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The market isn’t what it used to be.

You can’t rely on fundamentals or trends anymore. We live in a world where 80% of all stocks are on autopilot. One could even argue that stocks have lost their “independence.” There is no correlation between a company’s financial performance and its stock price.

This is the problem with modern investing.

That’s why Tom Gentile is a pattern trader – the best in the country, in fact. And now, America’s #1 Pattern Trader has created Daily Flash Cash to show you how to turn stock patterns invisible to the naked eye into thousands of dollars…

Every single day the market is open.

We’re talking astounding results like:

  • 190% on SLV
  • 258% on GLD
  • 470% on ROKU– in just a couple of hours.

Gains like these are nearly impossible to come by in a week’s time – let alone a day’s. But this system is so lucrative that you could end up making $4,325 in as little as two hours every day the market is open.

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