U.S. Treasury Approves “Gold Dollars”…

“America’s New
Legal Tender”

You can now use this gold-backed cash to potentially double
your savings over the next 6-9 months, automatically

Gold expert Peter Schiff shows you how, for free

Dear Reader,

The U.S. Treasury Dept. has officially approved an historic switch.

Starting days from now, you’ll be able to exchange regular paper dollars for a more valuable form of money.

Experts are calling America’s new legal currency “Gold Dollars.”

Because each “dollar” is backed by one gram of pure, 24-karat gold…

You’ll be able to use this money just like regular dollars. You can buy anything from shoes to wine, cars to houses.

The only difference?

Since the money is backed by physical gold (stored in Fort Knox-like security), it could prove the smartest “investment” you ever make.

The purchasing power of each “dollar” goes UP whenever gold rises. That means…

You can get richer… every time Congress passes another trillion-dollar spending package, fueling inflation…

You can get richer… every time the world flees into gold thanks to geopolitical instability (think North Korea successfully testing a nuclear bomb)…

You can get richer… every time massive hedge funds and Wall Street firms pile into gold to hedge their equity positions…

You can get richer… every time countries like China move out of the U.S. dollar and buy massive quantities of gold, like the 1,054 tons they now hold.

And considering where gold is likely headed, this could be the perfect time to change some money over to the new currency.

As Reuters reported March 9: “Gold may reach $2,000 an ounce in the next year if the dollar falls [further].”

Richard Russell wrote in his Dow Theory Letters on May 19: “Gold seems on a roll now.”

Dennis Gartman said on May 20 that “the dollar does look vulnerable… if this persists, commodity prices generally shall rise, and gold shall too.” And MarketWatch now reports that gold could be on the verge of a “historic breakout.”

As you’ll see in this report, making the switch to “Gold Dollars” could not only protect your savings against coming market shocks, it could automatically double your money over the next 6-9 months.

Even better…

You don’t have to move all your savings, or make any big decisions. You can start with as little as $10. Converting to “Gold Dollars” takes about five minutes. Anyone can do it online, securely, using your regular savings account.

And one of the country’s leading gold analysts, Peter G. Schiff, will show you exactly how, for free.

Here’s the whole story on this quickly emerging opportunity…

10 Reasons Gold’s
About to Soar

The Stimulus Effect: Including $1 trillion in cash infusions, the stimulus plan will pump $9.7 trillion into the economy, according to Bloomberg. As the Globe & Mail reports flatly, “Many believe that the monetary stimulus efforts will cause a spike in inflation,” driving gold higher.

COMEX Traders Predict $1,600 Gold… by December: If gold trades at or above $1,600 by December, some 100,000 call option contracts will be “in the money.” Big-money players Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan are reportedly helping to drive the action, ahead of a huge purchase of gold futures contracts.

“Big Money” Inflows: In 2008, NYC-based hedge fund Paulson & Co’s flagship fund returned 37%, as the world markets burned. Paulson’s bullish on gold, big time, including the Mar. 17 purchase of 39.9 million shares of AngloGold, worth $1.28 billion. Other major hedge funds are piling into gold, too, including Eton Park Capital, Greenlight Capital and Hayman Advisors.

China’s Doubling Down! China just revealed that it has doubled its gold holdings to 1,054 tons. Yet that still only equals 1.6% of its overall reserves. As China moves out of U.S. Treasuries and into gold, this will help fuel the next leg of the run-up.

Demand Building across the Board: Worldwide demand for gold jumped by $29.7 billion in the first quarter, a 36% bolt, according to the World Gold Council. Demand for gold ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) rocketed 540%... another trigger for the coming gold boom.

The Paper Dollar’s 30% Drop: Since 2001, the U.S. Dollar Index has tanked 30%... while gold has risen 300%. With all the downward pressure on the dollar, and inflation on the way, this trend is about to pick up steam.

Gold/Dow Ratio Signals $8,000 Gold: During major gold bull markets (and corresponding equity bears), gold and the Dow converge at a 1-to-1 ratio. During the last gold bull, the Dow sank to 850 and gold rose to $850. The Dow is now over 8,000… But even if it fell to 4,000, we could see $4,000 gold before this bull run is over!

U.S. Treasury Dept. Signals $5,468 Gold: Currently, the U.S. government holds about 286.9 million ounces of gold. It has printed about $1.569 trillion worth of paper dollars. If each dollar were backed by gold, that would put the price at $5,468.80 an ounce.

Riding the “Commodity Super Cycle”: Jim Rogers expects the Commodity Super Cycle to drive commodity prices higher for another eight years… including gold. And he’s stockpiling the yellow metal by the day. Every pullback, says Rogers, is another buying opportunity. Considering he’s been dead right on every major trend of the past 40 years, we wouldn’t bet against him.

Historic Model Predicts $6,214 Gold: During the last gold bull, the yellow metal ran from $35 an ounce to $850, a 24-fold increase. This bull started with gold at $255.95, meaning that if historic trends hold, the price target would be $6,214 an ounce.

How “Gold Dollars” Can Double Your Savings

Investors the world over are sensing an explosion in gold prices. And it appears that the lid’s finally about to blow.

According to the prestigious World Gold Council, total demand for gold jumped 38% in the first quarter… to 1,016 tons.

Meanwhile, demand for gold as an investment rocketed 248%, to 596 tons.

But this is merely the tip of the iceberg. (See sidebar.)

Quietly, behind the scenes, professional gold traders – those who actually set gold’s price on the floor of New York’s COMEX – are positioning themselves for a massive uptick in gold. In fact, their options positions indicate that gold will hit at least $1,500-2,200 by November 24, 2009.

Considering where gold’s trading today, this represents more than a DOUBLING of gold’s price over the next 6-9 months.

And since every one of the new “Gold Dollars” is backed by one gram of pure 24-karat gold, the value of your savings could double automatically!

So if you suspect that master investors such as Jim Rogers, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Dennis Gartman, Richard Russell and Schiff are right about gold – then moving some of your savings into “Gold Dollars” makes great sense.

You can get started with as little as $10 regular dollars. You simply make one small transaction (you can do it free online using your normal savings account – details in a moment). And voila, you suddenly own some of the only gold-backed money in the world!

And just think about the tremendous advantages the “new money” will confer…

Wake Up Tomorrow and Pay Less for… Everything?

Let’s say you have $100 in your savings account, in regular paper dollars.

You can convert that into $100 worth of “Gold Dollars” in about 5 minutes, using a secured online transaction from your current savings account. (You’ll learn exactly how simple this is in a moment.) Later that same day, you can spend half of your gold-backed money on a fine bottle of Blason d'Issan Margaux. You now have $50 “Gold Dollars” left. Here’s the great part.

If gold doubles from there, you can exchange your 50 “Gold Dollars” for $100 paper dollars… and spend that money all over again!

And that’s not all…

If gold simply rises by 25%, you could get up tomorrow and use “Gold Dollars” to pay that much less for gasoline, groceries, computers, TVs, houses, cars, clothes, you name it!

While your neighbor will spend $100 for a bag of groceries, you could pay the equivalent of $75 for the exact same bag!

“The Best Monetary System Ever” ~ Peter Schiff

No wonder gold guru Peter Schiff calls this “the best monetary system ever.”

So why haven’t you heard about “Gold Dollars” before?

For starters, since they’re launching alongside much more popular “regular” paper dollars, very few outside of currency circles even know that Treasury has approved the new money.

Second, the mainstream media, Wall Street investment banks, and perhaps your own broker are simply focused on selling stocks!

And even if they did know about this opportunity, they have no incentive to tell you about it – because they don’t make any money when you switch to “Gold Dollars”!

That’s a shame, too. Because just moving some cash into the new money now – ahead of the coming gold boom – could be the smartest “investment” you make all year!

And you’re about to discover exactly how to take advantage of this situation, for free, from one of the world’s leading gold experts… Schiff himself…

Get Schiff’s Strategy for Playing “Gold Dollars” for Free

As President of Euro Pacific Capital, and one of CNBC’s star analysts, Schiff has garnered plenty of controversy for the boldness and clarity of his predictions. But while he’s often controversial, he’s almost never wrong.

Schiff called the Tech Wreck in 1999, saving his clients at Euro Pacific Capital a fortune when the Nasdaq lost more than 70% of its value.

He called the sub-prime crisis and housing crash, just before the bottom fell out in late 2006.

He sounded the alarm on the coming U.S. equity meltdown of 2008, just before trillions were lost in the firestorm that decimated the S&P by 40%-plus.

Last year, his blockbuster book Crash Proof helped more than 50,000 readers protect and grow their wealth right through the crisis. It rocketed atop the New York Times bestseller list as a result.

Had you followed the gold strategy Schiff recommended in his first book, you could have ended 2008 well in the black.

But his newest gold recommendation – “Gold Dollars” – could be even more profitable.

Leading Gold Guru Gives You His “Best Secrets”

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You’ll learn exactly where the U.S. economy is headed next… How Bernanke is about to send the paper dollar into freefall mode…

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The “Gold Dollars” strategy alone could automatically DOUBLE your savings over the next 6-9 months. But that’ll be just the beginning.

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How to Take Advantage of this Opportunity Now

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#2: TREASURY BUBBLE WILL BURST: Investors are about to lose their shirts on the growing bubble in U.S. Treasuries. Right now there’s $6.8 trillion in outstanding bonds – and the current yield on the 10-year is a measly 2.94%. Millions of investors parked their money here for “safety” – yet they’re getting eaten alive by inflation. And they’re about to get burned even worse… Once interest rates move up even a tick, these bonds are going to go up like the Hindenburg. We predict 5% to 7% is a reasonable yield as inflation creeps in. Which means our “inverse” recommendation is likely to kick up 100% to 120%.

#3: URANIUM BULL WILL RESUME: Round two is ready to kick in on this incredible fuel. The facts say it all. 630 reactors are soon to be operating in 55 countries. Uranium is a scarce commodity. When prices advance to new highs – which they will – expect mining stocks to rise in a virtual lock step. One in particular is poised to gain 271%.

#4: CHINA DEMAND WILL IGNITE A COAL BOOM: The demand for the “poor man’s gold” is set to skyrocket 73% in the coming months and years. Don’t listen to what you might hear on TV. China is utterly dependent on it. And the U.S. controls 27% of proven coal reserves. Let’s face it: Coal is going to dominate electricity generation well into the foreseeable future. Expect U.S. exports of coal to accelerate in the 2nd half of this year when China’s stimulus kicks in. One company is poised to jump 258%.

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Something Else I’d Like to Send You for Free

The Obama stimulus bill, officially called “The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009,” is a whopper.

Its $787 billion price tag makes it the biggest spending bill ever passed by Congress. In fact, it’s 10 times larger than the 1947 Marshall Plan to rebuild post-war Germany. Only this time, all of it will be spent here at home… including $120 billion for infrastructure… $11 billion for the smart grid… $45 billion for alternative energy… and $16 billion for transportation and security…

This kind of money has the potential to make a handful of American companies extremely profitable.

For example, one company owns the most powerful facial recognition software in the world. It just signed $494 million in contracts, one for $100 million with the U.S. State Department for transportation security. The company just boosted revenues by 367%, and it has an order backlog worth over $1 billion. And it’s poised to soar.

You can details on this and four other Stimulus gems in our latest research report: Profiting from the $787 Billion Stimulus Boom. It’s yours free, just for giving The Money Map Report a trial run.

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Why Some May Not Be Right for this Opportunity

Frankly, if you’re under the age of 45… this may not be for you.

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