Small-Cap Rocket Alert

Chief Research Analyst Sid Riggs just made a revolutionary discovery.

After digging through more than 10 years of small-cap stock activity – researching and back testing millions of transactions – he found niche hidden in the small cap market called “Rocket Stocks.”

These are tiny, obscure stocks that behave in a very unique way once a signal Sid’s discovered flashes…

And with the secret Sid’s now uncovered, regular investors can use them to crack the small-cap market wide open and reveals a source of extraordinary new gains.

His cutting edge method, based on Nobel Prize-winning mathematics, has the potential to show you profits like…

  • +1,004.3% in 90 days on Nova Lifestyle Inc. (NVFY)
  • +593.2% in 6 months on Coeur Mining Inc. (CDE)
  • +904.3% in 38 days on Peabody Energy Corp. (BTUUQ), and;
  • +445.8% in 52 days on Sophiris Bio Inc. (SPHS)

This discovery can help get you into a niche of unassuming, “rocket” stocks very early – before anyone else (even the Wall Street insiders) catches on.

Sid discovered that these untapped stocks do something that no other type of stock ever has before.

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