Let’s Add These Two Positions and Watch This Number Closely into the Close

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Shah Gilani is the definitive source for understanding how to work Wall Street to your own advantage. He knows exactly how the game is played, and he's been making a killing in the markets for decades.

So, when he saw the potential to combine the trading formulas he used to build his fortune into a Master Algorithm, he commissioned a mathematical prodigy – a Ph.D. scientist, physicist, and nuclear engineer – to help him create it.

It took eight long years to develop, but what they created is unlike anything Wall Street has ever known.

All at once, this master algorithm measures:

  • Trends and moving averages
  • Volatility swing measurements
  • Momentum shifts
  • Impactful news events
  • Volume action
  • Relative strength metrics
  • Regression Analysis
  • And more…

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