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Keith Fitz-Gerald

Keith is a 34-year market professional who brought "global investing" to the mainstream. He was one of the only analysts to publicly predict both the 2000 dot-com crisis... Read More

I regularly travel the world in search of investment opportunities others don't yet see or understand.

Reviews from Readers:

  • I have already gotten returns of 94% and 64%. Invested $40k and removed $28k in March - I'm not a wealthy man at 62, so got to be careful. Even after taking out a chunk, my account still shows a $15K profit, thanks to Keith!
    – Roger Landry
  • Keith, Keep up the good work. I got in NQ a little late but made 70% in a short time and still sold half when you came out with you sell half for free trade.
    – Bob Alden

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    Keith tracks the only six "unstoppable trends" that are creating trillions in new wealth and shows you exactly how to trade them - well ahead of the crowd.