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The Massive System Upgrade that Could Send Bitcoin to $100,000

Thursday, April 12, 2018 | 8:00 p.m. ET

A massive system upgrade to Bitcoin is about to go live...

And cryptocurrency experts believe that when it does, Bitcoin will soar to $100,000 a coin - or more!


Because until now, the one BIG problem with Bitcoin has been that it's useless in the "real world".

In its current form, transactions are extremely slow and the costs are way too high.

But that will all change overnight when this "Bitcoin fix" is released.

This critical upgrade will finally make Bitcoin a viable tool for businesses all over the world, causing mass adoption of Bitcoin.

And when the general public realizes Bitcoin is here to stay, they'll all rush to invest in it...

Creating a buying frenzy that will drive the price way, WAY up.

According to Michael Robinson, a cryptocurrency expert who recommended Bitcoin in 2013 when the price was only $90, the announcement of this upgrade could quickly push Bitcoin to $100,000 a coin - or more.

Investors who make the right moves right now - before the announcement of this massive upgrade starts making headlines - will have the opportunity to make HUGE gains very quickly...

While everyone who waits to hear about it on the mainstream news networks will have already missed out.

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