“A wonder…that may save the planet.” ~ The Daily Mail

The Battle for the 3rd Element

The Third Element could soon siphon off
$10.4 TRILLION in oil revenues… and replace
148 billion barrels of black gold.

The U.S. government is quietly spending billions
to control this rare substance as a matter of
national and economic security.

Early-in investors could turn every $10,000
into $294,000…

Dear Reader,

The key to the world's energy needs for the next 50 years…

Lies under a windswept sea of sand 50 times drier than Death Valley…

Here, on an arid plain in South America, you’ll find millions of tons of a rare element. One that’s capable of replacing 148 billion barrels of oil worth $10.4 trillion… Or more.

This wonder element has become the most sought-after – and fought-over – commodity on the planet.

All the biggest oil-consuming countries are scrambling, shoving each other out of the way to claim their stake. Including the U.S. government.

  • China announced plans to jack up production 461% by 2011.

  • An Australian company recently agreed to produce 17,000 tons of this wonder substance in China’s Jiangsu province.

  • The Obama administration has earmarked a whopping $25 billionan increase of 6,250 times over previous expenditures – to develop refined supplies of this super-green fuel.

And yet, few investors outside a small circle know the magnitude of what’s about to happen on this remote patch of earth, hundreds of miles from any major city.

To give you a picture…

The riches buried in this harsh land could create 3 TIMES the wealth oil will produce in the next five years… even after oil shoots back to $147 a barrel!

Over the next ten years, this mother lode could generate 6 TIMES the money oil will produce… even if oil passes the $200 landmark.

As I write, a critical battle has broken out across the globe to gain control of as much of this precious resource as humanly possible.

And you’re about to discover the one company that holds the key to this whole opportunity.

Early estimates indicate as much as 2,840% gains for investors who get in right now – before worldwide demand really heats up. By the time you finish reading this letter, you’ll know how you could become one of them.

Let’s get right to the details…

A Worldwide Battle to Control
This Wonder Substance

From the Australian Outback to the wilds of northern Tibet… from deep in the vast deserts of Nevada to the arid flats of South America…

The world’s biggest players are wasting no time staking their claims to control the Third Element. Just look at the first steps being taken in this race:

  • Korea and Japan are collecting over 150,000 tons of potential reserves in Western Australia.

  • The U.S government recently doled out $8 billion (the first step in a $25 billion loan program) to gear up production in the U.S.

  • China just laid out $429 million to build the country’s largest refinery on the Yangtze River – even as they send troops into Tibet to lock up new reserves.

  • Warren Buffett recently took a multi-million-dollar stake in a company that processes the Third Element into refined fuel. His investment has tripled in value in the last six months.

  • The United Arab Emirates, the world’s third-largest oil-exporter, just announced a 40% stake in a company developing the technology to use the Third Element as a fuel source. The biggest oil producers know this technological shift could determine the fate of their countries.

And these are just the opening moves.

Limited Supply vs. Unlimited Demand…

Projected demand for this wonder fuel already exceeds production… by 16 times.

Meridian International Research says annual worldwide global demand could explode 6 times more than current production.

Prices Are Shooting
Sky High

Madison Avenue Research has learned from various sources that prices for this fuel rose nearly 100% last year. And most of it’s being bought from one small company…

And this supply/demand mismatch has already doubled prices on the Third Element in just one year.

No wonder the major energy players are scrambling to lock up supplies… from governments to big industry worldwide.

And all this is happening as exploding demand has the potential to drive prices up 100% in 12 short months… and very likely over 400% in the next 36 months.

The boom is literally just getting started…

And here’s the good news for investors in the know…

One tiny company has already won the battle to control the world’s next mega energy source.

But what is the Third Element exactly?

I’ll tell you…

The Mad Rush for the Third Element

It’s used in everything from medicines to nuclear bombs.

It’s the lightest metal in the universe.

Its extreme flammability makes it one of the most compact and powerful fuels.

And as with oil, there’s not enough of it to go around.

You see, this element is found only in certain places on earth. And its location and form can make it extremely costly to mine and refine.

I’m talking about lithium… the third element on the periodic table.

Until recently, lithium was a minor commodity used in glass and mood stabilizing drugs.

But then along came lithium-ion batteries.

Suddenly, lithium demand went through the roof!

As Forbes magazine noted last year…

When Blackberries and iPods exploded on the scene, demand for lithium carbonate – the refined form used in batteries – doubled from 2003 to 2007.

Lithium’s ultra-light weight and volatility make it the perfect fuel for powering batteries of every size. Lithium-ion batteries are lighter, smaller, and pack more power than conventional batteries. So they’re perfect for cell phones and laptops.

Lithium Now Powers Billions of Cell Phones and Laptops

"Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries have quickly become the most widely utilized battery chemistry in today’s portable electronic devices such as laptops, cell phones, and PDAs. [Because of] high energy density, lightweight, and construction flexibility, Li-ion and Li-ion polymer have for the most part replaced nickel rechargeable batteries... All top battery manufacturers have since introduced next generation Li-ion cells that are more powerful..."

–Frost & Sullivan

But if this was just about small electronics, I wouldn’t be writing to you today…

The Electric Car Revolution… Starts Now

What happened to lithium demand with consumer electronics is nothing compared to what’s about to happen in 2011…

As Forbes announced, “The gas engine made petroleum the world’s biggest commodity. The electric car could do the same for the third element.”

There’s little doubt that lithium is about to become the “next oil.” And fast.

It’s already on track to replace up to 148 billion barrels of oil or more.

And what oil did for early investors… lithium could do for early investors.

You see, lithium-ion batteries are on the cusp of powering the hybrid and electric car revolution. And revolution is not too strong a word for it.

While countless major automakers are tailoring future fleets based on lithium-powered motors, no automaker is betting more on lithium than General Motors.

GM is counting on lithium-ion batteries to power its new electric hybrid car, the Chevy Volt, starting in 2011.

And nothing less than GM’s rebirth as a company is at stake.

The Volt’s battery pack delivers three times as much energy per pound as the nickel-metal-based batteries in the Japanese hybrids. They are so advanced, they have their own computer controls and heating and cooling equipment.

But here’s what will really get OPEC’s attention…

The Volt will cruise for up to 40 miles without touching even a drop of gas>. Now, that 40 mile range is no coincidence – it’s the average distance 75% of Americans travel on their daily commute.

After 40 miles, an on-board internal combustion engine recharges the batteries. It’s expected to get 230 mpg in the city and give the Volt a 640-mile range on a single tank.

In short, the Volt will average approximately 100 miles per gallon of gas.

Governments around the world – especially ours – are throwing gas on the fire in lithium battery demand…

In the U.S., the Energy Independence and Security Act toughened up fuel efficiency standards to 35 mpg by 2020.

But President Obama stiffened the standards even more in May, raising fuel economy standards to 39 mpg for cars and 27 mpg for trucks.

And he bumped the deadline up four years to 2016. In fact, the standard goes up 5% a year starting now until the goal is reached.

These new rules flat out guarantee the lithium-ion battery is the only way car makers can meet the new standards. No other fuel source comes close.

No doubt demand for GM’s new Chevy will be huge. But it’s just one car on a very long list.

Every Automaker Will Soon Need Lithium

Starting this year, every automaker on the planet will begin flooding the market with electric-powered cars

  • Mercedes launched its S400 HYBRID sedan earlier this year. E-Class, M-Class, and GL-Class will be tailing it closely.

  • Tesla Motors has delivered its American-made Roadster, an all-electric two-seater sports car, and plans to debut its Model S sedan in 2011.

  • Nissan has retooled a factory in Tennessee to produce 150,000 pure electric cars, called The Leaf.

  • Ford just launched the pure electric Transit Connect commercial fleet van this summer and plans to invest $550 million to retool a Michigan truck plant to manufacture a pure electric Focus in 2011.

And according to China’s People’s Daily Online, China has become the biggest producer, exporter, and consumer of electric vehicles in the world.

China’s passenger car sales jumped 84% in last year to 1.02 million vehicles.

You may never have heard of them, but Chinese car makers Hafei and Coda are planning to bring a mass-produced electric car to market in California in fall 2011.

The New Electric Kings of the Road….

If you think electrics and hybrids are for virtuous dreamers, but aren’t fast, fun, or practical – take a gander at these “kings of the road.” They are already rolling off the assembly line…
  • The Tesla Roadster bullets from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds, attains speeds of up to 160 mph, and travels over 200 miles on a single charge. You can buy one right now.

  • The BMW MINI-E gives you all the fun and nimble handling of its gas cousin, but costs 40% less to operate a month.

  • The JEEP PATRIOT SUV, Dodge sports car, four-door Jeep Wrangler and Chrysler minivan are pulling Chrysler into the electric car race.

All of these vehicles, from all of these manufacturers, will need lithium-ion batteries to run.

Where might all that lithium come from?

The answer lies with one perfectly positioned company… sitting on 30% of the world’s proven reserves.

ONE Company Sits on a $49.2 Billion Bonanza

Already, this dynamo firm controls half of the world market for lithium.

And it owns claims on the highest quality and most cost-effectively refined reserves, worth a whopping $49.2 billion. (When the price of lithium goes through the roof, expect that number to multiply.)

These advantages give this one firm a huge head start over virtually every other competitor in the world in the battle to control the Third Element.

Clearly, the opportunity for early investors is almost beyond calculation.

In just the next 90-120 days, investors in this most precious commodity could see gains of 100% as the world market for lithium shoots past $90 billion.

By the time the big positions are staked out and the wealth carved up, early in investors could see every $10,000 invested turn into $294,000 or more.

And as with oil before it, the biggest winners will be those who control the most and best reserves. That’s where this gem of a company comes in.

Early investors in this relatively small and unknown company could be the biggest of the big winners in the race to control lithium, destined to become the “next oil” of the 21st century.

This Small Firm Will Turn the
Energy World on Its Head

We’ve already seen the inevitability of lithium’s rise to energy dominance… and the inevitability of stratospheric lithium price rises.

But here’s why this one firm could capture the lion’s share of the profits…

  • It owns 30% of the world’s known lithium reserves…
  • It controls 50% of the world’s market for lithium products…
  • It’s the only major American lithium producer…

In fact, despite what you may think you know about producing lithium, this American firm owns reserves in the one spot on earth with nearly five and a half times more recoverable lithium than any other place!

This last point bears repeating… “5 and ½ times more recoverable lithium than any other place” … because it is key to this company’s dominance and profitability.

Sitting On the Mother Lode of Lithium

At the world’s largest lithium reserve in South America, there are only two operating lithium mines, and they are quietly pumping 70% of the world’s raw lithium out of the ground...

But here’s the deal. Not all lithium is created equal… nor is all lithium equally profitable to refine.

To simplify, large concentrations of lithium are found in only two forms – spodumene and brine.

Spodumene is underground ore. It has to be painstakingly extracted, then meticulously dried and processed with harsh chemicals like sulfuric acid before it can be refined into the fine powder used in batteries.

All of this takes a lot of money.

On the other hand, brine-based lithium is easily accessible. It forms in large pools laying 90-130 feet under the surface of gigantic salt beds. After it’s sucked to the surface, evaporation transforms it from light yellow slush into raw lithium.

The merciless sun does all the work! So the cost of mining lithium brine is less than half the cost of extracting spodumene ore.

Where others pay $2,400 a ton to extract lithium…our tiny company pays a mere $1,200 a ton. And as the price of lithium shoots skyward, this cost advantage—and profits—will increase exponentially!

Companies around the world are waiting to scoop up the element as soon as it’s out of the ground.

Even the government is getting in to the game…

The Government Is Throwing
Gobs of Money at Lithium

Since a vehicle battery requires 100 times more lithium carbonate than a laptop battery, the race is on to build large-scale manufacturing facilities.

Everyone’s Getting in the Battery Business

According to Metal Miner, a company in Michigan just got $220 million in state aid to build a production facility and start cranking out lithium-ion batteries.

Soon the plant will start buying lithium to go in these batteries… and the most likely place to get it is from the company that controls 50% of the market.

Investors who get in before this, and other plants like it come on line, stand to make 2,840%. Read on for more information.

That’s why the Energy Department granted $8 billion in low-cost loans to Ford, Nissan, and Tesla to build new factories. And that’s just a down payment.

The government’s committed a whopping $25 billion – the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program – to nurture the industry.

Plus, they’re giving every buyer of hybrids and electrics a massive $7,500 tax credit starting this year!

So while the government is reducing oil consumption, it’s practically guaranteeing an increase in lithium consumption. That’s what government support does.

Even NASA is getting into the act with a multi-million contract to develop the next generation lithium-ion technology for rovers, landers, and astronaut packs.

And other countries—especially China—are using stimulus monies to drive their lithium-fueled hybrid and electric vehicle markets.

Everyone is racing to be first…

This Revolution Will Be Battery Powered

…And lithium-ion battery manufacturers are leading the charge.

  • LG Chemical will build 10,000 400-pound lithium-ion battery packs for the Chevy Volt in the first 12 months of production, with plans to ramp that up to 60,000 a year over time.

  • A123 Systems plans to spend $2.4 billion to build factories to make enough lithium-ion batteries for five million hybrid vehicles or half a million plug-in electric vehicles per year by 2013.

  • Johnson Controls has set up a joint venture with the French battery producer Saft to make at least 5,000 lithium-ion units per year by 2012 for the Ford Escape plug-in electric vehicle.

  • BYD, the Chinese car-maker which makes about 80% of Motorola's RAZR handsets, as well as batteries for iPods and iPhones, recently raised $481 million for production of lithium-ion batteries for its F3DM plug-in electric vehicle, scheduled to hit the U.S. market in 2011. It travels 62 miles on one charge.

What does all this add up to?

A LOT more demand for lithium than the world is producing right now.

Here’s the math…

Worldwide lithium production was a little over 100,000 tons in 2007, and only 25% went into batteries of any kind.

Production could reach 176,000 tons by 2018, about 10% of which will go to cars – enough for 284,000 vehicles.

But that’s not nearly enough lithium… nor is production fast enough.

The prestigious Freedonia Group market research firm predicts hybrid sales will hit 4.5 MILLION cars as early as 2013!

And every one of these cars will need a lithium-ion battery.

Which means the demand for lithium could increase by 16 times over current levels…and five years sooner than current production capabilities allow.

Deutsche Bank estimates the market for lithium-ion batteries will hit $15 billion this year… and $40 billion in the coming years to meet the surge in electric cars.

Billions In Profits For High-Grade Lithium

According to Deutsche Bank, 75 new hybrid electric car models will be set for sale by 2011.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration projects that hybrids will be 20% of the U.S auto market by 2015 (up from 2% in 2007).

J.D. Power predicts that hybrids and electric cars will make up 50% of cars in Europe by 2015.

And every battery will use 100 times more lithium than laptop batteries.

At a minimum, lithium production will have to increase 16 times just to meet the demand currently projected for these new lithium-hungry power plants.

And this small company already controls 30% - that’s over 6 million tons - of the world’s proven reserves.

And that adds up to… billions in profits for companies that supply high-grade lithium for car batteries.

Lithium’s Price is
Already Climbing

It’s only a matter of time before the battery-driven demand spike drives the price, and this company’s stock, to the heavens permanently.

In fact, this spike could happen—literally—any day now.

Company insiders report they’re fighting off car companies and battery makers who want to secure long-term supply contracts…while lithium prices are still relatively low.

But our firm won’t be able to fend them off forever. And when they do sign new contracts, it will be for much higher prices.

Imagine owning even a small piece of the largest lithium reserves on the planet... selling every ounce for astronomical sums as fast as you can process it...

… as demand rockets past supply… as the stock price soars to new highs.

Maybe that’s why the heavy hitters on Wall Street like Kohlberg, Kravis & Roberts and Credit Suisse are already nosing around.

They smell a big score in the offing...

You can get in on this tremendous opportunity too – before mainstream investors. All the information you need is contained in a special report called The Third Element: How to Earn 2,840% on the World’s “Next Oil.”

You can claim a copy of this report today – and you won’t have to pay a dime for it.

First let me explain why this obscure company has a unique advantage in securing unprecedented returns for investors…

The Spark That Ignites the Bonfire

I can tell you one thing with utter confidence:

Investors who grab this opportunity now are likely to hit a mother lode.

The rest will be kicking themselves for missing the chance of a lifetime.

Everything is positioned perfectly for this one firm. It’s got…

  • A “lock” on 30% of the world’s reserves
  • A “lock” on 50% of the worldwide market
  • A worldwide demand spike expected within the next few months
  • Huge demand/supply mismatch with the potential to catapult prices skyward
  • Massive government cash investment in this fuel
  • The only major American producer with a “buy-American” advantage

But once the first big, long-term orders for lithium come in… watch out!

And I’m not talking about lithium orders just for the GM Volt, either.

(I would never bet the future just on “GM.”)

I’m talking about the Volt...

  • Plus the Mercedes S400 and E-Class, M-Class, and GL-Class…

  • Plus the Nissan Leaf…

  • Plus the Ford Focus…

  • Plus the BMW Mini-E …

  • Plus the Chrysler hybrids…

  • Plus the Jeep hybrids …

  • Plus the Chinese Hafei and Codas…

  • Plus the 75 new makes of hybrid electric cars that will be in showrooms no later than 2011…and probably a lot sooner if sales take off next year as they’re expected to.

I’m talking about a lithium battery market that is expected to hit $15 billion this year.

A lithium battery market that could soar to $40 billion within a few short years.

The first orders for the highest-grade lithium could be the spark that ignites the bonfire.

With the world’s energy future literally at stake, it could be the bidding war to end all bidding wars.

And our firm could already be sitting at “the finish line”—the clear winner—just scooping up billions upon billions of dollars of “eager money.”

Why Gains Could Go Higher than 2,840%

According to sources inside the company, these first big orders could arrive ANY day in the first half of the year. Including today.

That’s why it’s important to be invested ahead of time… so you don’t miss the big move when it happens.

As soon as the first orders hit, this stock could jump as much as 100%.

By this time next year, expect it to be as much as 400% higher than it is right now.

And from there, the sky is the limit.

When Profits Rise…
Stock Prices Explode!

An increase in a commodity’s price can cause a stock price to jump up – 7 times over!
  • From August 2007 to July 2008 a barrel of oil increased a nice 110%, but Evolution Petroleum soared 183%... Comstock Resources jumped 206%... and W&T Offshore popped a whopping 277%...

  • From March 2003 to today, the price of gold jumped 70%, yet Kinross Gold jumped 191% and Barrick Gold popped 243%.

  • As China increased imports threefold to build power plants and skyscrapers, iron’s price per pound climbed 82% from September 2006 to May 2008. Yet, Russia’s Mechel Resources shot up 631%! It notched nearly 7 times the gain of the underlying commodity. Investors are still talking about that one…

Just to give you an idea of the potential on this lithium play…

Oil rose from $5 to $147 between 1975 and 2008, an increase of 2,840%. That was enough to turn every $10,000 invested into $294,000 dollars.

Pretty good... but you could have made 31% more just by investing in Exxon Mobil.

In that same period, Exxon Mobil rose from $2.28 to $87, an increase of 3,700%.

That turned every $10,000 invested into $380,000... almost $90,000 more!

A $20,000 investment became $790,000...

And this doesn’t even include dividends or dividends reinvested.

When you consider that lithium is slated to replace $10.4 TRILLION in oil revenues… just at today’s low prices… these estimates seem conservative.

You’ll get all the details on how tap in to the mother lode with our special report The Third Element: How to Earn 2,840% on the World’s “Next Oil.”

I’d like to send you this report right away… free of charge.

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