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Money Map Press currently publishes 11 trading research services and investment newsletters.

Each targets specific areas, such as groundbreaking technology, energy and resources, short-selling, biotech and pharmaceuticals, technical trading, small-caps, and even options.

Now, to subscribe to everything we release, it would cost upwards of $40,000 a year.

In fact, our pricier services can each run as much as $4,000, even over $5,000 annually. This is no small sum of money.

However, consider this…

Over the last year, Money Map Press recommended to its subscribers no fewer than 530 winners that produced at least double- or triple-digit gains including partial and whole closeouts…

That’s over forty-four windfalls each and every month.

These include:

  • Michael Robinson’s 231% gains on Micron Technology, 175% on TriQuint Semiconductor, and 124% on Repligen.
  • Shah Gilani’s 352% in total gains on the PowerShares QQQ Trust, his 208% winner on the iShares iBoxx High Yield ETF, plus 151% gains on Expedia.
  • Tom Gentile is revealing ALL of the trading secrets he’s used to become a multi-millionaire – and he’s harnessing the power of his patent-pending Money Calendar to hand you series of take-it-to-the-bank payouts of $605… $822… $1,190… $2,830 every single week.
  • And so many more…

We feel it’s important to bring these opportunities to anyone who is looking for an unparalleled market advantage.

From average folks with modest means to the most seasoned Wall Street veterans…

Speak to a specialist to join the Passport Club, so you can access all 11 trading research services and publications.

And not just for one or two years… for life.

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