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Dear Reader,

If you're reading this, you now have an opportunity that many of your peers never will.

I am, as we speak, currently beta-testing a new system that is already proving to be unlike anything I've ever seen in my decades of experience working with and against Wall Street. In all these years, I have never worked with technology so advanced, or so perfectly suited to my own market philosophy...

That philosophy is what brings me here today.

I believe in two things above all else:

  1. There is always a way to make money in the markets if you know where to look and how to work it.
  2. The average investor deserves these opportunities just as much, if not more than the Wall Street insiders that scheme behind closed doors to make yet another buck for themselves.

That's why I built Wall Street Insights & Indictments and my research services; to uncover the truth behind the system and show people how to play it.

Now my research has brought me something that I am excited to bring to you, my readers, as soon as possible.

But I need your help.

By now, you might have noticed my Weekly Capital Wave Forecast box in my latest issues and live on my website. Every Monday morning, I am predicting within decimal-point precision where the S&P 500 will close that Friday. This gives anyone with this information an unprecedented advantage on the rest of the investing population.

This is where you come in...

I will be updating my forecast every Monday, and I want to hear from you. I've listed a few questions below, and your feedback here will be invaluable to the development of this system.

When it's ready to share, my followers will finally have the upper hand on the Wall Street slicks who rigged the game.

Are you with me?


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