Microcurrency Trader

America’s #1 Pattern Trader, Tom Gentile, has just unveiled his new service, Microcurrency Trader, to show you how to capture the explosive potential of the best microcurrencies in the market.

We’re talking exceptional historical gains of 1,000%!

That’s right.

After five years of studying, mining, and trading, Tom’s discovered the secret to uncovering incredibly lucrative patterns in the microcurrency market – a fraction of which could make you a fortune.

We’re talking astounding results like:

  • 1,500% on SPROUTS
  • Over 3,400% on KIN
  • 7,700% on BitTokens – in just 2 days

Rare gains like these from the sector are nearly impossible to come by. In fact, there are over 1,300 coins trading on microcurrency exchanges right now…

That means you’d have to spend endless amounts of time sifting through each and every one to avoid getting burned by computer error, a potential lawsuit that freezes the coin you’re up $10,000 on, or yet another pump-and-dump scheme.

And that’s exactly why Tom created this entirely new way to trade the most explosive commodity in the markets.

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