To accomplish his mission, Bill pulled off an amazing investment coup: He was able to bring together an intelligence network like none other… one consisting of seven of the world’s top analysts, all experts in their respective fields.

The lineup includes:

    Keith Fitz-Gerald – A nationally known “quant trader” who specializes in examining unforeseen market patterns that can reveal breaking profit opportunities. Hailed by Forbes.com as “a market visionary,” Keith advises international think tanks, is a national best-selling author, and is a trusted contributor to Fox Business, Bloomberg, and every major media outlet.

    Shah Gilani – A former hedge fund manager who sat on the Chicago Board Options Exchange and is one of the world’s top bond experts. He also helped create the Volatility Index (also known as the VIX), the key standard for measuring market fear and pricing expectations. He is currently a managing member of a private equity firm and an investment banker.

    Dr. Kent Moors – An internationally recognized energy expert and an official adviser to 27 world governments, as well as OPEC, the IEA, the EIA, the U.S. Intelligence Community, and six of the 10 largest resource companies on the planet.

    Michael Robinson – A 35-year Silicon Valley venture capitalist adviser and insider who has beaten Wall Street to some of the biggest tech breakthroughs of the last two decades, including synthetic vaccines, sensors, 3D printing, and (working with Lee Iacocca and Roger Smith, the CEOs of Chrysler and GM) the robotics revolution that saved the U.S. automotive industry.

    Ernest Tremblay – A 25-year biotech analyst, with personal access to groundbreaking pharmaceutical companies and Nobel-caliber doctors like Yale’s Karel Liem, Columbia’s George Gaylord Simpson, and Harvard’s William S. Beck.

    Sid Riggs – A veteran micro-cap analyst, renowned for naming the seven “sparks” that multiply money most quickly – in days or weeks – and for identifying little-known, high-value companies with multiple catalysts pushing them higher at one time.

    D.R. Barton – Chief Operating Officer and Risk Manager for the Directional Research and Trading Hedge Fund Group, and a world-renowned authority on technical trading with 26 years’ experience. He is the inventor of the “Stealth Stock Trading Indicator,” which locates triple-digit winners hiding inside flat or even down-trending markets.

Every day, Bill holds private briefings with this team of amazing pros – picking their brains about the forces churning the markets… developing story ideas… and selecting strategies and recommendations to help Private Briefing readers make the most money from what they see happening in the world.

A Double- or Triple-Digit Winner Every Single Week

Since launching in 2011, Private Briefing has given readers 217 double- and triple-digit winners, including…

…629% on Celldex…

…817% on Pharmacyclics…

…396% on NetQin Mobile…

…402% on Galapagos…

…351% on Micron Technology…

…to name just a few.

That’s better than one high-gain profit play each and every week for more than three years.

And you can get your own daily “Private Briefing” from Bill Patalon.

As a Private Briefing member, you will receive a new investment briefing directly from Bill every weekday. These communications will arrive before the markets open, so you’ll have plenty of time to act on them.

One very unique (and very popular) feature of Private Briefing is… we don’t issue real-time “Sell” recommendations. Instead, we give you the power to make as much money as you want from our recommendations.

Because although Private Briefing has already recommended dozens of winners, we also recognize that individual investors have different goals. They also have different abilities to tolerate risk.

So while an aggressive or a more experienced investor might opt to stay in a position to pursue even bigger gains… a conservative investor might not want to run the risk of losing those same profits if the stock were to drop.

At Private Briefing, we put the decision in your hands by offering you the necessary information to make the call. In the end, we let you decide what’s right for you.

Unless otherwise spelled out, all recommendations will assume a 25% trailing stop, to prevent catastrophic losses and to protect capital.


Four times a year, within 45 days of a calendar quarter, 7,524 of the richest investors in America submit a document to the SEC.

Inside is a list of stocks that these investors have just recently bought shares in – usually in the millions.

Previous stocks on these “cheat sheets” have shown peak gains of 2,100%, 2,400%, and 3,700% since they invested.

The new lists come out in a matter of days.

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