Global Powers Will Shift – New Geo-Political Alliances
Will Be Formed – The World is Watching...

The Arckaringa Basin Discovery Could Transform Average Americans Into Main Street Millionaires

Will You Be One of Them?

Dear Proud American,

Mike Ward

A few years from now, the entire world may mark what's unfolding in Southern Australia, as a turning point.

A turning point that causes global powers to shift…

A turning point that leads to old energy maps being torn apart and tossed aside in China, India, the Middle East, everywhere…

As new ones are drawn from scratch.

And a turning point for average Americans who take action today… who rise up to stake their claims to this once-in-a-lifetime energy discovery in the Arckaringa Basin.

It's those fortunate few who could join the ranks of the next wave of "Main Street Millionaires."

Will you be one of them?

That's the choice you have in front of you at this very moment. And it's one you shouldn't take lightly.

After all, Dr. Kent Moors is an energy adviser to 20 world governments – including Australia, China, and the United States.

As you just learned, these are the biggest players in this Arckaringa Basin discovery.

Dr. Moors is also on two U.S. State Department Task Forces for Shale Energy.

That's exactly what was found in the area surrounding the town of Coober Pedy.

Scientists estimate there could be 233 billion barrels – $20 trillion dollars' worth – of unconventional energy to be extracted.

But Dr. Moors believes the final figure will be much higher than that.

Imagine 400 billion barrels. And imagine you being one of only a handful of Americans to know this.

Now remember, Dr. Moors also advises many of the world's largest – most powerful – energy companies.

In fact, his work in Australia in 2008 for Chevron led to him initially investigating the Arckaringa Basin.

And the very day news broke of this discovery – he recommended the company that controlled the first phase of this historic energy windfall.

It would be remarkable timing if we didn't know better. If we didn't know Dr. Moors' undeniable credentials.

Credentials that allow him to meet directly with OPEC, the IEA, the EIA, and the National Intelligence community.

Credentials that place him in Windsor Palace with Saudi Kings, and Ambassadors from every major nation.

So common sense tells us that when Dr. Moors – a man dialed into all of these sources, and specifically this Southern Australia situation…

It's a shrewd move to pay close attention.

Especially when you are shown how Dr. Kent Moors has made money for those who follow his energy recommendations time and time again…

Dr. Kent Moors' Track Record

But when he tells you this Arckaringa Basin discovery could be that rare situation that makes every other investment opportunity he's come across, pale in comparison…

There really is no other choice, but to act.

This is why I have in my possession the time-sensitive, intelligence briefing Dr. Kent Moors has authorized for release…

He's authorized me to send it to you directly.

It's called…

Designed Dissemination:
The $20 Trillion Arckaringa Basin Game Changer

You will be accessing the level of information Dr. Moors normally reserves for leaders of world governments, international energy agencies, national intelligence sources, and the CEOs of major energy companies.

Turning through its pages you'll be briefed on:

Bonus Report: Designed Dissemination

You will soon know the full story. You will be able to see this situation through Dr. Kent Moors' eyes.

And then he will give you, in this same intelligence briefing, Designed Dissemination: The $20 Trillion Arckaringa Basin Game Changer…

The two specific companies his sources are leading him to believe will be the next to capitalize on this historic find.

No stone will be left unturned as you discover:

Now, both of these opportunities are straight stock plays. You don't need any fancy, foreign accounts, no special privileges.

But it Gets Even More Exciting

The report Designed Dissemination: The $20 Trillion Arckaringa Basin Game Changer will also provide you with…

That's how rare of an opportunity this is. But let me make that point even clearer.

What Could Earning an Average of 60%
EVERY Two Months Do For You?

What Could You Witness $1,000 Turn Into?

Imagine you invested $1,000 into an opportunity that paid out, on average, 60% every two months.

Just so there is no confusion – a $1,000, one-time investment, and you simply took your gains and carried them over.

That's the scenario I'd like for you to imagine.

Well, after six months, that $1,000 would have become over $4,000…

After a year… nearly $17,000.

And after two years, that $1,000 original stake would have transformed into $281,475.

What if This is the Type of Opportunity
That's Awaiting You in the Arckaringa Basin?

Do you want to miss it?

Now, if you've never traded options before – that's not a problem.

Because we're also going to be sending you the complimentary report The Power of Options.

Bonus Report: The Power of Options

This incredible briefing will provide you with…

Both the time-sensitive, intelligence briefing: Designed Dissemination: The $20 Trillion Arckaringa Basin Game Changer, as well as the complimentary report The Power of Options can be yours in moments because

You Are Invited to Join Dr. Kent Moors'
Energy Inner Circle Risk Free

Dr. Kent Moors built the Energy Inner Circle with one single purpose…

To give average Americans the chance to profit from the "Designed Dissemination" he regularly has access to.

World leaders, Ambassadors, OPEC, the IEA, EIA, and energy titans… they all turn to Dr. Moors. He has their ear, and they have his.

This is the kind of intelligence folks on Main Street simply do not have at their disposal…

Because until now, they didn't have a seat at the table at the closed-door, private meetings Dr. Moors attends.

This is where the real energy deals are made. This is where the real money is made. And this intelligence can now be at your fingertips.

The Energy Inner Circle uncovers the greatest opportunities in oil, natural gas, coal, and even alternative energies such as solar, wind, and geothermal.

It targets utilities, infrastructure plays, and even the companies financing the big deals.

As an Energy Inner Circle Member you will receive:

Your Energy Inner Circle Package Includes

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To Your Success,

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Mike Ward
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February 2013