For 15 Years and Counting…
Stocks in This Obscure,
Govt.-Regulated Niche Have Returned an Average Gain of
213% in Our Study…
Federal Law forces most institutions out of these stocks –
and that makes them act in a predictable way…
Dear Reader,

With the stock market swinging sharply by hundreds of points on a regular basis... with a fiat dollar that only has value because the government says it does... and with an American economy structurally unsound and mired in debt...

... investors looking to secure a prosperous retirement are
simply running out of places to safely grow their money.

This report will reveal just such a place.

This niche I call "SIPOs" is so tiny that I’m not surprised most investors... most pundits... most commentators... even most die-hard Wall Street cronies don’t pay enough attention to it.

But this is very real. And having analyzed years of historical data, its track record is quite impressive.

In fact, Bloomberg reports that SIPOs have more than tripled the return
of the S&P for the past nine years. They’re up 170% as a group.

And the following chart shows that for the past 3 years, SIPOs have
trounced even the popular Energy, Health and Technology sectors.

Thing is, if you're one of the few who knows how to zero in on this niche's elite tier, the returns could be even better.

To be sure, the returns from these special stocks have been staggering in the past.

Imagine pocketing...

+986.085% GAIN on Gen Probe (GPRO)

+504.59% GAIN on Dun & Bradstreet (DNB)

+478.1% GAIN on EnPro Industries (NPO)

+ 471.7% GAIN on JEF Holding (JEF)

How can one niche consistently perform so extraordinarily no matter what the market is doing?

Because Federal Law forces most institutions out of these stocks – and that makes them act in a predictable way. In a few moments, you'll know exactly how to take advantage of this to pad your nest egg with gains you've never seen before.

But first, a word of caution: This niche's consistent and significant gains make it extremely attractive. But because it is so small and thinly traded I prefer to carefully limit the number of people I can share this with.

So this report will only be online for a short time. So please read it... and take action... while you can.

Shah Gilani Cracks Another
Wall Street Secret

I'm Alex Williams, financial analyst and editorial director at Money Map Press.

You may not be familiar with me, but you've probably seen my colleague, Shah Gilani, on Fox Business, CNBC, Forbes, and MarketWatch and many others.

Shah is the ultimate industry insider... A trader’s trader... A respected name in the most exclusive circles of finance. And with good reason...

  • Shah called the implosion of the U.S. financial markets, when in February 2008 he advised his blog followers to "sell everything and short everything or stay 100% in cash."
  • He also predicted the historic rebound when, on March 27, 2009, in a lead story for Money Morning, Shah said the market had bottomed and he told investors to jump back into stocks.
  • And even more incredibly... in August of last year, on the very day when a historic stock market sell-off sunk 94% of the stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange... and every single stock in the S&P 500 Index fell...

Shah treated his followers to GAINS of +456%, +455%, +371%, and +197% on four of their holdings. In a single day!

Obviously, one thing I've learned working with Shah over the years is that when he speaks... it's wise to listen. 

But even I was astounded when he told me about the incredible niche he was about to expose for the average investor.

Every Time This Happens,
People Get Rich?

As Shah explained, it all begins deep in the bowels of Wall Street, where only 20 to 25 unique stocks are quietly – and literally –  "born" into this SIPO niche each year.

SIPOs are created when a corporation demerges – or literally "spins off" – an existing subsidiary, division or sector of its business into a separate, free-standing company.

You might be surprised at the well-known companies found among recent spin-offs, including: Ameriprise Financial, Expedia, DSW and Dun & Bradstreet, to name a few.

SIPOs are like regular IPOs in that they give you exciting opportunities to pocket extraordinary gains from brand-new corporate entities.

But in many ways, they're far better than regular IPOs because...

  • You can actually own these easily – they're both affordable and accessible to you as an individual. You’re not locked out by institutions, or required to buy entire blocks of shares at huge prices...
  • You can buy at a fixed price – you never have to worry that the price will double before you can get in like IPOs often do...
  • You have plenty of time to plan – you know exactly what they will cost, and when they will be available, months in advance...
  • You're buying low-risk, deep-value stocks – These are proven businesses, often with millions of dollars in revenues. It's like buying a blue-chip company at small-cap prices.

And here's the most important thing if you are tired of beating your head against the wall trying to find a consistent, reliable way to make money in these turbulent times...

Thanks in part to laws governing many institutional investors, these stocks tend to move in a predictable pattern – over and over again.

For those who know what to look for, these stocks can put you in position to pocket extraordinary gains... TWICE... on the exact same stock!

Here's what I mean...

Investors who knew this secret could have raked in the following gains within a few months of when these SIPO stocks were issued:

+70.83% on Teradata Corporation (TDC)

+172.44% on Yum Brands (YUM)

+263.6% on Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (DPS)

+1,069.23% on HSN (HSNI)

They could have quickly pocketed those gains while holding the stock for a little longer ride to collect...

+96.0% ADDITIONAL GAIN on Teradata Corporation

+715.3% ADDITIONAL GAIN on Yum Brands

+59.5% ADDITIONAL GAIN on Dr. Pepper Snapple Group


Here's How SIPOs Could put
Spectacular Gains in Your Pocket...
No Matter What the Economy is Doing

Corporations "spin off" companies for a variety of good reasons.

  • They are (essentially) tax free.
  • They directly benefit shareholders – who have the luxury of monetizing their interest by selling those shares if that’s not a business they want to invest in.
  • They streamline and focus management, as well as incentivize them in big way.
  • They focus the new company on its industry and competition, as opposed to having to play to the needs of a diversified conglomerate.
  • Perhaps most importantly, a liber­ated company can develop its own capital structure, new strategies and products, and thus grow at an extraordinary rate.

Whatever the reasons, one thing is crystal clear: SIPOs have significantly and consistently outperformed the market.

In fact, the elite tier of the 259 SIPOs we analyzed from the past 15 years gained an average of 213% and outpaced the S&P by 192 percentage points!

Considering that Warren Buffett "only" averages 22.1% annually, Shah could soon have your portfolio in Buffett territory.

And unlike normal value plays, you don't have to wait decades to make your money. Quite often the gains skyrocketed very quickly, like ...
  • 750% GAIN in 6 Months on Ante5 (ANTE.PK)
  • 78% GAIN in 6 months on Fluor (FLR)
  • 127% GAIN in 9 Months on Teledyne Technologies (TDY)
  • 242.3% GAIN in 9 Months on Altisource Portfolio Solutions (ASPS)

Of course, had you known which ones to hold onto a little longer, you could have pocketed:

  • 600.5% GAIN in 2 Years on Clearwater Paper (CLW)
  • 344% GAIN in 3 Years on Plains Exploration & Production (PXP)
  • 1083.3% GAIN in 4 Years on Marine Products (MPX)
  • 756.1% GAIN in 5 Years on Gen Probe (GPRO)

As if those historical gains aren't extraordinary by themselves, consider that because these stocks have consistently performed well whether the market is going up or down... you could have crushed the S&P over the exact same time period, where every $5,000 invested could have put...

    from CLW than the S&P
    from PXP than the S&P
    from MPX than the S&P
    from GPRO than the S&P

Nowhere are the extra profit possibilities better demonstrated than with Corning's spin-off of Quest Diagnostics (DGW).

From DGW's formation, the S&P reached a respectable high-water gain of 101.2% in September 2000. Over the same period, DGW did almost 8.5 times better, putting an incredible 745.7% gains in investors' pockets.

Over the next 11 years, the S&P ended up LOSING 22% of those gains, leaving investors with a net gain of 80%.

But while everyone else was taking it on the chin, those who held on to DGW from the beginning saw their gains continue to skyrocket... all the way up to as high as 1271.9% greater than the original stock price.

Quest Diagnostics

While $5,000 invested in the S&P 500 Index gained $4,000... that same
$5,000 invested in Quest Diagnostics would have gained $72,521!

That means if you invested just $5,000, you could have
an extra $63,595 cash

Invest $15,000... you could have had an EXTRA $190,785!

Invest $25,000... you could have had an EXTRA $317,975!

A $40,000 investment could have given you an EXTRA $508,760... That's more than HALF A MILLION DOLLARS EXTRA CASH... on just this one SIPO!

There is no other place I know where you could make this kind of money, so quickly on deep-value plays.

And that’s just for starters...

What really has me excited about Shah's new strategy is the way you can...
Make Wall Street Cringe...
While You Laugh All the Way to the Bank!

When a company spins off, a very unusual thing happens. Holders of the parent company are automatically issued shares in the SIPO. Whether they want them or not.

While this may seem like a good thing to you, for the giant institutional investors, it can sometimes be a huge problem. That’s because SIPO stocks often...
  • Do not fit within their investing mandates...
  • Are too small to justify coverage...
  • Trade below the $10 per share typical low-end threshold.
In other words, because of ERISA laws, prospectus mandates, and negative performance factors, IT IS ILLEGAL for many institutional investors to keep them.

So even though they are literally being handed shares of a company that they know could make them a lot of money... they have no choice but to sell them.

Quickly. And cheap.

As you might guess would happen when people are desperate to sell in a very limited market...
93% Chance of Incredible
DOUBLE Gains for You

When institutional investors are forced to sell SIPOs on the market, the price often dips before it skyrockets, even in an up market.

Simple supply and demand says it has to. And for the last 15 years, our research shows it's happened 93% of the time. Like clockwork.

The following graph is based on data from a recent study of 39 SIPOs conducted by Credit Suisse. It shows that in the weeks immediately after SIPOs hit the market, returns dipped. And that’s where you could have banked fast gains. And Shah will show you how easy it is in detail... step by step...

Go Short

Normally, with great companies, you’d want to “buy on the dip,” as you always hear.  That would no doubt work with SIPOs. But there’s a better way to make extreme gains...

You see, when you know the dip’s coming, you can leverage that to your favor... in a huge way, before you start to capture gains on the run-up.

Remember, this is NOT a normal situation. These are not ordinary stocks. Instead, they’re some of the best performers on the planet. And most institutions wish they could keep them on their books... But many can’t.

Think of it this way...

If Microsoft decides to spin off a division... it's like your second chance getting in on a new Microsoft IPO. You'd jump at that chance.

If Google decides to do a spin-off... it's like your second chance getting in on a new Google IPO. Nobody would want to pass that up.

If McDonald's decides to do a spin-off... it's like your second chance getting in on a new McDonald's IPO. And that's as solid as they come.

Again, institutions would LOVE a shot at these... But many are legally forced to sell – even when they know they’re going to skyrocket in a short time.

Shah Gilani's trained eye aims to zero in on the very best SIPOs, so you can have the chance to reap the incredible gains 2 ways:
  1. Buy a PUT Option to make money when they dip (as easy as buying a stock... Shah even gives you the language to use).
  2. Or, you can simply buy the company to make a killing when it shoots up.

Go one or both ways. It’s entirely up to you. Shah will give you complete instructions for each... and the potential rewards are yours.

Earning DOUBLE Gains
at Wall Street's Expense is a No-Brainer

Shah has researched the best SIPOs. He’ll know WHEN they're going to hit the market. He’ll know what their initial price will be.

And he’ll know all this months in advance.

So if you want the chance to make money in cases where the stock dips, it's simply a matter of buying a simple option within the price and date range that Shah determines... and then selling that option the moment Shah gives the word.

Shah will provide all the details, if you’d like to get in on the action.

Of course, you don’t have to make money on both directions – unless you want to.  Just choosing to buy the stock alone could add extraordinary extra profits to your portfolio.

That’s because Shah tells you exactly when to buy the actual SIPO stock... and most importantly when to sell it for maximum profits.

And guess who you'll be selling to much of the time?

Yep. The same Wall Street institutional investors who had to dump the stock at a deep discount in the first place.

You see, once the SIPO company starts performing, its revenues increase (as we knew they would), and its stock price soars (as we knew it would) and it becomes attractive to Wall Street again.

In fact, many times, the same rules that made the institutional investors sell... force them to buy again... AT A MUCH HIGHER PRICE FROM YOU!

When the last institution sells its final shares, the price skyrockets, and...

YOU COULD BE THE ONE SELLING TO THEM at top dollar and taking home historical gains like these...

+ 809% GAIN on Edwards Lifesciences Corp. (EW)

+ 838% GAIN on Choice Hotels Holdings (CHH)

+ 646% GAIN on Delta Apparel (DLA)

+414.26% GAIN on Global Payments (GPV)

This is truly one of the rare chances you will ever get to beat Wall Street insiders at their own game... and rake in uncommonly huge gains in the process.

And while I'd never label any investment a "sure thing," as everything in the investment world comes with some amount of risk, this is about as close as it gets.

And you never have to worry... 

Again, these companies practically defy market forces and manipulation. Here's one SIPO from 2008 that crushed the S&P and could have made investors an incredible 1,069.23% – yes, that's more than 10 times your money – on the dip, and then another 198.62% on the stock!


And here's another one that could have made investors 172.44% on the dip, and another 715.3% on the stock.


You can count on gains like these year after year. It works the same way today as it did six months ago... and six years ago.

In fact, a study from Penn State University shows SIPOs have been rewarding investors like this going back to 1965! That's almost 50 years!

And it's going to keep making TONS of money for savvy investors who know the stocks that are going down... and know the ones that will come roaring back up.

Smart players win both ways like those who...
Outgained the S&P by 14 times... in 2 years

Over many years, mega insurance provider, the Phoenix Companies, had morphed into two separate businesses. One was selling life insurance, and the other managing assets for its clients.

Although the synergies made sense at one time, Phoenix realized that trying to manage two very different operations was bogging down the company and its people.

So for the good of both entities, in September 2008, management announced its plan to spin off its asset management division into a company called Virtus Investment Partners Inc. 

But they weren't abandoning the new business by any means.
  • Harris Bankcorp Inc., a primary source of financing for Virtus, was given $45 million in convertible preferred stock, representing a 23 percent equity position in Virtus
  • Six business leaders, all of whom had broad experience with the asset management industry, were elected to serve as members on the board of directors. 
  • Two representatives from BMO Financial Group, Harris's parent, were added to the Virtus board.

This gave the new company the advantage of having a financially secure minority investor with a strategic interest in the asset management industry, and a long-term investment outlook.

Despite the care with which the spin-off was executed, shares of VTRS still dipped a whopping 59% when institutional investors started dumping them.

Any insightful investor who expected the dip and snatched up shares of the stock at or near the bottom (around $4.04 per share) pocketed gains as high as 700.9% in a little over 2 years.

That's a gain that turned every $5,000 invested into more than $35,000... while the S&P returned only around $2,450 over the same time.

And those who chose to play the dip could have been doubly rewarded even more!

$26,431 more cash in pocket than the
S&P for every $5,000 invested

Potlatch Corporation is a manufacturer of lumber and panel products and bleached pulp products, including paperboard and tissue. They own approximately 1.7 million acres of forestland in Arkansas, Idaho, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. They operate 12 manufacturing facilities.

In 2008 they sought to enhance long-term value for shareholders by creating a spin-off. The spin-off would provide them with ownership in two focused companies – an essentially pure-play timber-REIT (Potlatch); and a solidly positioned pulp-based manufacturing company (the SIPO called Clearwater Paper).

They saw many benefits to operating Clearwater Paper (CLW) as a stand-alone company including:

  • Maximize their potential – As independent entities, the companies would the flexibility to be more responsive to changing industry and economic dynamics.
  • Better leadership – The spin-off will also enable the management teams and Boards of both companies to provide more efficient, focused leadership and oversight of their core businesses, and to take advantage of value-creation opportunities for both companies over the long term.
  • Increase market value – The SIPO would enhance the likelihood that each company will receive appropriate market recognition of its unique performance and potential.
  • Leverage opportunities – Recognizing the inherent diversity of the assets between the two companies, creating a spin-off would increase the opportunities that will be available to both companies as independent businesses.
With sound reasoning and an experienced Clearwater Paper management team in place, CLW hit the market in December 2008. Within weeks it dipped a staggering 45% as institutional investors dumped their shares on the market.


But that was music to the ears of investors who expected the typical "SIPO dip." They just had to hang on for the ride as the inevitable rebound skyrocketed CLW to return as much as a whopping 571.3% in less than 3 years since that low point in December 2008.

And the investors who also chose to play the dip were perfectly poised to essentially grab the actual stock for free – using gains instead of their own money.

That's DOUBLE profits on the same stock... and for every $5,000 invested in CLW, you could now be sitting on more than $26,000!

And the real beauty is, it's like cashing in on a Wall Street Secret...
Free Shares? 

That secret is SIPOs. And Shah's uncanny abilities will get you in early on SIPOs to rake in gains on two predictable movements... on the same stock. It has the potential to slash your risk and make you extremely rich.

Like clockwork, SIPOs act in a very predictable way, at a very predictable time. They have no choice.

They MUST be sold... to a very small market. So the price goes down, simply because the institutional buyers to whom they were given are forbidden from holding them.

With Shah Gilani's guidance, even an investing novice could easily double his money and get a free trade right off the bat.

Imagine getting twice your money back – or more – BEFORE you even take the position!

That's like getting a “gift” investing for FREE!

Shah's newest spin-off picks could
add extra DOUBLE gains in your portfolio...
in just a few weeks

Shah has just identified two brand-new, low-risk, high-profit-potential spin-off plays poised to grow your wealth two ways. And they can be yours INSTANTLY in the next few minutes.


This world leader in its core business is a giant by any measure. But Shah may be one of only a handful of people who figured out that this gem is hiding in stealth, pre-spin-off mode.

This company is a killer SIPO for two amazing reasons:
  1. It recently announced (without fanfare) that it is refocusing assets within aerospace, ground transportation, packaging, consumer electronics and defense. Translated – it is fashioning a stand-alone unit that can be spun off, or kept if other business divisions are to be spun off.
  2. This materials company provides the basic building blocks of the global economy. And despite sky-high uncertainty in the marketplace right now, it’s selling a ton of them. That’s why earnings just jumped 136% in the last quarter. And that’s why they’re expected to jump another 144% this quarter.

Either way the sum of the parts is probably worth as much as 4 TIMES what the whole is worth at this very minute.

Shah believes the inherent value (now around $10) is low enough that before it spins off it will probably double.

Discover all the details of this next spin-off big-profit opportunity when you click here now.


This recently announced spin-off would separate this blue-chip company into a high-growth business information service and low-growth education-based businesses.

This is a SIPO that Shah recommends playing 2 ways:
  1. Buying the high-growth business, and
  2. Playing the low-growth education business from
    the short side (with puts).

The idea here is to play both sides of this spin-off and make money with both.

The business information services side will likely become a takeover or acquisition target, which, once spun, could easily double in a year.

The education side will be a good short where we will take profits when we close the put, and then buy the stock as a great value play.

The timing couldn't possibly be better to get in on Shah's exciting new spin-off plays. Click here now for access to all the details.

Key to massive potential gains

Instantly – as soon as you sign up for Shah's exciting new advisory service – The Spin Trader – you'll get all the exciting details for getting in on these plays... absolutely FREE.

And that's just for starters. Every week, The Spin Trader will give you a detailed breakdown of Shah's newest spin-off picks and strategies.  Plus a full review of every active pick, including performance and anticipated actions.

You'll know everything that Shah knows about each and every opportunity including: what to buy; what to sell; why and when.

And whenever the iron strikes for maximum gains, Shah will rush a detailed action bulletin directly to your inbox. Any time. Any day. 24/7.

Imagine having full access and intelligence on the hottest new companies to emerge in the world... stocks that hardly anybody else even knows exist or pays enough attention to... and the chance to profit TWICE on each stock even if the market tanks!

You'll never worry... never wonder... never miss out on the chance to see mind-numbing profits that only spin-offs like the next Microsofts, Googles, and Amazons could deliver.

So how can you build wealth
no matter what the market does
and sleep like a baby every night?

Remember, Shah only selects low-risk, deep-value plays. These are new stocks, but established businesses.

It's like buying a brand-new Ferrari... at used-Ford pricing.

To even be considered by Shah, a spin-off must first meet all of his discerning criteria regarding financials, markets, management and "insider" buzz. These are things that set apart any company as being rock-solid.

Then it must pass Shah's tests that are unique to successful spin-offs including...

  1. Most institutions want it, but by law can’t keep it! Even though they know it’s likely to run up like a hockey stick... 
  2. Insiders do want it... and badly...
  3. A previously hidden investment opportunity is uncovered – including exceptional value, extraordinary business, leveraged risk/reward.

At this point there are often fewer than 3 or 4 stocks that meet Shah's criteria.
But that's still not good enough.

Shah then applies the most important strategic element of all... his hands-on, personal expertise.

Using his industry-wide connections and decades of experience, Shah will pick only the very best high-value, low-risk companies. And he’ll deliver all the details directly to your email.

No matter what the market is doing... no matter how Washington screws up the economy... Shah's spin-off strategy gets you in on the stocks that can't help but pay off in spades.

And that’s just the beginning...

Double Gains Add Cash to Your Portfolio
That You Aren't Getting Anywhere Else

There's no faster way to build wealth than by earning extraordinary gains... up to TWICE on each stock... from this whole new niche!
  • First you have the opportunity to see big gains (potentially doubling your money) on the inevitable dip within the first few weeks.
  • Then you buy the stock – often on your own gains – and ride it to long-term returns.

You could pocket extra money from a sector you aren't currently in... And know that, thanks to the Securities Act of 1933, this scenario happens again and again.

There's hardly anybody else on the planet... and ABSOLUTELY NOBODY with Shah's credentials and expertise... who has figured out SIPOs the way Shah Gilani has.

Shah will NOT be rehashing the same old stocks you read about or see on TV. And you will NOT hear about these from other investing services. 

Only Spin Trader gives you Shah Gilani's exclusive picks from this incredible new sector with the potential to hand you phenomenal returns like we’ve seen in the past, over and over:

+805% GAIN on Flowers Foods (FLO)

+715.28% GAIN on Yum Brands (YUM)

+393.45% GAIN on Aetna Domestic Healthcare (AET)

+375.64% GAIN on Marine Products (MPX)

Whether you're a seasoned pro looking
for a new source of gains... or a new investor hoping to bail out your 401(k)...
this is an easy NEW way to pocket
NEW profits for extraordinary wealth

Investing with Shah in The Spin Trader is different than just about any other wealth-building service in 5 critical ways:

  1. EASY – Fewer than 20 to 25 stocks meet Shah's criteria in a given year. And Shah has all the information on every potential big-profit SIPO months in advance. So you only have to manage an average of one or two stocks per month. And Shah spells out exactly what to do in plain, simple English, so you never have any questions or doubt.
  2. PREDICTABLE ACTION Thanks in part to laws governing many institutional investors, these stocks tend to move in a predictable pattern... over and over again. When these stocks are given to shareholders, institutional investors sometimes MUST SELL, forcing the price to first dip before shooting up sharply. With Shah picking the right companies, it's almost impossible to do anything but rake in huge gains.
  3. POTENTIAL BIG WINNERSShah has the industry credentials to confirm that each recommendation possesses the criteria for winning results. You have the potential to make money on the dip if you so choose... and on the way UP. Double the opportunities to outsmart The Street.
  4. "GIFT" PROFITS – With Shah's guidance, you could almost invest for "free." In fact, if you choose to follow Shah's "short" instructions, you can possibly double your money before you even take a long position. With none of your own money riding on the stock, your gains then are not simply 400%... 500%... 1,000% or more – they are a “gift.”
  5. LOW RISKThese are often blue-chip quality, deep-value plays. Unlike IPOs that may or may not make it, Shah directs you to these low-price, extreme value stocks that are literally chips off some of the best stocks in the world.

Now we’re looking for a select group of readers who want to jump into this Wall Street haven where $5,000 could turn into $60,000 or more... no matter what the market does.

You Can't Find These Spin-Off Gains
Anywhere Else... at Any Price

There's no way around it... this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Hardly anybody understands the SIPOs niche like Shah – let alone has the experience and ability to safely guide you to the very best stocks... in a segment you're not already in... where you could make...

  • Enormous gains within weeks...
  • Extraordinary gains over a few months or years when the stock takes off and you sell back to Wall Street for maximum dollars.

That's why we know that $1,495 for a full year of The Spin Trader is an incredible value. The undeniable fact is, it’s easily worth many times that much.

But you're not going to pay $1,495.  You're not even going to pay $1,000.

As one of the very first to join Shah in raiding this barely known profit haven, you can get in on a full year of Shah’s research into these amazing spin-off gains for only $549.

You keep the extra $946 in your pocket to use as you wish... just for being one of our newest Spin Trader members.

Of course, this special invitation rate is not going to last long.

As I said earlier, we have to be careful how many people we share this with. I expect this opportunity... and this incredible price... to end in just a short time. Shah prefers to keep membership in his service small and nimble so that he can provide the highest level of service.

So if you're ready to secure your retirement with phenomenal gains that you aren't getting now... and want to lock in a full year of Shah Gilani's expertise guiding you to the hidden riches for only $549, I urge you to click here right now.

Considering that just one single $5,000 investment in one of Shah's best SIPO picks could DOUBLE YOUR MONEY in just a few weeks... even before you see the opportunity to ride his play to triple- and quadruple-digit gains... your subscription is practically free.

And that's just the beginning...
Shah Just Told Me About a THIRD Way You Could Profit on Many of His SIPO Picks

One of the main reasons solid companies create spin-offs is to make BOTH the spin- off and the parent company stronger, more profitable, and more attractive to investors.

So when all the signs are right, Shah will sometimes advise his readers that it makes sense to buy stock in the parent company as well.

Here are just a few examples:

671% GAIN and 7 Times Better Than The S&P

When natural resources and energy company, Walter Industries (WLT), spun off its financing arm to create Walter Investment Management (WAC), the SIPO looked very promising.

At the same time, the parent company's core business fundamentals remained very strong for several reasons:

First, the WLT's high-quality metallurgical coal was in limited supply – and high demand – worldwide.

Second, WLT showed extreme confidence in itself by undertaking a new $50-million-share repurchase program.


Those who jumped on the SIPO (WAC) pocketed gains of 182% in just 2 years. And those who saw the potential of the parent company to thrive and bought WLT were rewarded even better with a 671% gain.

125.5% GAIN and 41 Times Better Than The S&P

Discovery Holdings (DISCA) is a global media and entertainment company that provides original and purchased video programming across multiple platforms around the world. In 2008 it decided to spin off its Creative Services and Network Services divisions, thereby creating Ascent Media (ASCMA).

At the same time, Discovery made a bold move by deciding to merge with owners of successful cable networks including the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

Anybody who jumped on the spin off, Ascent Media, pocketed gains of 76% in 2 and a half years. And those who liked what they saw in the moves of the parent, Discovery Holding Company, were rewarded with an even more impressive 125.5% gain over the same period.
SIPO Parent

Those unique industry insiders like Shah who possess the vision and connections to identify the potential in both the spin-off and the parent, would have pocketed a combined 282% gain vs. a measly 4.8% return from the S&P.
Still Wondering if Shah Can Deliver?

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