Profit from the World's Most Predictable Patterns

The secret of the Geiger Index’s power to pinpoint winners can be summed up in one word: patterns.

From a distance, the stock market looks messy. But when you analyze all the detail, there are patterns within the mess. And Keith Fitz-Gerald built an algorithm to spot them: the Geiger.

Since 2008, the Geiger has been working away, spotting patterns that can make you money. The chart above shows the newest pattern the Geiger has uncovered, the pattern created by nanotrading.

Nanotrading computers routinely place 20 false bids and lowball offers for every real order they intend to fill… and they do it in a fraction of a second.

In fact, in the time it takes you to finish this sentence, more than 2 million trades will have opened and closed on the stock market.

This digital onslaught of false bidding and lowball offers allows nanotraders to create an atrificial low in the stock’s price.

Nanotraders then take real positions in the stock at a 5-10% discount of its true value

After that, in one swift motion, they cut off all the false bids and lowball offers.

What happens next is similar to when you pull back a rubber band and release it.

An instant stock rebound is launched as the share price returns to its true value.

But the machines have a weakness: they follow rules, which means they abide by a pattern that can be observed, repeated, and most importantly, predicted.

That’s how the Geiger algorithm spots the early signs of this pattern, again and again.  

And when the Geiger sends its signal, Keith recommends a series of quick-hit investments.

You’ll be getting into stocks at a certain point during this pattern’s evolution…

And you’ll be getting out just as quickly with your gains. Over and over.

Following patterns like this one is exactly how the Geiger has won on 96.29% of its trades and created an estimated $16 million in wealth for its members over seven years.


When used properly, options can actually reduce your overall risk.

Keep in mind, the Geiger mainly involves selling options, not buying them. 

Buying options carries more risk… and The Geiger Index doesn’t seek risk.

On the other hand, selling options is the very definition of risk-averse investing.

In fact, one of the main reasons for The Geiger Index’s 98.78% win rate is that selling options helps protect us from losses.

Plus the Geiger’s options plays are straightforward… and delivered with ultra-clear trade instructions. Each email alert outlines in detail the specifics of that recommendation, including Keith’s personal analysis, the name, ticker symbol, and targeted price level.

The alert also shows you exactly how to put the order in with your broker or place the order online. It’s that easy.


The Geiger Index is designed to simplify today’s overly complicated market. The technology capitalizes on every opportunity for gains – and then protects those gains with solid defensive moves.

Remember, you can rely on The Geiger Index to make the right plays at the right times and under the right conditions. When the markets are calm, it will recommend straightforward purchases and sales. When the markets are behaving erratically, the Geiger might recommend more conservative plays.

The minute the Geiger spots a new trade, you’ll be off to the races. All you need is to review the Geiger’s instructions, execute them, and collect the profits.

Plus you only need to commit seven minutes a week to managing your trades. That’s because the Geiger is hyper-selective – and only recommends trades with the highest likelihood of profitability.

Even better, the average time it takes to collect a profit is only seven days.

What Keith Is Following

Keith has now released shocking proof of something many have suspected for years…

The markets are rigged.

Not surprisingly, it's Wall Street's biggest firms and funds pulling the strings.

They're manipulating the price of certain stocks and cashing in big.

Now, this is all totally legal. In fact, a few years ago the government actually changed the law to allow them to do it.

Keith has been tracking this activity for years.

He's developed a way to repeatedly spot the pattern that big hedge funds and investment houses have been secretly using to make obscene profits for over 15 years…

And now there's a way for everyday folks to take advantage of it.

In fact, for the last five years, Keith's been leading a controversial experiment with a small group of subscribers.

He's been showing them how to shadow these Wall Street firms… essentially how to “game” the players that are “gaming the market.”

The results are mind-blowing. The folks who participated in his experiment had the chance to see:

  • A 98.78% win rate (profiting on 81 of 82 trades)
  • And as much as $16 million in new wealth

And because of this experiment, one that only took only 7 minutes a week, these people radically changed their financial futures.

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