How to Spot Investments That WILL Bounce Back, Even if There’s More Selling Ahead

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Keith Fitz-Gerald found his “calling” at a young age. Under the guidance of his grandmother Mimi (a self-taught investor millionaire), he turned his lawn-mowing dollars into his first triple-digit gain at the age of 16 and made his first international play long before leaving high school.

Keith began his career at Wilshire Associates, a global consultancy advising more than $6 trillion for 600+ clients around the world – and pioneered sophisticated models aimed at one simple goal – maximizing gains.

But he also spotted the first signals of an entire sector about to spiral out of control… and take down too many innocent investors with it.

So in 1999, he sat down at his kitchen table and started writing weekly letters to family and friends, sharing his insights and his warnings.

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