days since 10-28-14.

    — Dr. J. Blyth
  • Total profit — about $3325 for a few minutes of work. Thanks for letting me get back the cost of membership so soon in two easy trades.

    — Jensen Khan
  • This is the most lucrative service I have ever tried (and I have tried a lot)!

    — Ralph Zook
  • Just wanted to say well done. The DSLV trade was a 3 day trade that netted a $2300 pay check.

    — Doug Lasset
  • Both of these trades made a significant return for my portfolio in 48 hours instead of the usual months to years.

    — Robert Lavender
  • Net gain was $4,598. Nice paycheck for a two day investment…

    — Thomas Vance
  • I have tried several systems before, but none produced a first win of this magnitude.

    — Kathleen Christiansen
  • Made $1152 in two days. Loved this trade!!!!

    — Loya Havre
  • This was my 1st trade with D.R. 213% gain in 3 days or $1,560. WOW! Excellent start!!

    — Gary Jessups
  • Nice job guys! Enjoying the heck out of this.

    — Ted Randall
  • Total profit on these trades $2885. Great call – many thanks.

    — Robert Bastion
  • Took 24% profit in just three days. SSTI system rocks.

    — Tasawur Smyth

Reviews for Mike Ward

  • “I’ve made back what I paid to join Passport Club!”

    — Bert Jacobson
  • “It’s a great service, I’ve made quite a few bucks with it. I think Bill Patalon is very good, and Michael Robinson with Radical Technology Profits. I’ve made $200,000.00 on Tom Gentile’s Money Calendar Alert“.

    — Thomas Mackey
  • I tell everybody that will listen and understand this is a wonderful family to be a part of.

    — R. Klein
  • These guys truly care about you succeeding and they take every recommendation as an opportunity for you to travel that journey of obtaining $2 million dollars to retire. I now am a Passport Select member, for life.

    — Richard Klein
  • I am a lifetime member of Money Map Press. What I enjoy is the very reason I purchased it, accurate information. Money Map Press gives me information on companies I would never have the time to do hours of research on. I have made money many times and am happy with Money Map Press and plan on enjoying it for years to come.

    — Richard Browning
  • I have had no regrets as to how much I paid for the service. The information has been great, and I am up on the biotech stocks that have more than paid for my membership.

    — Wayne M,
  • The best value in investment newsletters today… period.

    — Clarence G.
  • I have literally booked more than 25 TIMES the cost of the lifetime membership in the gains from these stocks.

    — Gil W.
  • My account is up nearly $17,000 after just over a week! WOW! is all I can say.

    — Marjorie R.
  • Money Map Press has assembled a terrific team of stock and portfolio analysts. I value my Passport membership a great deal.

    — Gene H.
  • Your research is way out in front of normal brokerages.

    — Jim P.
  • Money Map Press ranks at the top.

    — Sal A.
  • The top guys are just terrific.

    — Monty J.
  • The true education began for me after joining the Passport Club.

    — Julie L.
  • I joined with you folks because of the talent you have on board.

    — Clifford H.
  • I like that this is a lifetime program – that makes the overall initial cost a very good purchase.

    — Mason Ramsay
  • Being new to investing, it saves me time because they have done all the research and analysis.

    — Joan Monroe
  • These experts pave the way for you, show you where to go, show you the pitfalls, show you the high points, the advantages… when to move on what. As long as you follow the roadmap… you should be fine – better than fine.

    — Abe Bernard
  • The experts all are excellent. Keith’s a genius. They all are.

    — Pam Hilliard
  • They care about people, the investors, and they give thorough research and very thoughtful recommendations.

    — Phyllis Hyman
  • A great lineup of profitable traders. Timely information and education.

    — Virginia W.
  • After monitoring MMP team recommendations since last summer and am confident that I have partnered with a group that I can grow with and work through future market conditions.

    — Grant Naess
  • I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how excited I am to be on board with the Passport Club at Money Map Press… I am both excited and humbled to be a part of the MMP “family.”

    — Michael Merritt
  • One last thought… the GT trade probably paid for half my Passport Club membership. I hope these kind of recommendations continue and help to secure my retirement! Certainly seems like they might!

    — John Geisler
  • I’m up about 11,798 on Money Map Press recommendations right now. Take away some previous losses and previous gains and I’m up about 12K with MMP. Sounds good to me!

    — Denny Roberson
  • The top guys are just terrific – I admire and follow Dr. Kent Moors’ articles whenever they appear, and Shah is nothing less than an inspiration.

    — Charles Walsh
  • The editors at Money Map have always encouraged me to go forward and try their recommendations, which I think is truly admirable. I feel they are a great company which really reaches out to all to improve their lot in life. I’m glad to know you are a company of integrity and sincerity.

    — Mary Vasquez
  • Made my first three trades this week. Paid for my Passport Membership plus had money left over. The other 51 weeks are now free of charge.

    — Bill McCauley

Reviews for Bill Patalon

  • Thank you for the wonderful services you provide, you are the best investment I ever made. On GALE I bought 10.000 shares @ $2.25 sold half in the $5 range so made a little profit and have 5000 shares that I own for free that keep on giving. I will never thank you enough, keep up with the good work.

    — Gianfranco Calligaris
  • Love your newsletter. First trade after joining, I bought 2,000 shares of AMD March 28 for $5454.95 and sold on May 21 for a gain of $2061.88. Very happy with the profit. Thanks.

    — Margaret Wilson
  • I like Bill Patalon’s concept of skimming the cream off the milk of the other analysts at Money Map Press. I have turned a nice profit from Bill’s Private Briefing tips.

    — Frank Birsten
  • I love the tone of your writing and the stock picks you suggest are terrific. On TSRX I’m up 98%, while on INO I’m up 134%. Keep up the good work.

    — James Wohlers
  • I am thrilled with Private Briefing. I subscribe to quite a few newsletters, and YOU have been the BIG winner right out of the gate. I bought Trius and sold it for a 96.71% gain.

    — Amy Sales
  • I am a subscriber to Private Briefing almost since the beginning and I’ve seen many triples and doubles on your recommendations. I acted on some and made some good money. I must congratulate you and your team of experts on the excellent job you are doing.

    — Thom Sigismondi
  • Many thanks for the great letter today; I am up a little over 200% on Galena. Private Briefings is one the most important parts of my day. Bill, there is no better investment letter out there anywhere!

    — Frederick Baumann
  • I’m writing to tell you how pleased I am with my subscription to Bill Patalon’s Private Briefing. I recently met with my broker who mentioned that my portfolio had caught his eye. Perhaps it was my 49% return last year. Perhaps it’s some of my more recent picks such as ANIK and QIWI, both of which have provided double digit returns in just a few months.

    — Ria Hiakawa
  • You were SPOT ON with ALL your biotech buyout recommendations!!! Keep ‘em coming! You definitely have the knowledge and inside track on WINNERS!!! THANK YOU!

    — Amy Sawyer

Reviews for Sid Riggs

  • I have come a long way because of Sid.

    — Steve Hensing
  • I am hooked! It’s exciting to see the stock go up & up!!

    — Tom Harl
  • Bought under $10, sold at around $18 for a profit of $120,000.

    — Harald Ensor
  • I just sold half my position for a 91.65% GAIN in 8 days! Can’t wait to see how your other recommendations pan out.

    — Amy Sward
  • I only took out a small position and sold my entire stake for a 353% gain. Even this small position has completely paid for my subscription.

    — Stephen Martinelli
  • I’ve been in this business for over 50 years and this is my biggest hit ever in three weeks. Me and my children thank you too! They each have $2000 in their retirement accounts.

    — Tom Dalton
  • Today I’m up over $15,000 overall on your NBIX pick, a stock I would never have heard of if I’d not been a subscriber to Small-Cap Rocket Alert.

    — Brian Cremmant
  • I was telling my wife just this morning… I’ve taken 8 positions on Sid’s recommendations, I’ve cashed $16k and I’m up roughly $12,000 on the balance of positions (in total). In roughly 3 months. My wife’s response was “Follow THAT guy!”

    — Brian Standard
  • The service so far is GREAT! These are the kinds of picks I really want but don’t have the time or expertise to find myself! I eagerly await every update and new recommendation.

    — Art Goossens
  • Thanks for your recommendations. I have four of your pics including: NBIX up 88.6%, NVAX up 68.2%, SNTA up 20.5% and NEO up 18.5%. What a record!! I couldn’t be happier.

    — Dustin Russell

Reviews for Ernie Tremblay

  • Thus far, your service is the best value I’ve come across in the 30 years I’ve been investing and trading. A hearty Thank You!

    — Dr. Harold Parker
  • I racked up $12.46/share in profit on average. Very decisive win and truly impressive recommendation. So I make that out, exclusive of commissions and exchange fees, as a 79.5% rate of return over 22 days! Thank you very much.

    — Richard Stiles
  • I took my profits right away on the NBIX trade when I saw them jump 100% in less than a week… I am very pleased with the recommendations you have provided and look forward to more.

    — George Wendron
  • I bought at 16.78 and sold at 26.49. I appreciate you keeping in constant contact with us and giving us direction. I’m anticipating much success following your guidance.

    — Jerry Pasney
  • Excellent trade. Got in at $16.00 and out yesterday at 27.53. After commissions netted 70.25%. Keep them coming.

    — Rick Ballner
  • Really enjoying your newsletter. Have made some profitable trades thanks to you. Total profit on AERI trade: $7,090.

    — Tony Campo
  • It was a no brainer to go with Ernie. I think he’s great! Very knowledgeable and so far profitable… I’m an aggressive investor and like the kind of moves I’ve seen in biotech stocks. Keep up the good work.

    — Lauren Rosen
  • I am happy to say that I made out quite nicely on this AUXL position AND the NKTR position. Some nice returns that I hope will continue… AUXL – Annualized returns were 165.26% and 422.66% for a blended annualized rate of 251.06% on a weighted average. NKTR – Annualized return was 156%. Very nice returns that I am very happy with!

    — Mike Gamley
  • A profit of $5440, a gain of 67.36%. Not a bad result for 26 days! And I never would have made this kind of investment without your service.

    — John Glick
  • $17,500 profit. Keep up the good work!

    — Barbara France
  • In just over one month we’ve already made 1.5x our annual subscription price. We are grateful for you and your amazing work at translating the confounding world of bio-science.

    — Christopher Horace
  • I made close to 30k profit out of an investment of 50k USD… at a time where I needed some additional investment. Thank you VERY much – you are the best advisor. I became a lifetime customer.

    — Terence Yardley
  • Buying Biotech Insider Alert has been worth every penny and the best investment I have ever made. I am up $10K in a little over one month.

    — Annah Reijnder
  • I love this stuff, it’s incredible. With this kind of information, how could you not get rich.

    — Thom Inoue
  • On Ernie’s heads up, I took a profit on 40% of my investment in Pozen, When I was stopped out I had another smaller gain for an annual equivalent 80% gain in just a little over a month. With the pull back I’ve reinvested forty percent with a low ball offer for the other sixty percent.

    — Jim Fylan

Reviews for Michael A. Robinson

  • I just moved you to the top and will consider you my best and main source. Please keep it up and don’t change.

    — Bill Kelsinger
  • I love your guiding platform, your pre entry info is well thought out, and your stoploss guidance is bang on. I have been looking for someone like you for a long time. Thank you, thank you. If you were here I would give you a big hug. I look forward to a long and profitable relationship with you and your team.

    — Randal Arthuro
  • Closed out your recommendation in ARAY for a $2,500 profit on a $7,500 investment in less than a month. I will be a lifetime subscriber to your service!

    — James Terrell
  • As always, I really enjoy, value, and respect your intellect and wisdom on the technology side. Because of you we have probably made close to $5,000 off of INVN and we are not done yet. We will now be looking at ARMH.

    PS – until you came along, I had not heard of INVN.

    Many thanks again, Michael.

    — Randall Walden
  • It sounds like you are on the cutting edge of a lot of different areas. I have enjoyed your comments. Your research gives me plenty of homework to do.

    I was in brokerage business for 50 years and find your research way out in front of normal brokerage. I just became a Passport member and have some very nice profits in a short period of time.

    Keep it going and thanks.

    — Michael Barlow
  • I just finished cleaning out all the marginal so-called advisory firms, and making an active list of “advisers to follow” and YOU ARE ON TOP. Not only are many of your recommendations free, but your record of these is outstanding. Thank you for your clear, concise and meaningful advisories.

    — Ethan Zachs
  • Michael, I have a wife and two kids. You have helped my young family recover from the 2008 crisis where we lost everything, including our home. Thanks to you I have been able to rebuild my nest egg.

    — Ryan Jared
  • I made approximately 125k for the year.

    — Carter Roberts
  • I made over 250%. This was my best trade ever!

    — Daniel McCarthy
  • I became a member about a year ago. Since joining you have tripled my net worth.

    — Bob Kreen
  • I never thought I could make a $36,000 profit in 3 days. Now I know it’s possible.

    — Eric Duneau
  • My portfolio is up over $7K in less than 2 weeks.

    — Elaine Frendahl
  • I just subscribed and already have a $1,100 profit after just four days.

    — Dwight Ranta
  • In a nut shell I am up in all your recommendations all 5. I love your guiding platform, your pre entry info is well thought out, and your stoploss guidence is bang on. I have been looking for someone like you for a long time. Thank you, thank you. If you were here I would give you a big hug. I look forward to a long and profitable relationship with you and your team.

    — Randal Pfenning
  • I enjoyed the precise Money Map outline… and optimistic about new concepts as the 3 “DDD” group. I appreciate learning from those who are in the field…

    — Agnes
  • Keep them coming. Sold half for a $6,000 gain. Approximately $16,000 on five others.

    — Irwin Snider
  • Thank you for your investing tip, Michael. The day you published this I bought some $7.50 February calls, and so far I have a 63% gain in 6 days! But I see much more upside to this. This stock has been going up like crazy.

    I was able to cash in some of my calls on Invensense which you also posted about some months ago. On this one I’ve had gains of 85% and 110% ! You do have a good eye.

    — Alfred Coronado

Reviews for Dr. Kent Moors

  • WOW — LNG and YOU have given me a great profit and I am most appreciative. Using options, in a bit less than 6 months, I have gained 247%.

    — Bill Lehrer
  • I guess the most important thing I’ve learned, for myself, is that “I CAN’T PICK EM” like someone that really knows his sector, and Dr. Kent Moors obviously knows his sector.

    — Nick Makela
  • It is indeed a pleasure to participate in Kent’s Project 1. The successful discovery of a well that flows oil is as I understand a rarity in current times. For Kent to comment that this well’s production is far beyond his expectations is a very comforting comment; particularly to someone who has no knowledge of drilling economics….It is very exciting to be involved in this project and participate in an investment format that I did not previously know existed. Thank you for creating this opportunity.

    — Andy Hierro
  • I am very pleased with project #1. I am a CPA in Texas and have been I involved in the oil and gas business as an advisor to clients or as an investor for over 40 years. As an investor I am very impressed with the way Dr. Moors has structured the partnership. I have reviewed dozens of o&g ventures and his is the most investor friendly venture I have seen.

    — Martin Eklund
  • Kent,

    As you know, we have already struck oil on Well #1. My only regret is that I did not put in additional funds when I received a call from the Drilling Company with a progress report.

    I will be investing in Project #2 and so on into the future. This is part of my financial plan to increase my current passive income.

    Keep up the good work, I really appreciate it.

    — Rick Dorsey
  • Hi Kent,

    My wife and I are certainly pleased with the excellent initial success of project #1 with the exciting and very productive completion of the Willard Unit #1 H-2 well in Burleson County.”

    We look forward to seeing the “particulars” on project #2.

    — Jim Geelens
  • Did great on first 2 trades!! Keep them coming, I need it!!

    — Ned Michelakos
  • Kent,

    You are a frackin’ (referring to the OFS term) genius. You are simply a money making machine. May I give you a one man standing ovation.

    — Marvin Walloner
  • I am enjoying being a Micro Energy Trader member. I am confident that I have partnered with a group that I can grow with and work through future market conditions.

    — Grant Naess
  • Just following up on your CAK recommendation profit/loss… It was a smaller investment for me, but a very nice gain… up 58.3%.

    — Sean Brogan
  • From his reports, one can tell he has an in-depth understanding of the energy sector… As of today, I am invested in eight recommended stocks. Seven are in the positive range (+$5,360).

    — Rick Turati
  • Kent knows how to pick ’em… Tell him to keep up the good work, he has a satisfied customer here.


    — Bob Carrillo
  • I day traded this for a 110% profit in 2 days.

    — Ryan Linthrop
  • I just want to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Kent Moors for his wise advice and good judgment of the market. I have more than recovered my subscription cost and his recommended stocks are still growing in value. Thanks Dr. Moor I appreciate your efforts on our behalf.

    — Ralph Trindleson
  • Hi Kent,

    I got into LNG at $26.88 and after Friday’s close I’m up over 155%. Wished I had invested more at the time. Thanks for your work in Energy Inner Circle!!!

    — Steve Friel
  • Hey Kent,

    Just texted my wife that I made a 118% profit in her IRA account on this trade. Should be a good evening. Keep ’em coming!

    — Patrick Brownlowe
  • Have done very well with LNG, Genesis and Valero.

    Thanks for your help!

    — Ron Lukitz
  • Hi Kent,

    Had 4 contracts; made 100%. Thanks!

    — Carson LeBarron
  • Hello Dr. Moors,

    I made a bundle from both Valero & crosstex energy, please keep it coming I can’t wait for your next recommendation. Thank you for doing such a great job.

    — David Barrett
  • Hi Dr. Moors,

    I’ve been a subscriber of your Energy Advantage for years and I’d like to share how well I did regarding LNG.

    I bought the first half of my shares back in December of 2012 for over $17.00 per share. This gives me a whopping over 192% gain up to date! Thank you and keep up the good work.

    — Nori Nakahara
  • Dr. Moors,

    Purchased 20 contracts at $2.52 on 11/12/13, sold 5/5/14 at $5.32==211%. Needless to say that I am one happy camper THANKS to your knowledge.

    — John Wilston
  • Hey Dr. Moors,

    Well I’m so excited to have made a whopping 300% on my HAL options play thanks to you! Thank god for your investment advice!

    — Wanda Rilsburn
  • I’m up 224% since buying in November – February with average price of $2.37. Should have been buying more when options were less than $1.00! But plenty happy with a 448% annualized return!

    Thanks for the advice.

    — Paul Bouchette
  • LNG & PDCE have both been treating me kindly. PDCE bounces around in about $5.00 spreads and I pick up a grand every few weeks because of it.


    — Pete Giehl
  • That was a good Call as they say. I sold half yesterday for 92% gain and the rest today for 132% gain. Includes a foreign exchange gain of 3.5%.

    Thanks again.

    — Eric McKee
  • Thanks for the pick! I bought in @ $2.50, and sold @ $5.18 for a net profit of 101.2% after commissions!!! Not a bad profit for 7 months…

    — Daniel Abiatti
  • Hey Dr. Moors,

    Well I’m so excited to have made a whopping 300% on my HAL options play thanks to you! I’m very happy with my Energy Advantage membership and look forward to more direction from you. I appreciate the obvious care you take to keep us informed at all times. Thank god for your investment advice!

    — Wendi Rysdeigh
  • Dr. Moors,

    Purchased 20 contracts at $2.52 on 11/12/13, sold 5/5/14 at $5.32==211%. Needless to say that I am one happy camper THANKS to your knowledge.

    — Jeff Wilchester
  • I am enjoying being a Passport Club and Micro Energy Trader member. Presently rebalancing my portfolio on latest recommendations and the MMP structure format. After monitoring MMP team recommendations since last summer and am confident that I have partnered with a group that I can grow with and work through future market conditions.

    — Gus Nevan
  • Thanks for the pick! I bought in @ $2.50, and sold @ $5.18 for a net profit of 101.2% after commissions!!!

    Not a bad profit for 7 months…

    — Dave Ammons
  • It is very exciting to be involved in this project and participate in an investment format that I did not previously know existed. Thank you for creating this opportunity. I look forward to Money Map Project 2.

    — Allan Hochman

Reviews for Keith Fitz-Gerald

  • Keep it up and thanks for your great support to your readers. I always enjoy reading your articles and value your dedication to your readers. You will have a long term client here.

    — Patricia Luzzatto
  • Keith is genuinely good and is one of the very few investment advisors out there who knows what he is talking about. I’ve been through 21 advisors over the past 5 years, so I’ve had time to separate the men from the boys. Keith Fitzgerald is a man.

    — Mitch Altoff
  • I had not taken time to send a thank you for the MITI recommendation. I made almost $2000 profit.

    — Brandon Fog
  • Above all, I trust the Money Map Report.

    — David Cram
  • Keith has made me a lot of money with Emerson Electric, Raytheon, GE and many others.

    — Damon Friend
  • I think the Money Map Report is the most useful of the services I have tried and I intend to stick with it.

    — Alfred Wallace
  • I don’t trust Wall Street and the Geiger does help me to level the playing field.

    — Yolanda Stevens
  • I truly appreciate Keith’s guidance. Since I’ve used you, I think I’ve had two negative trades in about 1 year. Very impressive.

    — James Harker
  • Receiving timely recommendations before others, having the ability to act quickly and see it all play out as Mr. Market catches up. Very satisfying

    — Werner Bliss
  • I have learned how to sell puts in a way that creates safety and cash flow. I’ve learned how to use covered calls when a stock is range bound. I’ve learned to trust my instincts as an investor to see and stay with a trend.

    — Wallace Soren
  • Recovered initial investment and up $7,329 or 61% in less than four months – with potential to continue.

    — Tom Clinic
  • WOW – what a great way to make money. More, more, more!!!

    — Larry Bond
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