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People often ask Ernie Tremblay about how he got into the business of evaluating drugs and medical therapies… and why he goes to such lengths to uncover opportunities with enormous investment potential.

The story starts back on June 23, 1981 when Ernie received devastating news from his doctor. He was suffering from a rare – and sometimes fatal – disease called Guillaine Barre Syndrome (GBS).

Now Ernie was one of the lucky ones. Even though there were no effective drugs available to treat GBS because it was so rare, he survived.

That brush with a serious illness… along with losing multiple family members and loved ones… inspired Ernie to dedicate himself to evaluating new drugs that relieve suffering.

After 25 years of being immersed in the medical science field, Ernie understands the FDA approval process, the hard science behind new drugs, and the market demand for new treatments like no one else.

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