Weekly Money Call

Tom Gentile didn’t get to be “America’s #1 Pattern Trader” for nothing: he’s earned it.

After teaching over 300,000 people his secrets to spotting high-probability, low-risk trades, co-authoring four books, and running – then selling for millions – one of the most trusted financial education companies in the world, Tom’s credentials are unquestioned…

And now, Tom’s come up with a novel way of generating low-risk, high-reward investment income, whatever the markets are doing, through his remarkable Weekly Money Call tool.

Weekly Money Call is Tom’s proprietary system that crunches millions of data points on 200 of the most liquid stocks in the market, and predicts – with pinpoint accuracy – which stocks are about to jump… and highlights ways to trade these jumps for  triple-digit gains (or more) in just four days or less.

Now, five years ago these trades were impossible. But now, Tom’s showing readers how he uses this tool to capture gains of 100%… 200%… up to 500% every week through his remarkable Weekly Money Call research service.

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