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When New York Times best-selling author D.R. Barton Jr. left the world of chemical engineering, he took along one absolute lesson.

The only way to consistently come out on top is with cold hard facts and numbers.

So he's spent the past 26 years building and perfecting his proprietary computer system, the Stealth Stocks Trading Indicator (SSTI). Its complex algorithms scour moves on thousands of stocks every single day. Then it signals the plays with the potential for the largest, fastest gains.

And its incredible power allows D.R. to live by a very simple set of investing principles:

  1. I won't settle for ordinary. “Average” is for everyone else. Everything is about swinging for the fences and shooting for the moon.
  2. I'm NOT satisfied making 20% or 30% a year. I want much more than to simply beat the market. I want to slaughter it.
  3. I REFUSE to wait months or years for my rewards. I insist on achieving wins NOW – in just days or weeks.
  4. I REFUSE to take unnecessary risks with my money. You can't eliminate risk – not if you want to make any real money. But you can certainly manage the risk… and turn the market's natural volatility into extraordinary gains.

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