Tom Gentiles Money Hour

Welcome to Money Hour.

The market isn’t what it used to be.

You can’t rely on fundamentals or trends anymore. We live in a world where 80% of all stocks are on autopilot. One could even argue that stocks have lost their “independence.” There is no correlation between a company’s financial performance and its stock price.

This is the problem with modern investing.

That’s why Tom Gentile is a pattern trader – the best in the country, in fact. And he just discovered a way to make an average of 29%…

Three days a week…

In under one hour.

Typically, money this fast is reserved for expert traders. But with Tom on your side, you don’t need a degree in finance…

You don’t need extensive stock knowledge…

And you definitely don’t need millions of dollars.

By trading what Tom calls the Money Hour, you can turn small stock moves into double-digit profits multiple times a day in 60 minutes or less.

As a member of Money Hour, you can watch this trading magic in real time in private, members-only Zoom calls with Tom himself. It’s your only chance to see him in action this often.

Whether you’ve been trading options for years or never even touched the stock market in your life, Tom makes it incredibly easy – showing you how you could build a fortune.

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