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When New York Times bestselling author D.R. Barton, Jr. was a young man looking to supplement his chemical engineering job at DuPont with extra income investing in the stock market, he quickly learned – the hard way – one absolute lesson.

He had been trying a mind-numbing array of supposedly successful ways of making money…

But none of them ever seemed to work. He couldn’t bank a winning trade to save his life.

The problem, he realized, was simple:

“One morning I was drinking coffee, looking at charts for some of the stocks in my portfolio – they were all losing money – and it dawned on me… this is insanity.

“I can’t beat Wall Street playing by their rules. I realized I had to change the game.”

And change the game he did.

By tapping into the skills he mastered as an engineer, D.R. was able to throw away all of his preconceived notions of how the markets work and develop an entirely new way of making money.

What he ended up with was pure brilliance: a trading strategy built more on physics than economics.

He figured out how to take a seemingly boring investment and “reverse engineer” it. Pick it apart. And then find unconventional ways to turn them into lucrative payday opportunities.

Since then,he’s also uncovered a millionaire-making secret: how to set up multiple sources of income, streaming constantly into his bank account, month after month.

The results from all this has changed his life for good.

He was soon making more money than he ever thought possible.

He quit his job at DuPont, founded a hedge fund, wrote a bestselling investment book, and became a regular analyst on Fox Business and CNBC.

Now a self-made millionaire, he’s on a mission to prove that his system can help anyone make thousands of extra dollars a month – regardless of their age, income, or past investing experience.

And the best part is – D.R’s system really only takes 10 minutes to set up and implement each day.

It may be the most simple to use – and most lucrative – trading strategy ever devised.

Absolutely any investor – regardless of age, experience, or the amount of money they start with – can use D.R.’s 10-minute system to pocket thousands of extra dollars a month from the market.

Like Gary Rubin did…

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