Two New Recommendations as the Markets Turn

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One day, good companies are tumbling while shoddy ones soar. The next day, the opposite occurs – and for no reason. Up, down, up, down. Wall Street seems trapped in a perpetual cycle of chaos.

But this isn't random. It's part of a bigger game that's being played.

FACT: We live in an age of supercomputers executing billions of algorithmic trades a day – creating MASSIVE price imbalances in stocks. But now, a NASA-based technology can uncover these massive opportunities – and it could help you turn this mayhem into single-stock windfalls of $190,380 $242,174 $282,965… even $405,511over and over again!

With the flick of a button, Keith Fitz-Gerald's Arbitrage Detection Grid can transform the two-dimensional stock market into 3D. This NEW technology hunts for hidden momentum surges, invisible to the naked eye. You have to see this for yourself to believe it…

For over a decade, our Chief Investment Strategist has been fine-tuning this technique – and finally, after more than $5 million in research and development – he's ready to launch his Arbitrage Detection Grid System (ADG System).

Every day, Keith's ADG System scans thousands of stocks, searching for the signal that there's a price imbalance about to correct itself.

When that happens, you see all the market noise settle down and the Grid fires off a tall, red hot peak in the far right corner of the grid.

Right there – when that tall peak fires off – that's when you can know a stock is about to correct itself and shoot right up from where it's currently trading… to where it should be trading.

And just like that, members of Straight Line Profits can make jabs over and over on these stocks.

They're on a straight trajectory up, and you can rake in repeat windfalls the entire way.

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