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Money Map Report

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The Money Map Report
Getting your money in ahead of the next big trend – that’s how you make real wealth. Let The Money Map Report be your global profit guide. Keith Fitz-Gerald and his team of investing specialists pool their huge network of contacts and 100+ years of combined experience to identify the biggest profit opportunities, well before Main Street catches on. Find out which fast-moving trend is about to reward investors, the best way to play it, and how to structure your portfolio for the biggest gains.

Subscription Features:

  • 12 monthly newsletters with at least one new investment recommendation
  • 52 weekly email updates. Keith analyzes markets, news, and position in the model portfolio. His “Key Takeaways” explain what matters to your money (and what’s just noise)
  • Urgent “Profit Alerts” tell you when to exit a position
  • LSV Index – simplifying the markets since 2009, this three-part indicator flashes “green” when it identifies superior buying opportunities
  • Access to The Money Map Report model portfolio, plus past newsletters and alerts
  • Research reports on different market sectors (commodities, income, energy, and more), with investment ideas and recommendations for each one
  • Keith’s book: The Money Map Method: How to Create Lifelong Wealth in a Forever Changed World. It shows you how to use the 50-40-10 balanced portfolio allocation strategy to minimize risk and maximize gains
  • Six triple-digit winners converted to “free trades”