"Come with me on an insider's trading ride, through the
doors of perception, and see how this all really works,
this amazing 'Matrix' I've been talking about..."
- Shah Gilani

Dear Reader,

On May 18, 2012, millions of hardworking Americans from every walk of life bought into the most hyped IPO in history.

They got ripped off for an estimated $35 billion in the span of a week!

How could this happen to so many people – including super-smart money managers with million-dollar salaries?

It happened because they don’t understand The MATRIX...

However, if you know how THE MATRIX works, you can become exceedingly rich, exceedingly fast.

While this IPO was losing 26% for those who bought into the hype…

You could’ve made more than five times your money!

It’s an easy choice.

Remember the “Flash Crash” of 2010 that plunged the Dow 9% in seconds?

And last summer, when the stock market lost 16% of its value in 3 weeks?

And when the Blue Chips dropped 279 points on June 1?

ALL these events hustled billions from everyday investors. But they also made a few MATRIX traders billions richer on the other side of the trade.

That’s because THE MATRIX itself was spawned by the most powerful forces in the world.

It’s the source of moneymaking power for the world’s richest people.

And today, 30-year Wall Street veteran Shah Gilani is throwing back the curtain on THE MATRIX – and showing you top gains like:
  • 371% in just under three months
  • 455% in just over eight weeks
  • 196% in less than two months
  • 455% (again!) in nine weeks
  • 177% in just 11 days
  • 238% in six weeks
  • 179% in two weeks
  • 134% in two months
  • 109% in just 28 days
Together, just these nine plays Shah recommended to his readers would’ve turned 10 grand into over $231,000… in under three months.

And frankly, he enriches them on every level. In trading and financial research, and in perspectives on the way things really are.

Like how THE MATRIX works – and how it has taken over the free market. In fact...

The free market is now officially DEAD

According to master trader Shah Gilani, the free market as we know it is now officially dead.

It has been replaced by THE MATRIX.

Gone are the days of a market driven by “efficient market theory,” “fundamental value” – or even simple “supply and demand.”

Now it’s at the mercy of:
  • Wall Street’s insider trading and double-dealing.
  • The Federal Reserve’s interest rate and money supply manipulations.
  • Global central banks and their self-serving Ponzi schemes.
  • Energy cartels’ price-fixing, collusion, and supply constrictions.
  • The Media’s blatant agenda-driven spin.
  • Government regulation that batters commerce to its knees.
These forces are what THE MATRIX is made of...

And they’re what’s really driving capital in the markets today.

This may seem like a bad thing. But it really isn’t.

Because if you know how to trade THE MATRIX, you can get astoundingly wealthy in short order.

For instance, Shah knew Wall Street was setting the masses up for a fleecing on the recent IPO fiasco.

I’m not going to end up being someone else’s put option on this one,” he told me.

That’s why, instead of offering his readers up as cannon fodder for the hedge funds – and losing them 26% in a week...

He recommended they cash out of a pair of plays that combined for gains of 318% on May 25. In ONE DAY.

And as a kicker, he closed out a winner of 123% on June 1 – the very day the Dow dropped a depressing 275 points!

How much did you make in that week?

Or even last week?

These kinds of fast gains aren’t a freak occurrence for Shah, either. He’s already shown his readers 10 wins in a single day in 2011 for combined gains of 156%.

And he followed that up with eight more wins in the span of two weeks – for another 90% in returns.

After that, he nailed 12 triple-digit wins for a combined 2,679%...

One reader from Wichita, Kansas raves:

“In 3 days, I’ve made $36,000 out of [Shah’s] positions… I managed to make 1,000% return on my best trade. One year ago, I would never have thought it is possible that someone in the world can make 1,000% in 3 days…”

Of course, we don’t know how many people did better than this or worse, but we receive stacks of letters raving about Shah’s ability to show his readers huge gains.

How does Shah Gilani rack up all these wins for his readers?

It’s because Shah doesn’t pick his recommendations based on how they might have moved in an “ivory tower” setting…

But on how THE MATRIX creates profits for those who know how to trade it.

The net result is that Shah Gilani is showing his readers how to make enormous sums of money in a way no other high-level research advisory service has ever dared to imagine.

And I’ve seen and studied A LOT of traders. Let me explain…

“If you’re not trading THE MATRIX,
you’re probably going to lose money.”

My name’s Mike Ward.

I’m the Publisher at Money Map Press – one of the fastest-growing financial research companies in America.

And after ten years of studying and publishing investment research services, I’ve seen a lot of traders, analysts, systems, and advisors come and go...

That’s how I knew Shah was the genuine article when I hired him to run a new research service for Money Map Press in 2008.

From cutting his teeth in Chicago’s dog-eat-dog trading pits...

To cocktail parties and yacht trips with Malcolm Forbes and other internationally known “Giants of Money”...

To 30 years as a Wall Street broker/dealer, hedge fund honcho, currency manager, bond trader – and practically everything else in the money business...

To regular appearances on CNBC, Forbes, FoxBusiness, Marketwatch and others...

You can’t put together a pedigree like Shah’s and NOT be among the world’s best at making money in the markets.

But I didn’t really find out how great a trader Shah really is until he showed me how he was playing THE MATRIX.

According to Shah:

“The key to trading for big, consistent gains in the market… Is to see that market for what it really is: Waves of capital being driven by a matrix of manipulations, misconceptions, and out-and-out lies.”

Today’s market is entirely governed by the continuous, combined effect of dozens of corrupting influences. The ‘free market’ is virtually dead.”

THE MATRIX will chew up and spit out millions of everyday investors like dog kibble. Many people may never recover.

But as Shah’s proving with every win he books – if you can see exactly how THE MATRIX works… And understand how these forces direct waves of capital all over the world...

You could see unbelievably big gains, in very short order.

Massive returns like:


The China story is one that’s been driven by THE MATRIX for years now.

Because of the constant buzz about China in the media, on The Hill, in political campaigns, and in the commodities pits...

American investors had been programmed to believe that China is the world’s permanent bull market.

But the reality is that the Chinese market has been flat for years now. And people have gotten chewed up on it.

Had you been following Shah’s recommendations, though, you’d have known all along – and had multiple chances to profit from it.

Here’s what Shah said in his Capital Wave Forecast on May 10 of last year:

“[China’s] market has gone sideways since August 2009 – almost dead flat sideways...

We are going to buy some very cheap puts to limit our exposure and play the part of professional traders – which we are.”

Shortly after this move, a massive “capital wave” out of China’s markets took the People's Republic straight into bear territory.

And the payoff?

Those who took Shah’s recommendation made as much as 371% in 90 days!

Shah wasn’t done playing China just yet, either.

On August 25, he predicted a second wave of capital out of the Chinese markets...

And scored his readers another 239% gain in just over five weeks!

And it’s not just THE MATRIX trade in China that can make you money…


Because of its high profile among rank and file investors, gold is profoundly affected by THE MATRIX.

Investing houses manipulate investors by touting gold as the ultimate hedge against inflation and a dollar collapse...

And the media gets a lot of attention talking about gold as a “survival metal.”

But by trading THE MATRIX, Shah could see back in early August that mass fears about a collapsing dollar were overblown...

And that gold was overbought.

Which meant the time was close at hand for a significant “capital wave” out of gold.

Here’s what he told his Capital Wave Forecast readers about the situation:

“If inflation expectations get killed as oil continues to fall and other commodities sell off, gold could face a bout of liquidation in the course of a general sell-off of assets, particularly those that were chased up in anticipation of a collapsing dollar and other fiat currencies.

Let’s play a sell-off in high-flying gold.”

The results are in the bank for Capital Wave readers...

As you’ll recall, gold prices got crushed on a commodities sell-off, just as Shah’s reading of THE MATRIX predicted it would happen...

The Payoff: Shah’s recommendation on the flight away from gold scored his readers a tidy 134% in two months.

Of course, that’s not all…


Goldman Sachs is a major player in THE MATRIX.

They’re tied into the highest levels of governments around the world, the media, and especially Congress.

They’ve been seemingly untouchable for more than two decades.

Yet Shah’s been wondering lately how Goldman’s been able to make SO much money. This led him to take a good hard look at the firm – and he didn’t like what he found.

Here’s what Shah told his Capital Wave Forecast readers:

“The more I dug into their web of behind-the-scenes connections, and the more I dug into their profitability, the deeper I found myself in a dark place that – I realized – is where they actually reside.

Goldman Sachs is not successful because they are smarter than any other firm. They are so successful because they are dirtier than any other firm. They deal in black ops. They are snipers with inside information, silently picking off clients, markets, and, oh yes, the entire American public.”

And the myth that Goldman Sachs is “too smart to fail” is a facade.

That’s why, in the wake of a damning Congressional report on the firm’s role in the global financial crisis of 2008 – 2009...

Shah predicted a wave of capital away from Goldman. And as usual, he was right.

This time, it was to the tune of up to 455% for Capital Wave Forecast readers...

In just nine weeks!

Shah also cashed his readers out of ANOTHER 455% win that very same day! (Oddly enough, it was the same percentage win.)

This one brought home the bacon in under two months on a big wave of capital out of the S&P 500.

As always, Shah put his Capital Wave Forecast readers in prime position for massive gains. In this case, over 910% in ONE DAY!

The combined gains of these few examples alone could’ve made you over 1,654% in total gains.

And remember: These are just a few of the 50 wins and counting that Gilani’s nailed since he started helping his Capital Wave Forecast subscribers.

In all my years in financial publishing, I’ve never seen anything like the size, volume, and frequency of Shah’s Capital Wave winners.

And for you, the moneymaking could start right now...

I’ll show you exactly how, right after you get a glimpse into THE MATRIX.

This is something that 99% of investors will never be able to see. Much less play for gain after gain.

So prepare yourself...

If you’re an idealist, this
could be tough to stomach

After 30 years of seeing millions of investors get annihilated playing what they thought was the “free market,” Shah is now in a position to show others how to trade THE MATRIX.

In essence, he’s offering them the potential to become exceedingly rich.

So far, in less than three years he’s been able to lead his Capital Wave Forecast readers to:
  • 4,040% in total gains from our winning stock and options recommendations.
  • 15 triple-digit recommendations as high as 455%.
  • 50 winning stock and options recommendations overall – and counting.
No doubt these results are stunning – especially when you consider:
  • They’ve occurred during some of the worst markets in history
  • They didn’t come from anything resembling the free market
The second point can be disturbing to a lot of idealists.

Wall Street’s system-rigging and market manipulation may seem like isolated events. But folks caught a rare glimpse of just how deep this rabbit-hole really goes back on March 14.

That’s when Goldman Sachs Executive Director Greg Smith blew the lid off Wall Street in The New York Times.

His public letter of resignation describes clients as “muppets,” whose sole purpose is to be a goat for the firm...

And bragging about “ripping eyeballs out” when they’ve taken some sucker on a big transaction.

This kind of stuff is the norm, according to Shah, a 30-year veteran who paid his dues hedging the government bond desk… currency desk… and OTC derivatives desk at Lloyd’s Bank.

He confirms how brokers laugh at how amateurish Gordon Gekko’s insider trading was. They prided themselves on how much better they could work the system and rip off clients than the all-time greatest symbol of Wall Street villainy!

“Wall Street plays games with the public for their own interests... Part of THE MATRIX is their conscious effort to mislead the public. Or to manipulate things in a way that they understand – but perhaps others don’t... The firm is always more important than the client...”

A great example of this, Shah says, is the way analysts manipulate earnings estimates to make fast, easy money for themselves.

Here’s how it works: Let’s say that well-known Wall Street firm ABC Capital takes a long position in XYZ Widgets...

Then, over the course of a quarter, they ratchet down their earnings estimates for the company.

Not enough to trigger a sell-off – but just enough to create a gap between investors’ expectations and reality.

When other firms analyze the same numbers and see that ABC’s estimates are being downplayed – they know the fix is in.

So they also quietly take long positions in XYZ, and begin to understate their own earnings estimates for it.

This snowball effect forms a very credible-looking earnings “consensus” among the analysts.

And what happens when XYZ Widgets’ quarterly earnings report beats these “expectations” by 50%?

The stock soars – and the firms in on the hustle get paid off big-time.

According to Shah:

“As a quarter develops, they’re changing [earnings estimates]. Before earnings come out, there’s a new consensus, based on lowered expectations...

Nobody really knows whether they’re giving lowered expectations in order to make the stock go up... Yet everybody is glued to earnings: ‘Did they beat expectations?’ People, this is part of THE MATRIX.”

But this is just one of the ways in which Wall Street fuels the mass hallucination we’re all trying in vain to make money in.

Another story Shah told me – about his days as a pit trader – really brought this point home...

It was about a guy named Norman (last name withheld for privacy).

Norman was a big-gun trader from Salomon Brothers. And Salomon was BIG. When he entered the pits, everything would go quiet.

After a while, the clamor would resume. And Norman could do what he came to do: Find a goat.

Norman would make a big show of placing an order or two against the popular stock the traders were bidding up…

He’d also have his clerks from Salomon do the same thing.

When news of Norman’s trades hit the rest of the pit, a huge number of other traders would follow suit. After all, Norman had the clout of Salomon Brothers behind him.

They thought Norman’s short plays were confirmation that he knew something bad about the stock that they didn’t.

Before you knew it, the price would plummet. And that’s when Norman would scoop up every share he could get at the new bargain-basement price!

And that’s how he got his goat. It was all a big set-up.

When the stock rebounded – and it always did – Norman would have scored yet another fast home run for “Solly.”

Of course, everyday investors were looking at the price action and wondering “What the heck?”

These are the kinds of hidden forces you’re up against when the THE MATRIX is trading against you. That’s when you’re the goat.

Yet with the help of Shah Gilani and his Capital Wave Forecast, you never have to be the victim again.

And you’ll certainly never fall victim to this one, either:

The “market indicator” myth:

According to Shah, indicators like P/E, MACD, moving averages, slow stochastic, price-to-sales, price-to-book, etc....

Are all being misused by 99% of self-serving analysts.

“And the biggest lie out there is the volume indicator,” says Shah.

When shares of a stock are trading in good numbers, and trending up in volume, investors take that as a sign that the broader market agrees with them on the company’s fundamentals – and sees their shares as undervalued.

But according to Shah, that’s a major trap created by THE MATRIX:

“I am very pleased with your [Capital Wave Forecast] research service. I took gains of 87%, 145%, and 102%... No complaints there.”
V. Shepp, York, PA
“You’ve got derivatives and ETFs affecting volume – you’ve got hedgers that can manipulate volume.

And behind the scenes, you have traders and arbitragers who are trading against the stock! And some of them are doing it with options, so the volume gets skewed up.

All of those things make volume a bogus tool, unless you can track exactly who’s trading what.”

Nowadays, if you can’t clearly see:
  • ALL the factors driving trading volume – and what they mean…
  • The combined effects of these myriad factors, in their proper ratios…
  • How the volume equation adds up to a “good” or “bad” investment…
You could misread the signals you rely on and end up burned. Wall Street gets rich trading against you. There’s no doubt about that.

Even so…

Shah would not eliminate
THE MATRIX, even if he could…

There’s one simple reason for this.

Even though you may never be one of the powercrats running THE MATRIX, you can still make a TON of money if YOU know how to trade THE MATRIX.

That’s what Shah does every day. And it’s how he’s been able to show his readers over 4,040% in gains from his winning stock and options recommendations.

The advantage, quite simply, is this:

If you can clearly see THE MATRIX in action like Shah can, you can see how it’s forcing money, big money – “capital wave” sized money – through the market.

Then all you have to do is get in position at the right time to intersect the wave.

And Shah’s Capital Wave Forecast can help you do the rest.

Of course, by “do the rest,” I mean, “make you rich.”

Now, some of the capital waves are smaller in scope – and some are enormous.

And at any given moment, Shah’s likely to be ready to play one, two, three or more of them.

And frankly, right now’s he’s got an embarrassment of riches.

In fact, I’m about to show you seven of them that could pay HUGE gains in very short order.

Starting with these two right here...


Don’t kick yourself if you haven’t made money on this brewing situation yet.

After all, the EU quagmire is the most hated mess since the credit crisis.

But if you love money, you should love the Eurozone right now, says Shah.

If you have the knowledge to see below the surface – and make the unbelievable MATRIX trades building steam right now – you’ll be in position to make a killing.

That’s because THE MATRIX is pushing billions – even trillions – of dollars and euros in a lot of directions.

Shah’s readers could’ve already made 110% in nine days on just one of the plays he’s made on Europe so far.

Yet that’s just the beginning…

According to Shah, to see THE MATRIX, you need to understand three things:
  • National banks are “hypothecating” junk assets to the ECB as collateral for billions of Euros worth of loans – that are basically now unsecured…
  • The ECB is dodging its own rules to buy government treasuries by proxy on the secondary market – through other banks…
  • And European sovereign banks are colluding to manipulate interest rates in troubled nations – by overpaying for their bonds…
Bottom line, when you put it in simple terms, is this:

It’s all a giant Ponzi scheme.

But unlike other analysts, Shah calls this mess what it really is: A bunch of panicked, bankrupt countries cooking the books and playing shell games in a desperate ploy to get solvent nations and central banks to lend them money.

To a skilled MATRIX trader like Gilani, this situation isn’t lemons – it’s lemonade.


Because nothing creates more opportunity than huge capital waves being directed by the predictable idiocy of bureaucrats.

And the result?

In a short time, European banks will be forced to dump over THREE TRILLION in assets onto the market. They have no choice. It’s the only way they’ll be able to meet new “capital adequacy” standards that take effect this summer.

Will you make money on this fiasco that will fill the news?

If you’re one of Shah Gilani’s Capital Wave Forecast readers, you could well know who’s selling… who’s buying… and how you can leverage returns for triple digits on this special event.

Make no doubt… a lot of people will get burned on this. Yet you could be laughing all the way to the bank.

According to Shah:

“There’s something about to happen here that I haven’t heard a single trader, analyst or banker ever talk about. It’s a play that can be set up with very minimal risk, that if I’m right, will be a monumental winner for us.”

And there’s more:

One, Shah’s also looking at a potential play on bond-market action that happens whenever major sovereign nations flirt with insolvency.

Few analysts talk about this – but interest rates in the bond market are actually more volatile right now than in stocks.

Two, he’s also looking at another short play on the Euro:

“The fact that there are several great ETFs that let us profit from currency moves is going to make trading currency swings look almost too easy. I’ve got four right now that I’m ready to jump all over.”

The question is: Will you make money on these huge swings?

Or this next one, for that matter…


Why hasn’t the Euro crashed and burned a long time ago?

According to Shah, it’s because the EU’s silent partner will never let it fail.

And that silent partner is The People’s Republic of China.

In 2011, the EU imported $356 billion worth of goods from China – 14.4% more year over year than in 2010.

Given Europe’s state of affairs that sounds almost crazy. Impossible.

But know this: It’s because China is bidding up the Euro – so that the EU can continue to buy their goods by the boatload.

Says Shah:

“The Chinese want the Euro strong. They need the Euro strong. They’re part of the bid underneath the Euro. They’ve got untold amounts of foreign reserves, and they’re using them to bid up the Euro...

If the Euro collapses, there’s going to be civil war in China. Their economy’s going to collapse... 40% of China’s exports go to Europe.”

Try finding out about this arrangement in the headlines of USA Today, The New York Times – or even The Wall Street Journal.

But like all aspects of THE MATRIX, if you can see the forces at work, there are ways of cashing in on the “capital waves” they throw off.

With much of the Eurozone circling the drain – and needing ever more bailouts – this “capital wave” from China is potentially worth trillions in market action.

And if you’re a reader of Shah’s Capital Wave Forecast, you’ll know just what to do – and when – to cut yourself in on the trades.

Currency plays, bond market action, banking bets, Index and ETF plays, and more.

And this isn’t the only way Shah’s looking at playing the PRC for huge money.

Seems China has even bigger problems on its hands than a slow hemorrhaging of its foreign reserves into the EU.

As I showed you earlier, the PRC’s economy and markets have been stumbling badly for three years. And Shah’s Capital Wave Forecast readers have been there all along to bank numerous winners – including triple-digit scores of 239%, 277%, and 371%.

These three wins alone could’ve paid you almost nine times your money!

But according to Shah, the profit action doesn’t stop there...

Shah predicts trouble on the horizon for the PRC – which means chances to make even greater gains than he’s already nailed for his readers.

“There are several BIG companies that are going to reverse course if China slows considerably,” says Shah. “And we’re looking to make several more triple-digit runs with short options.”

The only question is: Will you be there for the ride?

Again, these are just TWO of the numerous lucrative “capital waves” that Shah could show you how to make money on right now. Others include:
  • Yet another round of QE stimulus in the U.S. – To Shah, QE stands for Quick Expressway to gains. First on the inevitable “short-covering rally,” then on shorts on the dollar itself as QE3 struggles to get out of the gate because of election-year politics...
  • What he calls the “currency wars” that are silently escalating – When you’ve traded for the big banks, you know how things like “relative interest rate absolute levels” are going to affect currencies. And according to Shah, some monumental capital flows have already started in the currency markets. He can get you into them, and help you get rich as they reverse...
  • A surprising real estate recovery – According to Shah, a MAJOR bank’s recent trading debacle may have unwittingly saved the housing market! The fiasco is likely to spur regulatory changes that’ll force banks to lend their reserves instead of trading with them. When that happens, the fat part of the big banks’ ride back into mortgages will be over quickly. For the biggest gains, you better let Shah help you stay on top of this one...
But the only way you’ll know how to make money on these – plus the four MORE capital waves you’ll see here first – is by getting Shah’s Capital Wave Forecast.

And Shah’s making that especially easy for you to do today, with a guarantee that I’ll wager you’ve never seen before – or will likely ever again.

Although I doubt you’ll ever need it.

As H. Tanner from Sandusky, Ohio put it:

“… [Capital Wave Forecast] showed me gains of more than 10x my subscription in 2 days!”

I’ll show you specifically how watertight this guarantee is in moment…

First, though, look at everything you get with the Capital Wave Forecast:
  • Capital Wave Forecast Trading Alerts – In these, Shah gives you his precise instructions, along with his rationale, whenever his analysis indicates the time is right for action. Whenever possible, these will come to you during trading hours, or in preparation for the next trading session.
  • Capital Wave Forecast Subscriber-only Conference Calls – You don’t want to miss these. Shah’s an absolute blast to listen to, and these members-only conference calls are where you’ll get some of his most in-depth analysis and education on money, markets, and THE MATRIX.
  • 24/7 Access to The Capital Wave Forecast Web Resource – Once you’ve gotten your secure username and password, this is where you’ll be able to tap into everything Shah’s research service offers: ALL the issues and trading alerts. The real-time model portfolio. The entire research archives. Recordings of all of Shah’s members-only conference calls. And more...
  • Capital Wave Forecast Subscribers’ Forum – This is where you’ll get to benefit from Shah’s answers to the best questions you or other subscribers ask.
Now, the regular price for Capital Wave Forecast is just $3,500 per year.

And that’s a bargain, considering the gains you’ve seen from his recommendations...

371% in just under three months
455% in just over eight weeks
196% in less than two months
455% (again!) in nine weeks
177% in just 11 days
238% in six weeks
179% in two weeks
134% in two months
109% in just 28 days

This one string of wins alone could have paid for your entire full-priced subscription to Shah’s Capital Wave Forecast an incredible 66 times over!

And remember: These are but nine of the 58 winning trades Shah’s nailed in just the last 18 months.

But as I’ve told you, Shah’s only goal nowadays is showing as many readers as possible how to get rich from his knowledge of THE MATRIX... And the lucrative “capital waves” opportunities it sends into motion around the world.

Shah has one bit of advice at this point: Ask yourself a simple question:

“Am I making money right now? Am I ringing the cash register? And I mean RIGHT NOW?”

Remember, just days ago – on May 25 and June 1 – Shah recommended his readers close out positions that showed gains of 218%, 100%, 123% and more...

All during the worst market month in two years!

Can you afford to miss out on the opportunities like these coming up?

Moneymaking chances like…

Rapid-fire capital waves YOU
can play – starting now

Shah’s specialized knowledge of THE MATRIX can help you get into capital waves likely to hand you double- and triple-digit winners quickly...

And your moneymaking can start right now, on these coming waves:


Why are the markets more volatile now than ever? It’s not because of the things most analysts blame – like electronic flash trading.

It’s really because of THE MATRIX.

You see, four years after the meltdown of 2008, nothing has changed. Every major economy in the world has kicked the can down the road. They’ve tried printing money – and that didn’t work…

They’ve tried bailing out Europe and that didn’t work…

The banks are even bigger than they were in 2008 – and now their “risk managers” know even less than they did back then…

Companies aren’t making more money now, they’re not selling more goods – they’ve only cut costs and piled up their cash reserves.

And now, frankly, the world is out of bullets. Everyone knows that. The world is looking for a place to stash cash, and when nerves run this high, so does volatility.

And it’s why volatility is only going to get worse – even as markets occasionally seem to stabilize.

Hardly anyone even knows how to play volatility – and that’s the beauty of it. Yet with Shah’s help, it’s easier than you can imagine.

After leading his readers to volatility wins of 52%, 100%, 165%, 166%, and 371%, nobody’s more likely to make you HUGE money on volatility than Shah.

In fact, Shah’s one of the traders who helped create the VIX – the S&P 500’s volatility index.

“The VIX is one of the few indicators that can be reliably traded for big bucks,” says Shah. “It’s one of my favorite moneymaking tools. And not because I helped create it – it’s because you can make a ton of cash trading it.”

The question is: Will YOU?


Whenever things get volatile, people pile into securities they think are “safe.” Like dividend-paying stocks, bonds, treasuries, and gold.

But there’s something else that’s increasingly driving these markets as well...

Good ol’ CYA – that’s slang for “cover your a**.”

According to Shah, a lot of what’s driving this wave of capital is institutional money managers who fear for their jobs! They don’t want to lose in this hard-to-trade market – so they keep pumping money into safer assets.

This has the net effect of artificially increasing demand for these vehicles.

Yet Shah’s led his readers to numerous wins on the flow of capital into (and out of) popular assets that are thought to be safe. His recommendations range from single- and double-digit gains all the way up to 134%!

“Take the recent rush into bonds and even gold,” Shah elaborates. “That’s going to reverse. And when it does, the public is going to get crushed, big time. But personally, I can’t wait. We’re going to play the pros on their turf and kick them around… a lot.”


"Commodities may be in a lull right now, but they're going to be super-hot in the near future," says Shah.

“Super-hot because they’re going to be extremely volatile. And that makes for good trading.”

But there’s a reason why commodities are inherently more volatile than any other class of assets: The actions of institutional traders. Just a few traders acting in concert can have a HUGE effect on commodities prices.

That’s what happened in the commodities boom of summer 2007. A handful of pension funds and other institutions simultaneously diversified out of equities, and into agricultural commodities.

This caused a massive upward price escalation – which spurred a worldwide frenzy that jacked up food prices up so high it caused riots in the streets.

Once again, it’s THE MATRIX that’s driving the action.

And with a history of banking his readers commodities-related gains of 31%, 113%, 134%, Shah’s the one to show you HUGE gains in the unprecedented commodities climate we’re entering.

“You can profit on commodities beautifully through options on ETFs and stocks that act as proxies for tangible assets,” says Shah.

And among other things, right now Shah’s looking at potential triple-digit trades in:
  • A further collapse of oil on waning Chinese and European demand.
  • A sell-off in gold as investors take profits before another downturn.
  • Agricultural commodities like wheat and corn – which he says have not yet hit bottom...
All this means that the next few months could be HUGELY profitable for capital wave traders – in both directions. Because according to Shah, “When commodities go back up, they’re going to go back up extremely quickly.”

Meanwhile, “we’ll ride them down to the bottom, then back up for potentially multiple scores of up to 300% to 400%.”


Wall Street and The Hill are abuzz right now with the “fiscal cliff” we’ll face later this year. It’s big, and it’s going to smash investors who don’t know how to play. Already, average Joes are in a state of dread.

It’s the simultaneous effects of:
  1. The coming expiration of the Bush tax cuts.
  2. The spending cuts from last year’s debt deal.
  3. The almost certain need to again raise the debt ceiling.
Of course, all of this is THE MATRIX incarnate: Politicians jerking Americans through the ringer again – one that could potentially cost them billions.

This impending “fiscal cliff” is a game changer. But Shah’s already ahead of that game. He’s eyeing up long AND short plays on corporate bonds, treasuries, “risk assets” and more. Whether the U.S. goes over the cliff or not.

In fact, right now Shah’s looking at three specific ways to leverage this major capital wave OUT of low-yielding bonds – and back into stocks that pay increasing dividends...

“On a 10-year bond right now, you’re getting around 1.5%!” Shah explains. “With those kinds of yields, people are happy to go back into equities – especially when they’re beaten down to nothing and paying spectacular dividends.”

This isn’t the only capital wave that today’s “flight to safety” is generating, either. And Shah’s going to help you make money on every one he identifies – like he does for his current readers.

Without Shah showing them how to navigate today’s MATRIX-infested waters, they’d never have banked the 58 wins of up to 238%, 371%, and 455% they’ve seen in his Capital Wave Forecast.

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Frankly, you’ll never see a guarantee this bold anywhere… anyplace… anytime.

But from where I’m sitting as Shah’s publisher, it’s really no risk at all.

I saw the 12 triple-digit wins he nailed in 2011 – including nine in a row for 2,310% in total gains.

I saw how he cashed his readers out of a pair of plays for 318% in a single day as Facebook tanked.

For goodness sake, on June 1, the day the Dow dropped 275 points, Shah closed out a 123% gainer for his readers without breaking a sweat.

Bottom line: I don’t have a single doubt about offering a guarantee this bold.

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Frankly, though, a guarantee like this is of little importance when you think about what’s really on the line here.

While millions of other investors are losing their shirts, you could be doing extremely well (to put it mildly) on capital waves like:
  • The $3 trillion European asset-dump that’s about to tank the Euro.
  • Massive bond market action and currency fluctuations as the Eurozone situation goes to pot.
  • The continued dips in a vulnerable Chinese economy, as global demand for its products shrinks – especially in troubled Europe.
  • A mass exodus from low-yielding bonds and into high-paying equities as the U.S. braces for QE3, another debt-ceiling debacle, and massive tax increases.
Historically high volatility – and soon-to-be-booming demand – in all types of commodities, which are still on a lucrative, tradable downswing...

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Mike Ward
Publisher, Money Map Press
June, 2012

P.S. I can’t stress this enough: Shah’s only offering you more than 80% OFF the retail subscription rate for his Capital Wave Forecast for a very short time. And I have no idea how long he’s willing to virtually give the research service away for this price – the offer ends when he calls me and says it ends. But by then, it’ll be too late for you to save big on all his incredible “MATRIX trades.” So click here to lock in your money-back guaranteed subscription now...

P.P.S: One more thing, real quick. Shah just sent me an e-mail saying: “There’s going to be a series of reversals of fortunes in Europe, and they’re not what people think. Europe may have fast help on the way from a concerted “Gang of Four.” This development has tremendous upside potential.” If you want to know which segments, stocks, and options to play for your best chances at 455%, 538% – even 910% in gains, click on the link below NOW!


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