The Rick Rule Alliance

How often does a legendary investor pull back the curtain and share with you stock investments from his private, personal portfolio?

The answer is never.

Until now.

Today, Rick Rule, a legendary resource investor for over 40 years, has agreed to step forward and give you unprecedented access to his own personal investments.

It’s called simply: The Rick Rule Alliance.

These are closely guarded resource companies often trading for pennies on the dollar that Rick has personally vetted – and invested tens of millions of dollars of his own money in.

Each represents some of the most exciting natural resource discoveries recently made across the planet… from Australia to Africa to Iceland, Canada, and the United States.

And Rick hopes to make a fortune on all of these investments the same way he always has during his career: with a simple formula that has allowed him to participate in markets that produced astounding gains including 6,100% on Silver Standard, 7,900% on Lumina copper, and an astronomical 99,900% windfall on Paladin Energy.

“It’s very simple,” Rick told us. “I look for commodities where demand is assured over time and where it’s being sold in the market for less than the cost of production.”

“That means,” he added, “the price of the commodity goes up or society is missing an essential component of the things that we need to live.”

Right now Rick has his eye on gold, oil, copper, and uranium as his bread and butter commodities to invest in today.

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