Night Trader

For 30 years, Chris Johnson worked on and around Wall Street. He was a broker, a trader, a money manager with billions in assets under care, and he even ran his own boutique investment firm.

And it made him rich.

But what’s so great about being rich if you don’t have the time and the freedom to enjoy it?

On April 1, 2017, Chris discovered Night Trading – an entirely new way to play the markets that was not possible before.

Partly using the work of a PHD engineer, Chris devised a strategy that allows him to infiltrate the markets after 4 p.m. As the rest of Wall Street is closing up shop for the day, the Night Trader is just getting started…

Here’s how it works…

There are two Power Banks that quickly analyze every stock on the market – and they tell Chris which direction those stocks are likely to go in the next morning.

Then, Chris uses what he calls “Circuit Breakers” to place an order for a potential high-reward trade – every night.

That’s it… and it takes just five minutes a day.

This isn’t an ordinary trading research service…

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