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Wall Street seems trapped in a perpetual cycle of chaos. One day, good companies are tumbling while shoddy ones soar. The next day, the opposite occurs – and for no reason. Up, down, up, down – the markets continue their game… But this movement is far from random.

FACT: We live in an age of supercomputers executing billions of algorithmic trades a day – creating MASSIVE price imbalances in stocks. But now, a NASA-influence technology can uncover these massive opportunities – and it could help you turn this mayhem into single-stock windfalls- over and over again!

Shah Gilani understands crazy markets the way cowboys know their horses.

After all, he’s a 37-year veteran of Wall Street and the work he did laid the foundation for what would later become the VIX – the index that measures volatility.

He’s made millions for his celebrity clients. And today, Shah’s revealing how you can double your money even in a crummy market.

With Chief Investment Strategist Shah Gilani leading the way, members of Straight Line Profits can make jabs over and over on these stocks.

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