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Chief Research Analyst Sid Riggs just made a revolutionary discovery.

After digging through more than 10 years of small-cap stock activity – researching and back testing millions of transactions – he found something that literally cracks the small-cap market wide open and reveals a source of extraordinary new gains.

His cutting edge method, based on Nobel Prize-winning mathematics, has the potential to show you profits like…

+1,109.8% GAIN on Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals (ARWR)

+377.6% GAIN on Geron Corp (GERN)

+921.7% GAIN on ANI Pharmaceuticals (ANIP), and a

+452.3% GAIN on Great Partner Silver (GPL)

This discovery can help get you into a niche of unassuming, “dormant” stocks very early – before anyone else (even the Wall Street insiders) catches on.

Sid discovered that these untapped stocks do something that no other type of stock ever has before.

They actually emit an obscure signal, what Sid calls a Delta Wave, right from the stock itself… and right before they’re about to go vertical.

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