As Money Map’s publisher, I’ve spent millions of dollars attracting the very best experts from all corners of the investment world.

Not only are these folks among the most knowledgeable in the world in their specific niche, they’re among the most connected too.

That’s key, because it means they’re often privy to unique “private” deals you won’t find out about on CNN or on the pages of the Wall Street Journal.

But we think “Main Street” investors like you have as much a right as anyone to learn of these opportunities. And more importantly, you should be given every opportunity to invest in and profit from them.

That’s the guiding vision behind everything we do here at Money Map.

And to make our vision a reality, we formed the Money Map Project group several years ago as a way to share our research on many of the high level deals that we’re able to see.

If you like the idea of seeing much higher gains than the typical blue chip stock can deliver, then the deals you’ll see recommended in Money Map Project are ones you shouldn’t ignore.

The unique Money Map Project approach is guided by a simple premise: In any deal I recommend, the risk to the individual investor must be reduced in a way that also maximizes return potential.

Otherwise, the project is a NON-STARTER.

And between you and me, the vast majority of the direct investment offers out there right now could never qualify under the requirements we’ve drawn up.


These stringent rules are based on our years of researching, analyzing and consulting on every manner of investment project worldwide.

We call these the “5 Cardinal Rules” for Money Map Project investments.

We simply will not recommend a direct capital investment to you if it doesn’t meet every one of these 5 criteria. Never.

CARDINAL RULE #1: Proven track record.

You’d be shocked by how often direct investors overlook a company’s real-world track record (or lack thereof). That’s a mistake. And it’s why every company we’ll ever recommend for direct investment must have a verifiable history of producing profitable results. This automatically rules out start-ups and others looking to turn a quick buck.

CARDINAL RULE #2: Proven world-class leadership.

Before we can recommend any company for a direct investment project, we need to be able to talk to current leadership and management. This includes the CEO, product managers, scientists and other principals. We are never satisfied with a mere “paper research.” If the major players at a company are not willing – even eager – to meet repeatedly with us “on the record”, the company is automatically rejected.

CARDINAL RULE #3: A rock-solid investment case.

Before we even consider an investment, the case for the deal must be nearly bullet proof from every conceivable angle. The firm in question must…

  • Have a “moat” around its operations, and be poised to benefit from multiple market catalysts…
  • Show rock-solid fundamentals…
  • Have a bullet-proof patent portfolio or other long-term strategic advantage.

CARDINAL RULE #4: Minimal Risk.

Every investment presents some level of risk, as you already know. Every deal we’ll ever recommend to Money Map Project readers must have as much risk as possible already rinsed out of it. We are not satisfied with accepting unnecessary “swing for the fences” risk. The companies we consider must be completely transparent to us and to any independent analysts we retain to vet them. Until we’re 100% convinced a deal offers an optimal risk to reward profile, that deal stays off the table.

CARDINAL RULE #5: Sweeteners and Perks.

Anybody can tell you to go out and buy this or that stock. We go the extra mile. Our greatest source of strength and pride is our worldwide reputation as a premier research. When we recommend an investment to Money Map Project subscribers, they can rest assured that they are receiving the kind of extras and “perks” – such as a below-market entry price, or a lucrative bundle of free warrants – normally reserved for the biggest investors.

The sole purpose of these rules is to ensure that every deal we recommend for you is as low-risk and as high-reward as possible.

These are the kinds of protections you’ll find through our recommendations.

That’s why…


With all of the success of the first four Money Map Project offerings, new projects are landing on our desks left and right.

In fact, our goal is to have new Money Map Project members receive three direct investment opportunities a year, each offering the chance to bank gains as high as four to five times their original investment.

Any one of the opportunities I disclose could make you enough money to retire early on. And the contacts and experience I bring to the table on your behalf are not available anywhere else – or at any price.

It all begins with a subscription to Money Map Project.

As a new member you’ll immediately receive:

The Full Money Map Prospectus for Our Latest Private Recommendation – This is where you’ll get all the details on our latest pick. You get company profiles, full financial and technical details, complete breakdown of potential returns, and more. You’ll also get detailed instructions on exactly how to make a direct investment in the deal we’ve vetted for you.

Dedicated VIP Concierge Support Number – As a Money Map Project member, you’ll always have our undivided attention. So every offering comes with a hotline dedicated exclusively for subscribers to get their questions answered.

Money Map Project Dispatches – These updates on all recommendations are sent out very frequently. In them, you’ll get the latest wider-market forecasts and analyses, new data from the company, revised revenue and profit projections, plus other important findings. When news breaks on anything you’ve invested in, alert will be sent directly to your inbox.

Quarterly Bulletins – At any given moment, there could be as many as three new projects on our radar. These bulletins will show you how they stack up to the “5 Cardinal Rules” and more.


Given the demand these projects experience, you’ll want to review these materials as soon as possible after receiving them.

Of course, as a Money Map reader, you are absolutely welcome to get all of our Money Map Project research simply for the one-of-a-kind information you’ll receive.

However, to invest in any of the Money Map Projects we’ll recommend as part of this service, and to share in the profits from them, you must meet the SEC’s “accredited investor” standards.

So there’s no confusion…

The SEC’s definition of “accredited investor” reads in part:

  • A natural person who has individual net worth, or joint net worth with the person’s spouse, that exceeds $1 million at the time of the purchase, excluding the value of the primary residence of such person or;
  • A natural person with income exceeding $200,000 in each of the two most recent years or joint income with a spouse exceeding $300,000 for those years and a reasonable expectation of the same income level in the current year.

There’s also one more thing that’s very important to understand…

As always, the units in these Money Map Projects are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.


The latest Money Map Project is a first-of-its-kind investment opportunity – a private stock offering in what we believe could be next billion-dollar gold company.

Qualified Money Map Project members will get a chance to “ride the coattails” of one of the most successful and respected mining entrepreneurs in history just as he's building up his next venture.

At this time shares are being offered to Money Map Members for less than the current market price.

Subscribers to Money Map Project will also receive an exclusive deal sweetener in the form of an exclusive “warrant” package that could literally add tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars to the windfall profits you are likely to receive.

The market for gold and other commodity resources is the most cyclical on Earth. And experts (such as Michael Riesner and Marc Müller at Swiss investment bank UBS, and Joe McAlinden, former Chief Global Strategist at Morgan Stanley) are predicting a new bull market in gold.

Some models predict that this new bull market will boost the price of gold as much as 700% from today's spot price of around $1,250 an ounce.

Against this massive gold catalyst, the company in our latest Money Map Project has been scouring the globe and buying up distressed mines and other mineral assets and resources.

To date they have acquired 28 premium properties and have plans to acquire at least a dozen more in the coming months.

Money Map Press retained an independent third-party expert to vet this opportunity.

Our expert concluded that right now this Money Map Project company is deeply undervalued compared to its peers in the precious metals and mining industries.

His analysis reveals that as the new bull market in gold gathers steam, and gold rises higher, this firm's shares could appreciate in value seven-fold.

We believe that figure to be conservative.

If the new bull market in gold mirrors the ones that have occurred since 1971, then this company's shares could well climb between 1,951% and 3,184%.

We wish to emphasize that time is of the essence here.

Once this private offering of stock has closed, no additional Money Map Project members will be allowed to participate in it.


Mike Ward
CEO and Publisher, Money Map Press