The Last Five Minutes

It's starting right now, and it'll change everything. Many will go broke – but a lucky few will get rich beyond imagining

All the most pivotal events in people's lives happen in the last five minutes of something...

A crucial verdict at the end of a trial.

Wedding vows that cement a long courtship.

A baby's first breath after seven hours of labor.

But right now, we're entering the "last five minutes" of an event that'll change every aspect of everyone's life...

I can't put the massive scope of this occurrence into words. I can only show it to you.

Let me do that right now, with an illustration...

Snapshot of a world-changing
crisis – that few see coming

Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in America. When full, it holds 9.3 trillion gallons of water behind the colossal Hoover Dam.

Now, I want you to imagine that a tiny crack in the dam's face begins to leak.

First, it's just a single drop of water.

A minute later, two drops escape. The next minute, four more drops leak from the crack – and so on.

If this leak continued to double in size every minute…

How long do you think it would take to consume Lake Mead entirely?

When I ask this question at conferences, audience members usually answer "a month." Some of the sharper ones will guess as little as a week.

But the astounding truth is...

It would drain the lake dry in just 57 minutes.

That's less than an hour to release enough water to flood the entire state of Pennsylvania a foot deep...

And turn the 110-mile-long reservoir into a fish-littered mud flat.

But as mind-boggling as this is – what's even more astonishing is what occurs in the last five minutes of this scenario...

Believe it or not, that's when almost 97% of the depletion takes place!

In other words: If you were lounging on a houseboat in the middle of Lake Mead when the Hoover Dam sprung the leak I described...

You wouldn't have a clue about it at the 52-minute mark.

That's because only about 3% of the water would have leaked out at that point.

Yet just 5 minutes later, you'd be floundering in the bottom of the lakebed!

This "Five-Minute Effect" is at the heart of how the impending crisis I'm talking about will impact 99% of the people on Earth...

It's also at the heart of how a lucky, informed few could get outrageously rich from it.

I know BOTH of these things because I've spent the last 30 years studying the way people use the resources and materials that build our world.

And after all that time, I can say one thing with total conviction:

Economically viable supplies of much of the "stuff" we take for granted...

Are being depleted at an exponential rate, like the water in my Lake Mead illustration.

That means the depletion accelerates proportionally as time goes on...

Which is why almost 97% of it disappears in the last five minutes.

On paper, exponential depletion looks like this:

As you can see, we're about where the "elbow" begins on the depletion line.

Soon, this demand will be going nearly vertical.

You've already felt this beginning. It's in the uptick of prices on pipe, wire, solder, and fertilizer at the home center.

Batteries… Touch-screen electronics… Certain parts for your car or truck.

And quite a few items at the grocery store.

It doesn't seem too dramatic right now.

But as I'll prove to you shortly, this Five-Minute Effect is about to radically change everything...

The way people live, work, build, eat, travel – and especially invest.

It also has the potential to make a well-positioned few richer than they've ever imagined possible.

"Five Minutes" to potentially HUGE wealth

That's not an overstatement.

I'm going to prove that a succession of historic profit opportunities awaits those who know how to leverage this predicament.

I'm talking about numerous chances to make as much as 21 to 39 times your money in the short term...

Or even two or three times this much over the medium term.

I assure you, this is no pipe dream.

Potentially HUGE money could be made just as fast as resources can become scarce and expensive.

Think of the exponential depletion example I showed you – but in reverse.

Instead of starting with a single drop of water that doubles every minute, imagine starting with a penny that doubles every day

In just 27 days of this, you'd have over $1.3 million.

From one red cent!

That's the power of the exponential growth I'm talking about – the Five-Minute Effect we're beginning to feel in resources right now.

If you know your history, these kinds of returns shouldn't come as a surprise.

They happen whenever sought-after resources get scarce...

Gold, silver, salt, whale oil, ivory, spices, diamonds, crude, timber – even bat guano.

All of these things, and more, have made a few well-positioned people extremely rich. And the cycle's about to begin again, starting right now.

But as you'll see in a moment, the Five-Minute Effect I'm talking about will be unlike anything the world has ever seen before...

Virtually every substance vital to modern life will soon be enormously expensive. And enormously profitable for investors who know how to play it.
  • I'm talking about things like: Industrial staples like copper and aluminum that wiring, pipes, airplanes and engine blocks are made from…
  • Silver and "rare Earth elements" that flat-panel TVs, cell phones, touch-screen computers and other personal electronics require…
  • Molybdenum, chromium, manganese, zinc and nickel that the steel in our bridges, skyscrapers and drilling rigs can't be made without…
  • The potash and phosphate modern farmers depend on to feed over 7 billion people…
There's going to be HUGE MONEY made in all of these things – and a lot more.

And it's going to start happening right now.

Take the catalytic converter in your car, for example...

Most of the $700 average cost of a converter is in the platinum (or palladium) it uses to turn your car's exhaust into less harmful emissions.

But imagine what a catalytic converter will cost in 8 years – when global platinum supply deficits are estimated to be 7.5 times higher than they are today.

Copper's another great example.

It's said that they used to find 60-pound copper nuggets sitting on the ground near the site of Utah's renowned Bingham Canyon mine.

But to get this much copper from the mine today, they have to blast, crush, and process 4½ tons of ore rock – from a pit 4,000 feet deep!

It also used to be relatively simple to dig solid silver out of the world's better veins.

Now, mining firms are offering $10 million rewards for new technologies that can unlock trace amounts of silver from giant silica deposits.

And concentrated sources of gold, uranium, copper and many other vital metals have gotten so scarce nowadays...

That some miners have resorted to leaching it out a molecule at a time – using specialized bacteria!

Governments of the developed nations around the world understand this Five-Minute Effect, too.

That's why they're moving pieces around the board to try and lock up resources.

For instance, Russia's doing everything short of declaring war to claim commodity-rich North Pole seabed territories...

Aside from petroleum, these are thought to contain significant quantities of gold, platinum, manganese, lead, tin, and more.

China's getting in on the game, too – staking a forcible (and increasingly disputed) claim to the South China Sea's reserves of oil, gas and other valuable minerals.

The search for resources isn't limited to planet Earth, either.

Resource-strapped Japan has already landed a sample-gathering satellite on a deep-space asteroid...

Even the U.S. has an asteroid exploration mission scheduled to launch in 2016.

All these things: Declining ore quality, the desperate search for new extraction methods, bacterial bio-mining…

Off-world mineral exploration – and even the rising threat of commodity wars...

They're unmistakable signs of the Five-Minute Effect I'm talking about.

Now, I can't make you immune from the effects of this crisis. No one can do that.

But I can help make sure you're rich enough to more than afford the high cost of, well – everything in the future…

Starting with two specific recommendations that have the potential to skyrocket – beginning immediately.

I'm also going to show you:
  • The FOUR factors creating this impending world mineral supply crunch.
  • Precisely how this predicament could impact your life – and your wealth.
  • A simple way to capitalize on every lucrative opportunity this Five-Minute Scenario generates.
But I caution you: This report won't be at your disposal for very long.

I urge you to find out right now what you can expect in the very near future of the "stuff of life"…

And how you could play it for extreme wealth.

How I know what I know – and how
I could make you 21 - 39 times
your money
, over and over again

Hello, my name's Peter Krauth.

I've spent 30 years of my life as an analyst and veteran of the resource and mining sectors.

If there's a tangible asset of any type that's bought and sold, I track it on a daily basis.

It's how I know things about the world resource picture that others don't.

Take palladium as an example. Right now, a little-known 164-page report from a major mineral company shows:
  1. The exact consumption breakdown of world palladium supplies, ranked by industry (63% of it's used in automobile catalytic converters)
  2. Projected global palladium demand for the next 10 years (the current supply deficit is projected to get 323 times worse by 2020!)
  3. The five major challenges the world's biggest producer of palladium (South Africa) faces in bringing future supplies to market
  4. How much economically recoverable palladium the world has in reserve at any given moment (this changes based on the metal's price)
  5. The current and estimated future value of palladium, plus approximate costs of recovery in some key mining zones
Knowing all of these things tells me with complete certainty that the Five-Minute Effect of global palladium has already begun.

In fact, palladium mine supplies have declined as much as 15% in five years.

2010 marked the very first year that world palladium supplies did not meet demand.

In 2011, platinum supplies went in the red, too. And the global platinum deficit is expected to multiply by as much as 752% over the next 8 years.

These are the reasons why my recent recommendation on platinum is already up as much as 41% in a little over two months!

And I'm going to show you what those reasons are – before the Five-Minute Effect potentially takes this company up another 2,000%.

With the highest ore-grade supplies of platinum and palladium in the world, plus complete soup-to-nuts integration (mining, smelting, refining, etc.)...

It's no stretch at all to envision 20-times-your-money returns for this company in the "five-minute" ride it's poised to take.

And it's not just platinum and palladium.

A lot of what I'm tracking is about to go vertical, like in the chart I showed you…

Gold, silver, uranium, rhodium, copper, rhenium, lead, yttrium, scandium, nickel, zinc, oil, gas, corn, wheat, sugar, potash, phosphor, cement and more...

The Five-Minute Effect is about to take them all through the roof.

Bottom line: I'm one of only a handful of people on Earth with the experience, contacts, industry knowledge, trading acumen, and analytical skills to:
  • Put you into a never-ending stream of moneymaking opportunities on day-to-day resource shortfalls created by the Five-Minute Effect
  • Help you mine huge potential gains from transformational technologies that tap into hard-to-get commodity reserves…
  • Keep your capital in front of lucrative developments in the extraction of new resources – wherever they occur…
Call this "stuff" what you will – resources, raw materials, elements, commodities...

It's an arena in which I've been showing my readers big gains for years.

21 winners in 2011 alone, with gains as high as:

125.56% on Fortuna Silver
73.58% on Stillwater Mining…
52.30% on Potash Corp
115.79% on Paramount Gold & Silver
105.43% on Global X Silver Miners ETF

Of course, that's doesn't include the slew of double-digit winners – or the call options plays closed for gains as high as 123%!

Now of course, these gains are no guarantee of what will happen in the future…

But you've got to like your odds: Fully 86% of my service's current open resource picks are winners right now.

24 winners out of 28 picks, showing gains as high as 183% – and counting.

But regardless of these gains…

I would still strongly recommend 22 of these plays right now. In my opinion, they will continue to push even higher as the Five-Minute Effect kicks in.

In fact, I'm going to show you in just a moment how any one of these – or all of them – could score you short-term gains of as high as 1,344% to 3,977%...

I'm also going to offer you a pair of urgent trades I believe could make you two or three times this much!

Let me show you right here exactly why this is all but inevitable – and why it's happening so fast…

Where all the resources will go
in the "last five minutes"

You've seen the news: There are now seven billion people on Earth.

You may also already know that we're expected to add another billion people in just the next 15 years.

But what you may NOT be aware of is the dramatic shift within this world's exploding population…

A shift toward radically greater per-capita consumption.

According to the latest data, the bulk of the world's population will be transformed from "poor" to "middle class" in just the next 18 years.

Take a look:

Almost all of this growth will happen in the 141 nations listed by the IMF as "developing" or "emerging."

The GDP growth rate of these countries is expected to double that of developed nations within eight short years.

According to one major mining company, in 2010, these markets consumed:
  • 59.6% of the world's copper
  • 64.7% of the world's nickel
  • 73% of the world's iron ore
  • 62% of the world's metallurgical coal
And this list does not even include "newly industrialized" giants China, Brazil, India, South Africa, Malaysia, Mexico, and Turkey!

What does this have to do with the Five-Minute Effect?

Because the "developing" stage is the period when nations consume the most resources. Take copper, as just one example.

To meet the demands of this exploding global middle class, more copper will have to be mined in just the next 25 years...

Than has been mined so far in human history!

Tell me that's not going to be a HUGE opportunity to rake in an absolute fortune...

Provided you know the best-positioned copper-focused companies to trade.

And it's not just the copper situation that's getting desperate. It's just about every mineral you can think of.

Demand for Rare Earth Elements – those 15 hard-to-pronounce metals that are in everything from hybrid cars...

To lasers, magnets, camera lenses and mercury-vapor light bulbs...

Is expected to soon exceed global production by 40,000 metric tons per year.

According to Robert Vance of the Nuclear Energy Agency, Global uranium production reached its historic peak in 1980.

And by 2020, only ONE of the ten largest uranium mines on Earth is still expected to be producing.

The world's silver mines haven't exceeded demand in a decade or more.

By at least one recent, credible estimate, there's only around 20 years' worth of it left in the world's mines at current annual demand...

New mineral discoveries aren't going to save us, either.

At least not on this planet.

Take a look:

As you can see, according to a resource analyst at Market Oracle, the last "world class" mineral find was more than 15 years ago...

And there have been only 10 "major" finds over that same period.

Contrast that to the 15-year period, from 1980 through 1994. During that time, there were 25 "world class" and 95 "major" mineral strikes.

Now, to be clear: Not all mineral elements are facing shortfalls in global reserves.

In fact, you may see estimates to the contrary.

My favorite is all the variations I've heard on this theme:
"When measured in parts per million, many of today's most vital minerals aren't particularly scarce in the Earth's crust."
Sure, that may be true – from a purely scientific standpoint.

But what matters to the companies that extract commodities – and ultimately, to the people who use them…

Is that the Earth's crust is 20 miles thick!

And the fact is, resources close enough to the surface to extract with existing technologies are getting extremely rare...

How today's technical scarcity
and soaring costs could spur
history's biggest investment gains!

Over the last 160 years, humanity has dug up, refined, processed, and consumed all the easy-to-get minerals.

Now we're forced to extract them in smaller and smaller amounts…

From bigger and bigger quantities of rock.

Ore grades for all the major metals are going down, dramatically. Market Oracle's research shows that since large-scale mining began in the heat of the industrial age:
  • Gold ore grades are down more than 91%
  • Silver ore grades have dropped 91% as well
  • Copper ore grades have declined 87.5%
  • Lead ore grades are down over 75%
  • Zinc ore grades have deteriorated by more than 50%...
These are just to name a few.

Uranium, iron ore, aluminum, manganese, cobalt, molybdenum, chromium, vanadium – all 15 of the Rare Earth Elements...

NONE of them are getting more plentiful. Either in terms of new discoveries, or in terms of their concentrations within known deposits.

Don't get me wrong. They do still exist – and we can get at them.

But only if the price for those resources is high enough to warrant extraction…

That's where a few individuals will have the opportunity to become extremely rich.

I'm talking Katie-bar-the-door wealthy!

It's no exaggeration to say that you could be looking at paydays to rival the biggest gains ever made by investors

On anything. Anywhere. At any time.

A prime example of the incredible effort humanity's already going through for resources is one of the world's biggest copper mines...

The Bingham Canyon mine I mentioned earlier.

At this Utah site, they currently extract copper from an "ore grade" of around 0.6%...

Which they haul up from a pit in the ground ¾ of a mile deep – and 2½ miles across!

Now let's put this process in perspective...

A century ago, it wasn't unusual to find nuggets of 100 pounds or more in many copper-rich zones of the U.S.

But to get 100 pounds of copper out of Bingham Canyon now, they've got to:
  1. Blast out and scoop up more than 7.7 tons of ore rock
  2. Load that ore into giant dump trucks and haul it up to the surface of the pit
  3. Run the ore through a gyratory crusher, which reduces it to 10-inch chunks
  4. Send these chunks via a five-mile conveyor belt to a "concentrator" facility – where they're ground into powder by a succession of ball mills
  5. Chemically separate the mineral particles out of the rock powder – then smelt them into 750-pound plates of unrefined copper
  6. Dissolve these plates with an electrified acid solution in a 10-day refining process which results in cathodes of 99.99% pure copper
Now, I walked you through all of this for one reason only: So that you can see the staggering amount of energy it takes to accomplish all this.

The Bingham Canyon Mine's smelter and refinery alone use over 600,000 BOE (Barrels of Oil Equivalent) worth of energy every year.

This figure does NOT include the massive amount of electricity the five-mile-long conveyor and concentrator uses...

Or the ocean of fuel the mine's fleet of 70 jumbo dump trucks, nine massive shovels, and 180 utility vehicles consumes.

These things are estimated to put the Bingham Canyon mine closer to a million BOE per year in energy consumed. If not more.

That's roughly $100 million worth of energy at today's prices.

And as that pit gets deeper – it's expected to be 800 feet deeper within 15 years...

And as the ore grade gets lower – it's now one third as concentrated as when the mine was started...

And as energy gets more and more expensive – oil's up 278% in 10 years...

The money it'll take to bring that copper to market will multiply exponentially.

That's why the most urgent of the two opportunities I'm going to detail for you today is a copper company in prime position for explosive returns...

No, it's not Kennecott, the owner of the Bingham Canyon mine.

The firm I'm going to tell you about has a profit potential many times greater than what that copper giant could offer you, in my opinion.

I'm talking about the potential for gains of 30 - 40 times your money. Or MORE.

That's the power of the Five-Minute Effect I've been talking about, in a nutshell:

Compounding extraction costs multiply resource prices exponentially.

How mining's diminishing returns
could add up to exponentially increasing
returns for shrewd investors

In the oil business, they call it EROI (Energy Return On Investment). That refers to the amount of energy it takes to extract more energy.

In the petroleum world, that ratio has been getting worse for decades.

In 1930 – when the U.S. was tapping huge, conventional underground oil fields with small, cheap derricks...

We could bring 100 barrels of oil to the surface with the energy equivalent of a single barrel!

Now, the decline of conventional fields – and our increasing reliance on deep-water and unconventional sources – has taken that ratio closer to an estimated 11 to 1!

Just like oil, the accessibility of in-ground mineral reserves is utterly dependent on cheap fossil fuels.

And I don't have to show you the mountains of evidence proving just how quickly the era of cheap oil is coming to a close.

But again, this need not be a time of struggle for YOU...

Instead, it could be a time of incredible opportunity and profit in the real world of supply and demand.

And if you want to get in on this situation like only I can show you how...

Starting with my next two recommendations…

It may be the closest thing to a "sure thing" you'll ever see in your financial life.

Now, if you're like me, you're skeptical of anything that's called a sure thing. Anything involving the markets entails some degree of risk.

But I'm on the front lines of the minerals trading and analysis world. And the evidence I'm seeing is so compelling...

So overwhelming...

That I'm not really going out on a limb by predicting the Five-Minute Effect is as close to a sure thing as gravity.

The facts are there, for anyone who's in position to see them:
  1. World demand for minerals is going up at a rate more rapid than anyone thought possible, as both population and middle-class consumption explodes…
  2. Major new discoveries of terrestrial minerals are almost nonexistent…
  3. New mining and mineral extraction technologies are not coming online fast enough – or don't yet exist
  4. Declining ore grades, increased extraction effort, and rising energy prices are making the minerals/energy ROI ratio worse by the minute
And as if that weren't enough…

There's another factor that's contributing to the Five-Minute Effect. It's something few analysts are talking about.

1,344%, 2,150% – even 3,977%
or more: Why NOW could be the
best time ever for resource profits

Because of the worldwide recession of the last four years...

Global mineral stockpiles are at an all-time low right now.

Resource companies have been hit by the same downsizing as everyone else.

The first things to get cut are budgets for minerals exploration. And for the development of existing finds.

When the going gets tough, these companies all but shutter their operations. For revenue, they sell off their stockpiles.

Leaving virtually no mineral reserves left to satisfy demand.

It's going to take at least 2 to 3 years for mining companies to ramp up production to meet this pent-up demand.

If they can catch up at all.

When you add this in with the other factors I've just shown you...

There's literally no possible scenario EXCEPT soaring minerals prices.

And soaring gains for those who are positioned in the right companies.

How high could those profits go?

I honestly don't know.

You can get an idea of potential returns by looking at what has happened in recent history. Then doubling or tripling it...

Take a look at what one Rare Earth Element player pulled in for investors:

As you can see, Avalon made real asset players up to 21.5 times their money. And it happened in just 2½ years, in the run-up to The Crash of 2008...

Developing world growth has driven minerals gains over the last ten years. And China has led the way in consumption by far.

Here's another firm that scored big on the PRC's appetite for minerals:

This prime player in the molybdenum market paid out hefty gains of nearly 13½ times investors' money. In just 27 months...

Molybdenum is a crucial additive in structural and high-strength steels. More than 44% of which is now made in China.

Here's one more high-flyer from this same period of demand-driven returns:

Thompson Creek's a diversified player in multiple minerals projects, including copper, gold, silver, lead, and zinc.

They've also got a moly "roasting" facility that services 10% of global output...

This combination paid off big for minerals-focused investors. To the tune of nearly 40 times their money in under two years!

Notice how all these gains moved in lock step with the period of greatest global growth prior to the meltdown of 2008/09.

They leave little doubt that the stuff you can stub your toe on is the place to be for huge returns.

I know this firsthand. I was advising private investors on how to bank gains in the resources sector throughout the early and mid-2000s.

I was watching as firms like Avalon, General Moly, Thompson Creek and others soared to the moon on Chinese demand.

But think about this for a minute:

If these kinds of 1,344% to 3,977% gains happened with regularity over a 3-year period when ONE developing nation was driving most of the demand...

Imagine how vertical the commodities market could go as 141 emerging nations balloon the world's middle class by 150%!

That's the Five-Minute Effect I've been talking about.

And the HUGE profit potential during this period is why I'm launching a brand-new research service. It's called Real Asset Returns.

This new service will build on the success of the defensive, precious metals-focused Global Resource Alert. I began editing that specialized service in 2010...

That research service boasted:
  • A 2010 win ratio of 71.5%, with cumulative gains of more than 689%
  • Nineteen 2011 winners of up to 59%, 73%, 101%, 105%, and 125%
  • A stunning 91% win percentage on 26 current stock recommendations, including gainers of up to 207% and counting
So how did I do this – especially last year, when so many resource investors got crushed?

It's because of my rigorous "7-out-of-10" analysis system...

My one-of-a-kind way of picking
resource winners – and the two FREE
picks I'll give you to prove it works

Before I even think about recommending a resource-related play to my readers...

It has to meet at least seven out of these ten investing criteria:
  • Supplies of the company's core commodity are tight, or in deficit
  • There are no significant new market-ready supplies of the commodity
  • Demand for the commodity must be growing at 2% annually or more
  • The company trades at a low P/E valuation relative to its competitors
  • The company obtains commodities at 10% - 50% of what its peers spend
  • The company replaces reserves via exploration, development or acquisition
  • The company employs few, if any, hedging strategies (which can limit gains)
  • The company makes less than 25% of revenue from politically touchy areas
  • The company's run by a management team that has a proven track record of success
  • Shares are below the 200-day moving average and 52-week high, in uptrend
I've spent years selecting and refining these from hundreds of potential indicators...

Most of which can be disastrously misleading for investors and analysts who don't know what they're doing.

Combined with my expertise at resource tracking...

These criteria and others are how I select the recommendations my readers see.

But the impressive gains I've shown you so far are nothing compared to what my new Real Asset Returns service is aiming for.

I'm talking about returns that potentially double or triple the 1,344% to 3,977% killers I showed you earlier.

That's because with Real Asset Returns (I call it "RARE" for short), I'll be going on offense...

And focusing on the biggest, hottest scarcity plays in a world that's ramping back up for feverish growth.

RARE will leave no sector untouched:
  • Base metals
  • Precious metals
  • Industrial metals
  • Rare Earth
  • Oil, natural gas, coal and organic fuels
  • "Ag" minerals like potash and phosphorus
  • Building materials like timber and cement
  • Food commodities like corn, wheat, sugar, and soy
  • Other necessities like cotton, wool, farmland, water, and lots more
If it's a tangible commodity, Real Asset Returns will be looking at the plays that could show you the biggest possible gains.

Isn't that what you really want in this uncertain, volatile market – to make your fortune in something real?

Something backed up by hard assets with honest value in the world?

Something that can appreciate in value while inflation and crushing debt are sending everything else into the tank?

Something that's not tied to the amount of interest some mega-bank is charging to millions of cash-strapped consumers?

Something completely detached from the shady credit default swaps and mortgage-backed securities that killed off the global economy four years ago?

Something that's not going to disappear in some "flash crash" that erases derivative-based fortunes in a nanosecond?

That's exactly what Real Asset Returns is all about.

Like I said: The greatest money made by investors for years to come will be in the stuff of life.

If you agree, then I urge you to sign up for RARE right now.

And even if you don't quite agree...

This new service is backed by my satisfaction guarantee.

To help you make up your mind, let me tell you about the two most urgent Five-Minute Effect plays on my radar right now...

No strings attached. Here they are:


According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, global food production will need to rise by a whopping 70% as the world population swells.

Yet arable land is getting scarcer by the day.

The production of U.S. farmland is already at its limit. And in the last two decades, 41 million acres of farmland have been converted into condos, strip malls, and offices. 

Today, only 10% of the earth's land is suitable for farming. And the price of land is soaring.

In the last year alone, Iowa farmland prices skyrocketed by 30%... and by 25% in Illinois and Indiana.

And that doesn't even account for this year's drought – the largest in 50 years.

In fact, only the "Dust Bowls" of the 1930s and 1950s destroyed more farmland. More than half of U.S. counties have been designated disaster zones, thanks to the devastation in the Corn Belt. 

So it's no wonder that over the past twelve years, we've seen agricultural prices skyrocket, with wheat up 172%, beef up 118%, corn up 221%, and sugar up 302%.

Walmart CEO Bill Simon recently said: "U.S. consumers face serious inflation in the months ahead for clothing, food, and other products."

And that brings me to the first of my "5-Minute" recommendations – a company that's going the extra mile to solve the problem of global food production.

It's the only viable solution, and one that's not only embraced by food producers, but demanded throughout the entire globe.

In fact, this company provides the material to increase crop yields by 50% to 100%.

This company's fertilizers create the most efficient and cost-effective way to produce more food. It's that simple.

The major nutrients in fertilizer are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These life-giving elements replenish soils in harvest and add nutritional value to food. 

According to the International Fertilizer Development Center: "No country has been able to expand agricultural growth rates and eliminate hunger without increasing fertilizer use."

And the company I'm talking about produces all of the "big three" nutrients.

It's a true multinational, with operations in seven countries, playing a vital role in world food production.

What makes it so critical to get into this now, is that this company has in-ground reserves big enough to supply the world for 100 years. 

It's the biggest, best game in town.

In fact, the company I'm talking about is capable of producing 1.6 million tonnes of potash a year, mainly from conventional underground mines.

Its various potash products are used in fertilizers, while industrial grade potash goes into the manufacture of industrial products from food to soaps.

The company also produces over 7 million tonnes of phosphate products a year, which are used as liquid and solid fertilizers and animal feed supplements, food and beverage products, and in metal compounds.

And thirdly, its nitrogen products are used in solid and liquid fertilizers for agriculture, as well as in the manufacture of "downstream" industrial products. 

This company is a powerhouse ready to explode with profits. And it's cheap, selling for a P/E of 15 – and to top it off, it also pays a dividend. In fact, it doubled its dividend in 2011, then doubling it again in 2012.

The market value of investments it holds in Middle Eastern, Chilean, and Chinese public fertilizer concerns is roughly $8.6 billion.

And the future of this company and its stock prices looks beyond incredible.  

Just consider:  

  • Latin America is seeing robust demand led by Brazil, which saw record shipments in Q2.
  • In North America record droughts mean this area is poised for a major rebound in the second half of 2012.
  • China's also been experiencing serious food supply pressures. Yet China understands the need to balance the three fertilizer nutrients - nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium – and will also likely build on recent shipment volumes.
With all this going on, it's like a literal oasis in the desert for wealth builders, even with a potential share buyback anticipated, as management seeks ways to increasingly reward shareholders with growing profits.

The rationale is simple: No matter what, we are going to keep eating. The demand on our agricultural output will be more strained than ever, as we search for ways to increase crop yield.

Fertilizers are the simplest and fastest way to boost food production.

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Did you know that there's over a mile of copper wire in every car built?

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As I've shown you, three billion more people are joining the middle-class ranks over just the next 18 years...

And there's copper in everything important to their lives. The pipes that carry their water, the wiring in their cars, homes, offices, schools, hospitals, and more.

Whenever growth is in the picture, copper's hot.

And with population, development and consumption exploding globally...

The outlook for copper is doubly hot in these "last five minutes" of cheap resources.

There are lots of ways to play this vital industrial metal...

But the BEST way I know of to play it right now is this American firm. They've got under-the-radar stranglehold on some the world's largest copper deposits.

They've also corned impressive quantities of zinc, moly, and lead into the bargain.

With projected copper demand over the next 25 years estimated to surpass all of history to this point...

Companies with the biggest in-ground reserves will fare the best. Especially from a profit-margin standpoint.

And this company produces copper at less than 10% of today's market price!

That leaves 90% in profits for acquisitions, development of new resource deals, equipment and infrastructure. Not to mention handsome dividends to shareholders.

With fundamentals like these, it's no wonder that shares have gone up 208% since Q4 of 2008...

That's right: They've more than tripled in value DURING the worst domestic and global financial malaise of our lifetimes.

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