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Shah Gilani is the editor of Money Map Report and a secret weapon for Main Street Americans. He’s run two hedge funds, traded for Lloyds Bank of London, and helped invent the “Fear Gauge” that’s predicted every major economic disruption since 1987. Today, he’s a frequent guest on CNBC, Forbes, MarketWatch, and Fox Business.

By now, you might recognize Tom Gentile as “America’s #1 Pattern Trader” and the editor of Fast Fortune Club. Tom got his start during the recession of 1987 while studying trading in his parents’ basement. Today, he’s made millions and ranks as one of the most successful options traders on the planet.

If that sounds like a lot of expertise, well, it is!

And as you can imagine, such expertise doesn’t come cheap. Our team’s insights are normally reserved for the “big guns” of Wall Street.

Here’s what you’d normally pay for each research service:

Money Map Report: $299 per year
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That’s $2,493 per year.

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