One-of-a-Kind Profit Tool:

For the last four years, Chief Research Analyst Sid Riggs has been researching, back testing, and digging through more than a decade of small-cap stock activity, and what he found could be the difference between a bare-bones retirement, or living the life and retirement of your dreams.

Sid uncovered a rare niche of small-cap stocks – called “sleepers”- that generate phenomenal, inexplicable profits. Few investors know these stocks exist, but they can produce an average of 366% gains in just seven months.

It’s all because these “sleepers” do something that no other type of stock ever has.

They actually emit an obscure “signal,” in real time, right from the stock itself, and right as the stock is on the verge of soaring.

Nobody else on the planet has any idea this signal even exists.

Nobody else sees this signal because no one else has committed their life to studying small-caps like Sid has. 

His strategy, The Delta Factor, is the only way to detect the profit trigger in real time.

Knowing how to take full advantage of this rare signal can not only park you at the front of the gain-grabbing line at the perfect time, but it can change your life. And by getting in at the earliest possible moment, you set yourself up to capture maximum gains every time, like:

+1,026.3% on Vision China Media (VISN) in December 2013

+1,121.4% on 22nd Century Group (XXII) in March 2014

+624.3% on Cempra Inc. (CEMP) in July 2015, and a

+508.5% on Golden Star Resources (GSS) in July 2016

Instead of worrying about missing the boat and leaving profits on the table, The Delta Factor puts you in the best position to make up to 100x more money than any other investor in the market. It’s a strategy that gets you in before ordinary investors, institutional money, and even the Wall Street insiders.

Here’s how it works, and why it’s unlike any other service available today:

EASY PACE: Safely Build Wealth over Several Months, at an easy pace:

With The Delta Factor, you build wealth fast, but not in a frenzy.

The average holding time for any stock is 7 months, so you never need to be glued to your email for fear of missing last minute updates that could cost you thousands. You never have to make split second buying or selling decisions.

You’ll enjoy clear, easy, step-by-step guidance to a few recommended transactions at an enjoyable pace.

CONSISTENT WINNERS: No one else can find the Delta signal that practically ensures opportunities for winning results.

Only The Delta Factor identifies stocks that tell you before they’re about to pop. That means you’ll always know how to be in position for massive earnings potential … even when the markets and larger stocks take repeated hits.

MAXIMIZED PROFITS: By the time everyone else discovers these stocks, you could be selling to them for maximum profits.

The Delta Factor guides you to potential winners long before others even know they exist.

You can just sit back and watch as the insiders, the institutional investors and the general public run the price … and your profits … through the roof.

MINIMIZED RISK: Only invest in stocks priced less than $10 per share.

By focusing only on small-cap sleepers, typically priced at less than $10 a share, your exposure is significantly reduced. And even tiny price jumps on these gems can produce sky-high returns for you.

MANAGEABLE: Only hold a handful of stocks at a time. Only a tiny fraction of stocks meet Sid’s proven Delta Factor strategy criteria. So following his recommendations, you’ll only hear about a handful of trades each month.

The Delta Factor is easy to watch, easy to manage, and makes it easy to outgain just about everybody else with profits like these.

What Sid is following now...

The Delta signal has already appeared in four “small-cap sleepers:”

  • a small communications company that could very well turn every $500 you invest into thousands of dollars.
  • a small-cap restaurant group that, for the last few months, has been as flat and boring as they come… but it just emitted the telltale Delta signal.
  • a tiny biopharmaceutical company that appears to have seen its heyday, but the Delta just appeared, signaling life-changing profit potential to come.
  • a small investment management company that has recently fallen on hard times, but the signal recently appeared, and it's already on its way up.

The Delta Factor is a rare and exceptional opportunity for investors to set themselves up for profits months, if not years, before anyone else catches on.

These are just a few of the windfalls on Sid's radar…