Texas Company Tapping $2.8 Trillion Oil Reserve… Under the Eiffel Tower

Tiny company from Dallas preparing to extract 40 billion barrels of crude oil from beneath Paris, France…

Discovery big enough to fuel U.S. demand for 5.2 years, according to Energy Information Administration…

Estimates show as much as 1,820% gains for investors who get in now… before this oil comes to market…

Dear Reader,

It could be the richest oil deposit in Western Europe.

But very few even know of its existence… yet.

Even leading oilmen in the U.S. have no idea.

Because… well… who ever thought of looking for oil beneath the Eiffel Tower?

Indeed, while Parisians sip coffee and nibble croissants in Montmarte… as tourists stroll through the Louvre, and walk along the Left Bank… there's an ocean of sweet crude oil bubbling directly beneath their feet.

The French Oil Ministry has confirmed more than 40 billion barrels.

It's enough to fuel total U.S. oil demand for 5.2 years, according to the Energy Information Administration.

Enough to fill more than 2.54 million Olympic-sized swimming pools…

And 27 times more oil than ExxonMobil produces annually…

Perhaps most amazingly, the rights to every drop of this oil now belong to one little company from Dallas, Texas!

When it begins bringing this mother lode to market later this year, the company stands to multiply its oil inventory as much as 5,632-fold.

No wonder Goldman Sachs and Barclays are quietly building positions in the stock before the big event.

And no wonder they're keeping this news to themselves – not telling a single one of their retail clients.

Over the next few minutes you'll discover all the details of this opportunity.

And you'll learn how you could turn a small speculation of $5,000 into $100,000 starting just a few days from now.

But you must act right away.

Let's get right to the details…

A Global Hunt for Oil Pays Off… BIG TIME

As many people know, American oilmen have been drilling in Texas for generations. They've scoured the entire state and pumped billions of barrels.

Competition for drilling rights is fierce, and returns hard to come by.

So a few years ago, one of the state's leading small oil companies made a bold decision.

The idea was to break out and send their geologists around the world in search of a truly game-changing discovery.

After months of exploration, they returned with some shocking news.

If the data were correct, they had discovered an extremely large accumulation of untapped crude oil…

Not in the Middle East…

Not in some Latin American dictatorship…

Not thousands of feet beneath hostile seas in the North Atlantic…

But locked in the geological formation running directly beneath the city of Paris, France…

The Forgotten Treasure beneath the City of Lights

Known as the Paris Basin, this layered formation juts thousands of feet into the earth. It forms an oblong bowl 310 miles long and 186 miles wide.

At the basin's surface you'll find vineyards producing the finest wines in the world, along with gourmet cheeses and other natural wonders. (Dom Perignon Champagne comes from a small town resting atop the basin.)

But beneath that gilded soil – with the Eiffel Tower near its epicenter – the geological team from Texas discovered huge crude oil deposits. (Most of it flowed through the formation’s Jurassic limestone layer – the darkest layer in the diagram below.)

40 Billion Barrels Beneath Paris

Their estimates showed 30 million barrels, at least. But they needed more time, and money, to complete their surveys.

When a Small Company Risks Everything and Wins

So the company (we'll call it the "Tiny Texan") decided to take an enormous risk.

It sold off its U.S.-based operations. Every oilfield, well and piece of equipment went up for sale.

Then they took the millions in proceeds and poured them into the Paris project.

Shortly after doing so, the company confirmed the first 30 million barrels. (Just as quickly, it purchased the rights to that discovery from the French Oil Ministry.)

But what nobody knew at the time was just how big the discovery would become.

The geologists hadn't actually confirmed the physical limits of the accumulation.

Discovery Grows from $5.04 Billion… to $2.8 Trillion

So the company decided not to bring the oil to market – yet. The geologists continued surveying.

Their suspicions proved correct: There was indeed more than 30 million barrels in place.

As they followed the oil-flows outward, the estimated size of the reserve grew… to 72 million barrels… 350 million barrels… 1 billion barrels… 3 billion barrels… 12 billion barrels…

The data were breathtaking. And so were the potential revenues as they swelled from $5.04 billion… to $24.50 billion… $70 billion… $21 billion… $840 billion… and counting.

Keep in mind that the Tiny Texan had the cash to buy all the drilling rights thanks to the sell-off of its American assets years before.

And thank goodness it did.

Because now – after months of surveying – the company’s investment is finally ready to pay off.

Bottom line: This tiny, $100 million wildcatter from Dallas now sits atop 40 billion barrels of crude oil worth $2.8 trillion dollars.

How this Little Texas Company "Disappeared" from Wall Street's Radar Screen Five Years Ago

Five years ago, the Tiny Texan oil company "cashed out" of all its U.S. holdings to explore and develop its massive discovery in France.

The day it sold its last American oil well, the company literally dropped off Wall Street's radar screen.

If you were a stock analyst tracking domestic oil companies' U.S. operations, the "Tiny Texan" ceased to "exist."

After years of prominent positioning in the domestic rig counts provided by Baker Hughes, the company's drilling activity suddenly stopped.

From that moment forward, even petroleum analysts following U.S. drilling trends lost track of the company.

And Wall Street completely lost track.

While that's still largely the case, the company has begun reappearing on the radar screens at a handful of major Wall Street institutions. They include Goldman Sachs, Barclays and Palo Alto Investors.

Beginning just days from now, they stand to pocket a fortune when the little Texas company finally starts the process that will bring its mother lode to market. (Still, they won't tell regular investors!)

For details on how you can join in the coming gains – up to 1,820% – please read on…

The company will begin bringing this mother lode to market just days from now.

When it does, the stock could skyrocket based on fundamentals alone (not to mention what'll happen once this story gets out to the mainstream American financial press).

Here's why…

Billions of Barrels… Not Priced into the Stock!

The Tiny Texan will switch on Oil Well #1, on the outskirts of Paris, tapping into the first estimated 30 million barrels.

This historic event could be enough to triple the company's oil inventory. And it'll certainly be enough to jolt the bottom line, and launch this story into the mainstream investing media.

The importance of getting in before the big event cannot be overstated.

But this is merely the beginning.

The Tiny Texan has an additional seven wells coming online right afterwards. They're located to the south of the city, too.

Combined, the first eight wells will tap into an estimated 65 million to 72 million barrels worth about $4.55 billion. That could be enough to drive the company's market cap up 4,550% from current levels around $100 million.

Even if the company found 40% of what it expects, it could be enough to send the stock soaring 1,820%.

And these projected gains are based only on this initial jolt to the fundamentals.

Wall Street hasn't calculated any of this oil into the stock's price yet. Nor has it calculated the remaining 39 billion-plus barrels into the price!

And that's exactly why a handful of major Wall Street institutions are quietly, slowly building positions in the company now…

Goldman Sachs, Barclays and Vanguard: All Buying this Stock with their Own Money… But Not Telling Investors

Goldman Sachs just bought 1.07 million shares for its house accounts.

Barclays bought 1.04 million shares with its own money.

Palo Alto investors bought nearly 2 million shares.

Yet none of these big firms will tell its retail clients about the opportunity.

They're not even rating the stock, or following it publicly. You simply won't hear about this opportunity from Wall Street.

When confronted with this fact, Goldman spokesman Robert Kenner replied:

"Goldman Sachs research division does not cover [the Tiny Texan] and we do not discuss plans regarding future analyst coverage. Also, we do not comment on companies that are individual holdings of the firm."

And why would they?

By keeping this opportunity from regular investors, they stand to keep the biggest gains to themselves. (Some things never change.)

But a few regular investors will indeed have the chance to profit from this situation.

And judging from similar cases, they could pocket even more than 1,820%...

Do You Really Think Oil Is Going to Stay THIS CHEAP?

It’s no secret that oil just jumped to a new seven-and-a-half-month high.

But experts, including oilman T. Boone Pickens, think this is just the beginning.

According to Bespoke Investment Group: “If oil is able to break out above these short-term highs, there isn't much in the way of resistance until the $90 mark.”

Now the International Energy Agency is scuffling to stay ahead of the escalating supply-and-demand imbalance.

Earlier this year, the advisor to 28 of the world’s biggest oil consuming nations was forced to increase its global demand estimate for 2009 by an additional 120,000 barrels… per day.

Meanwhile, the biggest oil fields in the world – in Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Russia – have either reached maximum production or are declining rapidly.

According to the IEA, global reserves are sliding at an astonishing 6% every year.

But on the outskirts of Paris, France, a tiny oil company from Texas has discovered what could be the perfect solution.

It’s a massive reserve containing 40 billion barrels of crude oil – and it all belongs to this single company.

To find out how it could drive shares much higher just days from now, please read on…

Nothing Drives an Oil Stock Higher, Faster…

Nothing sends an oil stock soaring faster than a big discovery.

Earlier this year, TXCO Resources discovered oil in the Fort Trinidad Field of Texas. The stock jumped 86.9% in 15 days.


Edge Petroleum struck oil in the Fayetteville Shale of Arkansas. And the stock jumped 210% from March 18-20, 2009.

Arena Resources discovered oil in the San Andres Field in west Texas. The stock bolted 104.33% between February and June 2009.

Eden Energy found oil in Colorado's White River oilfield. The stock climbed 13,983% in nine months. (That would have turned $5,000 into $699,150.)

Perhaps the greatest example of them all was Standard Oil. The company struck oil in the Bolsa Chica fields of California and the stock climbed 125,900%. This discovery helped to make John D. Rockefeller a household name.

Now the Tiny Texan has discovered as much as 40 billion barrels worth an estimated $2.8 trillion.

Indeed, the long-term implications are staggering.

Because here's the thing…

The smaller the oil company – and the larger the discovery – the bigger the potential gains for investors.

Why Gains Could Go So Much Higher…

For example, Brazil's Petrobras Energia is a $15 billion company.

The Tiny Texan is about 1/100th the size, with a market cap of around $100 million.

Petrobras discovered 5 billion barrels of oil in its Tupi Field last year, and the stock soared 207%.

The relatively small Tiny Texan has discovered eight times more oil, and the stock has risen 15%.

Just looking at the discoveries, you would expect the Texan to climb eight times higher – about 1,656%.

But considering that the company is so much smaller than Petrobras, you would expect that number to rise exponentially.

That's why we think this stock could climb up to 1,820% from current levels, if everything goes according to plan.

So why didn't one of Europe's major oil companies such as Total pounce on this oil long ago?

The answer: They didn't have the right equipment.

You can't simply drill an oil well under the Eiffel Tower and start filling up oil barges on the River Seine.

To access oil beneath a major world landmark, you need special equipment, and special expertise.

And that's exactly what the Tiny Texan is bringing to the equation, all the way from America…

U.S. Technology Comes to France on a Grand Scale

For the past several years, oilfield engineers in the U.S. have been perfecting an amazing new technology.

They call it "horizontal drilling." Here's what makes it so powerful.

With traditional oilrigs, you can only drill straight down – vertically.

With horizontal drilling, you start by drilling straight down. But then you can turn your drill sideways, thousands of feet underground, and continue drilling for miles.

Since its introduction in the 1990s, horizontal drilling has produced billions in profits for oil companies worldwide. But American oilmen have taken the technology to whole new levels.

According to the Energy Information Administration, these American advances have increased per-well production by 700%. They have also slashed per-well expenses by 50%.

But how will these advances help the Tiny Texan vacuum up all that oil beneath the Eiffel Tower?

Legally "Steal" 40 Billion Barrels from the French

The company will start by drilling vertical wells on the outskirts of Paris.

From there, it will run horizontal wells straight into the Paris reservoir… attacking the oil from the side!

This way, the company will leave the city of Paris entirely undisturbed… while gaining access to the $2.8 trillion prize. (See "Well A" in the diagram below.)

The Texan's Sideways Drilling Technique

Parisians can go on about their daily business, completely oblivious! And the Tiny Texan can go about the business of making money, and lots of it.

According to one noted European Oilfield Geologist …

It's the perfect solution, and one that could allow this small-cap Texas oil company to produce billions in profits, starting with the first well coming online later this year. The risk they took could pay off many times over.

Indeed. The first eight wells alone could produce enough to send the stock catapulting 1,820% starting later this year.

The long-term gains could soar even higher.

But here's the amazing thing.

Even without the Paris discovery, this little company would make an excellent speculation right now.

Why this Company Is Already Making Big Money

When the Texan cashed out of its U.S. holdings years ago, it didn't put all of that money into Paris.

The company poured millions into other parts of Europe, too, where the "third generation" oilfield technology from America would give it an advantage.

And the strategy has been paying off… big time. The company has been steadily driving revenues higher... for five straight years.

According to data from Thomson Reuters:

The firm has grown revenues by an average of 30.88% since 2003 – through all markets – showing top-line stability you don't often see in a typical resource company, let alone an oil company.

The company clearly knows how to generate cash… and keep it.

Just since December, the Tiny Texan has slashed debt 43%. And management used the swoon in last year's oil prices to slash overhead by 61%.

The company doesn't trade on the pink sheets or over the counter. It trades on a major, regulated U.S. exchange, the Nasdaq. And its track record of success dates back to the 1950's.

When the first well comes online outside of Paris, it will mark an historic turning point for the company… and its shareholders.

For investors with risk capital, this speculation has a real chance to make some serious gains. With Goldman and other big players moving in, the shares have already darted 15%.

That's why I'd like to rush you an urgent report on this opportunity right away.

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