Portfolio Update: Down Markets Aren’t Keeping This Heatseeker from Growing

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Tim Melvin is one of the most interesting men in finance. He's a self-taught financial genius touting an undefeated track record: 30 years' experience, with 0 realized losses these past five years. 

Tim paved his own path to financial freedom. Instead of college, he sold vacuums door to door – but his desire to make a better life for himself quickly drove him to investing.

His unique investing strategy is what's given him his undefeated portfolio – 100% of his closed positions are winners. Most of those have been double- and triple-digit winners.

And now, Tim's had enough of the hogwash Wall Street sells everyday Americans. He's tired of being the only undefeated person in the industry.

That's why he's started his one-of-a-kind research service – Heatseekers. To show Main Street folks how to invest like the bigwigs and fat cats on Wall Street… to help others achieve the American Dream in the same way he did.

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