The Energy Deal Worth More Than $175 Trillion

Hi. I'm Dr. Kent Moors.

I'm here today to tell you about what I believe to be one of the most important oil deals to come along in over a decade.

The fact is this deal is one of the keys to unlocking an oil and gas reserve worth more than $175 trillion.

That's over 10 times the size of the U.S. GDP in a single year.

So how do I know so much about this deal? I was one of the people who helped broker it.

Today, this deal is nearing completion. And it's going to change the dynamics of oil on a global scale.

I'm here to explain to you today that there's serious money to be made in this deal for the average investor.  

Just weeks ago, on July 16th, one pivotal event kicked this "super shift" in oil into high gear.

It's creating an opportunity for returns of six times or more in very short order.

The only caveat is that the window to get into this is small… the timeframe tight.

So I highly suggest that if you decide to make this move, you not hesitate.

I'm going to give you ALL the specifics in a moment...

So how can I have helped with this deal in the first place?

You see, I've been on the global energy scene for more than 35 years.

Since 1980, I've been a Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at Duquesne University...

I'm also the Director of their world-renowned Energy Policy Research Group.

Over the years, I've advised 26 world governments (and the EU) on energy policy and global energy dynamics...

At least 15 of which have been at the special request of the State Department.

I also sit on the State Department's Global Shale Gas Initiative, a task force providing oil policy guidance to developing nations worldwide.

I've advised every major agency of the federal government on energy matters...

Plus numerous U.S. states and governors…

And just about every major energy company on Earth.

Right now, no less than seven global oil companies are enlisting my help in restructuring their business to meet the needs of the global economy.

In fact, a multibillion-dollar global energy deal was once closed in the living room of my second home in the Bahamas.

Please be assured… I say this not to brag, but just to be clear about the scale of this opportunity that has just sprung up South of the equator.

So here's the deal…

All the big players in oil right now are looking at South America.

The Chinese, the Russians, the U.S. and others are all making deals and jockeying for position.

The reason is this:

There's A LOT more oil in South America than anyone ever thought possible.

Couple this with HUGE foreign demand and a large number of fast-growing South American economies, and you've got a recipe for red-hot energy profits.

How big could this South American petro-boom potentially be?

Let me show you the most recent estimates:

Venezuela alone has the world's third largest proven oil reserves...

And that's not even including the over 500 billion barrels of "heavy" crude that's estimated to be in the vast, mostly offshore Orinoco Belt.

They're also ranked 7th in the world in proven natural gas reserves.

Brazil is home to the 15th largest conventional crude oil reserves in the world.

In just their ultra-deep-water "pre-salt" fields alone, there are over 100 billion barrels – enough to service 14 years' worth of U.S. consumption.

And production from these fields is expected to more than triple by 2020.

Ecuador, a leading source of crude oil for America's west coast, is ranked 19th in proven oil reserves.

Yet their oil infrastructure is developed enough to make them South America's fifth-biggest oil producer.

And they've almost doubled their domestic natural gas production in just the last year.

Argentina is 30th in the world rankings of proven oil reserves and 33rd in conventional natural gas...

Yet they've just been upgraded to 2nd in the world in "estimated recoverable" shale gas reserves.

And recent estimates put their unconventional oil supplies at over 600 billion barrels.

Now, these are just some of the high spots of the South American energy picture.

There are also significant petro-resources, both conventional and unconventional...

In Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Peru – even Cuba.

And remember, they're all virtually untapped.

How much profit potential are we talking about here?

Based on the EIA's conservative estimates of proven reserves only...

Just the four South American nations I showcased above – Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, and Brazil – have at least $34.5 trillion in proven, conventional oil and gas assets just waiting to be tapped.

Now… Let's add in the vast, 513-billion-barrel "heavy crude" deposits in Venezuela's Orinoco Belt...

And the 802 trillion cubic feet of shale gas that's now estimated to be under the ground in Argentina...

Plus their estimated 661 billion barrels' worth of unconventional oil...

You've got a figure that's more like $160 trillion dollars' worth of oil and gas.

And remember, that's just in four South American countries.

Toss the others I mentioned into the mix...

And you're well over $175 trillion in total market value based on today's prices.

Bottom line: South America is a huge, virtually untapped oil reserve.

And the companies that tap this historic energy bonanza are going to make investors an absolute fortune.

Now just to be clear, I'm going to be able to show you dozens of ways to play this boom...

It's not just the usual oil majors that are going to reap the benefits. It's also:

As I've been saying...

There's one super-urgent play I see developing on this global "super shift" to South American oil.

However, to grasp this company's potential you'll need to understand some of the political changes and unlikely new alliances this newfound energy wealth is fostering.

Brazil, for example, is reaching out to its neighbors – and extending significant capital to forge new cross-country transportation routes for oil and gas to the ultra-lucrative Asian markets.

In fact, I'll be in Brazil this November advising the government on the best ways to bring the region's energy assets online.

Another development is a new transcontinental pipeline project – which will be the largest in the world.

This will span the whole of South America, from top to bottom.

It's called the Gasoducto del Sur – which means "Southern Gas Pipeline."

And it's slated to track through 5,000 miles of South American wilderness, from Venezuela to the southern tip of Argentina.  

As you hear these words, this pipeline is completely blueprinted and has secured significant funding (mostly from Russia) to begin construction.

Now, here's my point in explaining all this:

Right now, with these developments and others taking shape...

The world is witnessing the beginnings of a powerful new oil and gas cartel.

I call it "SOPEC" – an acronym of Southern Petroleum Cartel.

And there are two specific catalysts that are shifting this new "SOPEC" cabal into high gear as you read this.

They are:

Catalyst #1: A new Ecuador refinery changes the South American oil game

One of the things holding back South American oil production is its reliance on U.S. oil refineries.

Much of the oil that has come out of South America in recent years has come from Venezuela.

However, most of the regional refineries equipped to process Venezuela's "heavy crude" are on the U.S. Gulf Coast.

This makes things politically tricky for South America, which has more than its share of pro-Communist and pro-Socialist regimes.

It also makes it very difficult for most South American oil producers (like Venezuela) to cost-effectively service the booming Asian markets.

To do it, they first have to sail their crude north to the U.S. for refining...

Then go all the way back down through the Panama Canal with finished oil products bound for Asia.

That's why only approximately 13% of Venezuelan oil currently goes to China and other oil-starved Asian markets.

Most of the rest of it is forced, by necessity, to the U.S. or the Caribbean.

Now, imagine how big of a game-changer it would be for South America's energy prospects if they had easy access to the Asian markets.

Let me just show you how big with a quick "data snapshot."

Since 2000 – while western oil demand has fallen by as much as 12%...

Asian demand has soared by over 41%.

Today, Asia accounts for almost exactly a third of the world's oil consumption – 29 billion barrels per year.

But that demand is expected to increase by 15 million BPD (Barrels Per Day) from now until 2040!

And by then, as much as 80% of that energy will need to be imported.

This is where the deal I mentioned to you earlier comes into play.
It's a huge new refinery project...


The result of a deal between the Ecuadoran and Venezuelan governments and Chinese state-owned oil major Sinopec.

I was instrumental in forging this deal – and I've been advising the project at every stage of development.

And now that it's nearing completion, and starting to be covered in the trade, I can finally talk about what it means for the region – and for the global energy picture.

As you may have guessed, the main focus of this new refinery...

Will be to process the tens of trillions of dollars' worth of "heavy" crude in Venezuela's Orinoco Belt.

And being in western-coastal Ecuador, it's in the perfect location for exporting finished oil products to Asian markets.

But it's also going to have a major impact on its own continent's energy picture.

You see, moving significant refinery capacity to Ecuador really opens up the internal South American energy market.

It's a win/win for SOPEC...

Greater energy supplies and tighter energy integration between nations at home...

Plus, ideal access to Asian markets – without having to transit the Panama Canal.

Now, as I touched on earlier, I've got multiple ways to play this exciting new energy situation in my sights.

Not just the usual petro-giants...

But pipeline and rail plays, shipping, oil products exporters, and tons more.

However, my most urgent play on this incredible "super shift" in South America...

The one I've been saying that you've got to get in on RIGHT NOW...

Isn't any of these things.

It's an under-the-radar powder keg of an investment that got its fuse lit on July 16th of this year.

That's when a new energy mega-deal was inked between a major U.S. oil player and Argentine state-owned oil interests.

That's the second major catalyst signaling the rise of SOPEC...

And ushering in a whole new world of money in energy.

Catalyst #2: Argentina enlists U.S. aid to process "dead cow" oil and gas

As I mentioned, Argentina is home to the world's second-largest reserves of recoverable shale gas – over 800 trillion cubic feet (TCF), according to the EIA.

But even this estimate might be on the conservative side.

In July of 2013, an Argentine state-run energy firm released a report indicating that there may be as much as 1.1 quadrillion cubic feet of shale gas...

In just one of several energy-rich basins in the country.


The deposit is called the Vaca Muerta – which literally means, "dead cow."

And there's enough gas in it to meet current U.S. consumption levels for the next 46 years.

There's also plenty of oil, there, too – as much as 661 billion barrels!

That's enough to last us 94 years!

However, like the Chinese a few years ago...

Argentina lacks the technology to effectively extract this mammoth unconventional oil and gas deposit.

So just like China did (with my help) back in 2010...

The Argentines are enlisting the aid of the good ol' U.S. of A. to get the petroleum – and the profits – skyrocketing.

The "lit fuse" moment happened July 16th of this year.

That's when an Argentine state-owned oil company signed a 50-50 partnership agreement with American oil major Chevron.
The goal of this accord was this:

To immediately begin tapping into the vast energy reserves locked in the Vaca Muerta shale.

Now, as I've been promising...

I've got a way of playing this South American "super shift" that's miles away from the obvious move (like buying Chevron).

A play that's poised to soar on the strength of this July 16th mega-deal.

But I repeat: If you want the biggest gains from this play, you've got to move on it RIGHT NOW.

Soon, the word's going to get out about this deal – and the game will move too fast for many people to get in.

Now, I'm going to show you how to get all the details on this play in just a moment.

First, though, I want to show you exactly how I choose my recommendations.

These are picks that since 2011 have led readers of my investment research service, called The Energy Inner Circle, to a phenomenal track record of:

You may not realize this, but that average gain of 55% per recommendation...

Is 17 times more than the Blue Chips have made investors in inflation-adjusted annual returns – since 1953!

Now, let me put these returns in context.

Even though energy is the most lucrative industry in the world – worth approximately $10 trillion a year...

And growing at an annual rate of more than 13%...

You can't just plunk your money into any old energy stock and expect to make boatloads of cash.

There's a secret to consistently nailing huge wins in the energy markets.

The way I pick winners is actually rather simple, in theory at least.

Since my job is to pinpoint and predict "super shifts" for governments, energy companies, and policy research forums...

All I really need to do is figure out which companies are going to benefit first – and most – from them as they unfold.

To do this, I don't scrutinize annual reports and stock charts and technical indicators...

A lot of that stuff can be deceiving – or manipulated.

What I do is start calling the right people.

The people who actually know what's going to happen. And who's going to benefit.

That's my advantage. It isn't simply mining inside information.

It's knowing where information is coming from – and who you can call to verify or discredit it.
Now, sometimes I have to get a little bit crafty to get the best investing "intel."

I often end up playing competitors against each other...

In order to get the real dirt – or the juiciest information.

In fact, most of the valid stuff I end up getting about companies, I get from their competitors!

The bottom line is this:

Because of my knowledge, connections, and position in the energy world, I can almost always end up getting the straight scoop for my readers.

That's why I named my research service The Energy Inner Circle.

Because that's the source of its phenomenal moneymaking power – the ultra-connected inner circle of the energy world.

And to prove that lucrative power to you...

Let me GIVE you my hottest, most urgent pick on the "Rise of SOPEC" right now.

It's a somewhat under-the-radar South American company, one that a lot of folks don't realize they can play on safe, familiar U.S. exchanges.

There's definitely some "smart money" action brewing on this company right now, though.

In fact, its shares are up 40% in just the last 120 days – a pittance of where it's headed.

No doubt much of this action is coming from in-the-know energy insiders looking to bank some hefty "sure thing" profits on the side.

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As SOPEC's fortunes rise as swiftly as I believe, you could be looking at a score of six times your money.

I've led my readers to wins of this size before...

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Now, as I've mentioned several times now, I want to give you all the specifics on this company...

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