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Nova-X Report puts you directly in touch with high tech research, analysis, stock picks and strategies that can double, triple – even quadruple your retirement savings faster than any other sector on earth. It’s led by 34-year Silicon Valley insider Michael A. Robinson who has uncovered nearly every major tech breakthrough since the personal computer, making a fortune for his readers in the process. The key to winning in tech investing is to ignore the hype, while pouncing only on companies that offer real growth. Michael shows you how to do this every month. Today, he’s following some of the most lucrative tech trends in history – including mobile technology, “Big Data,” the Cloud, biotechnology… and more. Each issue shows you exactly how to capitalize on these opportunities for the biggest gains… while safely protecting your retirement.

Urgent Briefing From Michael Robinson:

Shares of this Backdoor “Smartwatch” Play
Are Set to Soar 180%…

And this torrid run will start 60 days BEFORE the most highly anticipated device in history ever hits the shelves

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Dear Reader,

Everyone’s talking about the groundbreaking “Smartwatch” that will be unveiled in a matter of weeks…

How it’s going to impact every aspect of your life… from how you feed parking meters… to the way you control your home appliances… even how you interact with your doctor.

Morgan Stanley predicts it will be a $17.5 billion business… in the just the first 12 months.

All of which means this is lining up to be a once-in-a-blue-moon investor’s dream. The kind you can make a fortune on.

But I want to let you in on a secret.

While most people think the best way to profit from this event is to buy the product maker’s shares directly…

There’s a better way.

I’m talking about a backdoor move that could start lining your pockets with cash RIGHT NOW

And all you have to do is make this simple move before the new “Smartwatch” hits the shelves.

You see, as I’m going to show you today…

There’s One Critical Component that Makes Up
the Guts of the “Smartwatch”
And One Company Is Crushing the Competition.

I’m talking about motion sensors.

These are the critical components that allow your smartphone’s GPS system to give you instant driving directions.

They also let you twist, shake and turn your phone any way you want.

And this company’s products have become the de facto standard for the top wearable devices.

As we speak, they’re ramping up capacity to meet potential demand from “Smartwatch” companies.

That means they’ll be getting paid even BEFORE the device hits the shelves.

And the amount of money this tiny company could bring in is unfathomable.

It could rack up a $100 million windfall on the deal… a payout that would more than triple its quarterly earnings… in a few short months.

For little guys like us, that would make this one of the biggest slam dunks of the year.

I’m talking about an estimated 180% as this product is unleashed – with unlimited upside if you’re willing to let it ride. It’s up to you.

I’m anticipating the biggest price jump – the minute the product maker reveals a release date for the new device.

And that could happen any time now.

So we don’t have much time to waste.

Download My Urgent Briefing Below

Hi, my name is Michael Robinson.

As a technology advisor for the Silicon Valley Venture Capital industry…

I’ve been involved with some of the biggest technological breakthroughs in history.

I worked with the CEOs of Chrysler and GM as they led the robotics revolution that saved the U.S. automotive industry.

After the millennium, I worked with the former CEO of McAfee on cyber security technologies.

And in the late ’90s, I was one of five people taking part in key meetings in Oakland that helped map out the early phases of “cloud computing” – a technology that’s already revolutionized the Internet… and created what will likely become a $20 billion industry, virtually overnight.

Today, I serve as Money Morning’s Director of Venture Capital and Technology Investing.

This allows me to leverage my connections and expertise, so I can get everyday folks in on the ground floor of the companies that have developed massively disruptive technologies.

And make no mistake: the “Smartwatch” launch will be massive.

Let me show you why I’m so excited…

A few months ago, a team of representatives from Apple met with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to seek approval for “mobile medical applications.”

The plan is that the iWatch will be equipped with special microsensors that can monitor vital signs like blood glucose levels… your heart rate… and the “sound” blood makes as it courses in your veins.

The iWatch will then theoretically transmit all the data to the iPhone where it could be analyzed…

Then, after it sends you an alert, it could pass the data on to your doctor.

Countless illnesses could be prevented, treated and in some cases even cured with these devices…

Heart disease… strokes… gastroesophageal reflux disease…

They could all be detected well in advance now, because of the powerful sensors and software being built into smartwatches.

It’s believed devices like this will even be able to call 911… or a patient’s family when a heart attack or stroke appears imminent.

In other words, the iWatch is going to change how medicine is practiced across the board…

And one company… the “backdoor” play I’ve been telling you about… is poised to cash in on all of this.

Like I said this one small company is the leading manufacturer of motion sensors, crucial technology built into all “smart” technology…

Every major smartwatch manufacturer will likely turn to it…

Including Apple for its much-anticipated iWatch.

But let me be clear…

This is a company you should buy before Apple makes the iWatch announcement… that is if you want the chance to see full gains of 180% or better.

Now, Apple is notorious for keeping a tight lid on its supplier list. There’s no way to know for sure that this company will be its exclusive provider.

But, our research indicates this one company has a stranglehold on the motion sensor market and could give pre-iWatch investors the chance to see huge upside with a 180% gain.

And look out…

You don’t want to be the one to find out after this lucrative deal happens.

That’s I want to rush my urgent investor briefing to you right away:

It’s called The 180% Backdoor Smartwatch Play.

In it, you’ll find…

  • All the details on why the iWatch is going send shockwaves throughout the markets…
  • How it will turn the smartphone and mobile computing market on its head…
  • The backdoor way to get a slice of iWatch profits BEFORE it debuts, and…
  • How to play this under-the-radar stock for an estimated 180% gain.

In a minute I’ll show you how to get a copy of this briefing delivered immediately to your inbox – for free.

Before I do, though, let me tell you why I’m so convinced this one tiny company is bound to have their inventory inside the new iWatch…

And, instantly become the biggest winner of a projected $20 billion industry.

All The Facts (And Numbers) Add Up…

First, the facts…

This company just made two small but very strategic acquisitions to boost its production capacity.

It recently signed an agreement to acquire a leading maker of wearable tech software that performs activity monitoring, and ultra-sophisticated motion intelligence, both essential technologies for the “Smartwatch.”

It also agreed to acquire another company whose technology dramatically improves location accuracy on connected devices, both inside buildings and outdoors.

Now, these acquisitions will cost this company more than $80 million… a lot of money for firm so small.

But it’s only a drop in the bucket when you consider the piles of cash they could soon get.

On top of all that, this company has a silver bullet up its sleeve.

I’m talking about a new type of sensor that could create incredible demand… not just from Apple, but everyone who makes smartphones and smartwatches…

Google already installed this new hi-tech sensor on the Nexus 5 and the results are nothing short of spectacular. You can bet other camera makers like Amazon and Google won’t be far behind.

The reason?

It’s designed to eliminate shake and stabilize video content, radically improving image quality in smartphones and smartwatches.

According to industry experts, Apple may be looking to put this technology into every “smart” product they make, including the iWatch.

And our “backdoor” play produces one of the most advanced forms of this technology.

So if they lock in Apple’s business like we expect, they’ll get a piece of the action for every unit sold.

We’re talking huge numbers.

Take the backdoor company’s share price (which is currently very cheap) and add in the impact from the iWatch… with projected sales of $17.5 billion in the first year.

Then, with this new breakthrough image sensor, add in all the revenue they could generate from the entire smartwatch and smartphone universe…

Well, if it plays out as I suspect…

It adds up to an unfathomable number.

I break down all the math for you in my special briefing, The 180% Backdoor Smartwatch Play.

Listen, this company just doubled their office space.

Even more importantly, they doubled their production capacity.

You see, they’re clearly in a race to ramp up production now in order to satisfy the insatiable demand that’s going to surface when the iWatch makes its debut.

Later, as the entire smartwatch market explodes, this company’s profits should rocket higher right along with it.

I’ll explain all of this in full detail – including the numbers and what it all means to you – in my briefing.

And I’d like you to have this briefing for free.


To claim your free copy of The 180% Backdoor Smartwatch Play all you have to do is accept a risk-free trial of my technology investment bulletin, the Nova-X Report.

The Nova-X Report is a members-only – technology driven – investment research service unlike any other.

It reveals staggering new opportunities from all of the biggest tech trends, reshaping our world… not just the Smartwatch, but also Big Data, Cloud Computing, the Mobile Wave, Miracle Materials, Biotechnology, and, of course, the Internet of Everything.

The fact is, right now the entire tech sector is creating more millionaires than at any time in history…

That’s why the Nova-X Report focuses like a laser beam on those companies and technologies that have VC firms hovering around them like moths around a flame.

I investigate tech opportunities you often don’t hear about in the mainstream financial press – and then provide subscribers to the Nova-X Report with detailed reports on the best way to invest before the crowd.

My goal is to help ordinary people invest like my venture capitalist clients.

You see, the VC crowd isn’t looking for double-digit gains.

They want to make 6, 10, even 20 times their money. They get in before anyone else, for pennies on the dollar, and then watch as their investments soar.

I aim to help you do the same.

Take, for example, what I’ve recommended to my readers across the board.

Most people have never heard of Micron Technology.

Yet it recently created one of the biggest breakthrough technologies of the decade: A supercomputer memory module that will run up to 15 times faster than most of the memory devices on the market today.

Subscribers who listened to my recommendation on Micron made a nice 105% gain on their initial stake… and the second block from the same initial stake is up 204%.

It’s a perfect example of what makes my approach so unique.

Because we always approach an investment opportunity with the mindset of capturing multiple paydays from it.

We recommend a play on an initial stake… then, as the profits start to soar, we start extracting windfalls we can apply to other opportunities.

Lin TV is another example.

Lin lets people watch TV anywhere – phones, computers, iPads.

Very few people ever heard of them, but being around Silicon Valley so much, I immediately recognized them as a very nice under-the-radar play.

The result?

My subscribers could have doubled their initial stake, in just a few months, a 103% gain. Then closed out their second block for a 75% gain on the same company.

We did the same thing with Santarus a pharmaceutical company that patented treatments for ulcers and type 2 diabetes.

Again, most people couldn’t tell you one iota about this company. But I had been following them for years. And I knew Santarus was a hot takeover target. Which is exactly what happened after I recommended it. It got bought out – giving us a 104% gain on the initial stake – and then a 91% winner when we closed the second block.

This is what venture capitalists do. They get in early and take their profits.

In fact, since late 2012, I’ve uncovered 42 opportunities across the board for folks to grab double- and triple-digit winners.

No wonder my readers send me glowing thank you notes every day.

Like Bob Kreen of St. Louis, MO who wrote to tell me that…

“I became a member about a year ago. Since joining I have tripled my net worth.”

Alex Cabot of Dallas, TX, has been a member for about seven months, and his portfolio has grown quite fast during that time. He was excited to let me know…

“Michael, you have doubled my money!”

Sometimes folks keep me up to speed on how they’re doing on specific trades.

For instance, I recommended a small biopharmaceutical company that develops synthetic vaccines and immune therapies for certain types of cancer and infectious diseases.

Daniel McCarthy of Petaluma, CA, followed me into this target and he was glad he did.

He shared with me that…

“Michael, I made over 250%. This was my best trade ever!”

The Nova-X Report isn’t about winning one or two trades.

It’s about transforming your entire portfolio and strengthening your financial security.

What Randy Ashton shared with me makes this crystal clear.

“Michael, I just took a hit of $44,000 in my investment portfolio, so I decided to start following your recommendations. In a nutshell, I am 5 for 5 so far.

Thank you, Thank you. If you were here I would give you a big hug.”

Clifford Richardson has done even better.

He let me know that he cashed in on two of my triple-digit winners…

“I made approximately 125k for the year.”

In short, the Nova-X Report gives you everything you need to potentially make windfall profits on special situations in the hottest tech sectors…

I tell you about the pioneers in all the new technologies…

I give you my top picks for the best plays in different sectors…

And I reveal why I believe these markets are going to be the answer to your retirement prayers.

And today, you’re invited to join me and use my Nova-X Report to become a “Main Street Venture Capitalist.”

I’m going to give you everything you need.

As a Nova-X Report Member, you’ll receive:

Your first urgent investor briefing: The 180% Backdoor Smartwatch Play.

In this briefing you’ll learn every last detail about the small company I’ve been telling you about…

The one that could rack up a $100 million windfall on the iWatch deal…

A payout that would more than triple its quarterly earnings… in a few short months.

And hand you one of the biggest slam dunks of the year.

An estimated 180% winner that you could start cashing in on immediately.

But that’s not all.

Your Nova-X membership also gives you:

Membership Benefit #1: 12 Editions of the Nova-X Report – Every month I prepare an intelligence briefing that reveals the biggest tech stories and innovations I’ve uncovered from my investigations.

You’ll hear what I’m hearing in these meetings. You’ll see what I’m seeing.

If I’m examining a prototype of a new sensor technology, I’ll explain every detail of it.

If I’m touring a biopharmaceutical lab, it’ll be like you’re by my side.

I also link these breakthroughs to the major trends and sectors they’ll be disrupting and transforming.

For instance, in a recent Nova-X Report edition, I shared a pioneer in “cryo-preservation” technologies. This is just starting to be used in cardiac and vascular surgeries involving implantable living human tissue.

Already, 1,000 surgeons at 800 facilities in the U.S. are implementing this company’s breakthrough. But the growth is about to expand throughout 75 more nations.

Another opportunity I disclosed involved a company that had developed a “honeycomb” advanced material that could create the lightest and fastest aircrafts in history.

Plus, I shared a small biotech firm that, while investigating a mountainous area of Southeast Asia, came across a naturally occurring, biocompatible polymer called hyaluronic acid.

It offers unlimited promise for longevity and pain management treatments… and unlimited profit potential.

With each investment I reveal in my Nova-X Report, I provide streamlined analysis of the company’s fiscal health, financial strength, and their sources of venture capital funding.

This way you can quickly assess the profit targets and investment exit timelines I establish.

Membership Benefit #2: Nova-X Report Trade Alerts – Whenever the moment arrives to maximize your returns, you’ll receive an instant trade alert that notifies you that it’s time to take profits and move on to the next big play.

It’s worth mentioning again, since joining the Money Morning team in late 2012, I have delivered 42 double- and triple-digit winners across the board to those following my alerts.

So, it goes without saying, we won’t be holding on to these companies, admiring them like trophies on a shelf.

We get in… we wait for the big rise… we get out… and we move on.

Membership Benefit #3: Nova-X Report Weekly Dossiers – Every week I investigate the groundbreaking innovations, trends, and events that are emerging.

Plus, I provide an in-depth assessment of our current investment recommendations.

Membership Benefit #4: Nova-X Report Audio/Video Briefings – Before I recommend an opportunity to you, I always insist the company grant me up close and personal access to their operations. And that includes meeting their top brass.

So whenever I interview the CEOs of major Silicon Valley companies, I bring a recorder or camera and I share this footage with you.

This way you can get the inside scoop, straight from the source.

Membership Benefit #5: 24/7 Access to the Nova-X Report Members-Only Website – This is the private, online portal where I store every intelligence briefing, investment recommendation, and alert.

Membership Benefit #6: The Nova-X Report Concierge Service – Your membership includes unlimited use of a special concierge service where you can call or email my team directly with any concerns about your subscription.

I encourage you to use this regularly, so you get the most out of this opportunity.

The Nova-X Report is a unique and comprehensive solution. It’s built so that even the newest investor will have the ability to compete with Wall Street’s seasoned veterans.

This provides everyday folks a leg up over the competition at these big firms. Because they already have enough advantages over Main Street.

Which is why the regular price for a year’s membership is $299. I intentionally set it at a rate that is within almost everybody’s price range.

But you won’t have to pay anywhere near that today. You are going to get a deal that is too good to miss.

Today I’m inviting you to join the Nova-X Report for just $49.50, the lowest price I have ever offered.

It comes to only 13 cents a day.

I’m giving you such a low price, because I want to help you become my next Nova-X Report success story.

Which is also why along with the special investor briefing, The 180% Backdoor Smartwatch Play.

As well as, a 1-year membership to the Nova-X Report

I’m also going to include two more gifts to ensure you hit the ground running.

Bonus Investor Briefing #1: The $487 Billion Race to Conquer the Digital Battlefield – During a recent meeting I had with Major General Michael Mazzucchi, we discussed the Army’s plan to conquer what he called the “digital battlefield.” In this investor briefing, I discuss four highly-sensitive programs: The Air Force’s “5th generation fighter sensors,” as well as the “MQ-9/Block 5,” the “Dominate in Unmanned Systems,” and the “Global Precision Attack” programs. Amazingly, there’s one company behind all this new technology. And it’s on the verge of making investors quite wealthy. This report is valued at $99, but it’s yours at no charge.

Bonus Investor Briefing #2: Ride the Wave of Ultra High-Def TV to a 500% Windfall – The next big change coming to your living room is UHDTV or Ultra High-Def TV.UHDTV is replacing Plasma, LEDs and every other former “next generation” type of television. Right now, one company has cornered the market on the 4K technology chips and I estimate that you could make 500%, possibly more, as this media phenomenon catches on. This is also a $99 value and it’s yours for free.

In addition, let me say this:

Your Trial Subscription to my Nova-X Report is 100% Risk Free.

Take the next two months to review everything you are about to receive.

Examine the investment opportunities I investigate in the Nova-X Report, as well as the weekly intelligence briefings and profit alerts.

Review the members-only website. Take advantage of the Nova-X Report Concierge Service.

If, for any reason, during the next 60 days, you feel this isn’t right for you, all you have to do is contact me, and I’ll return every penny of your subscription dues.

You can even keep the Special Briefings:

  • The 180% Backdoor Smartwatch Play
  • The $487 Billion Race to Conquer the Digital Battlefield
  • Ride the Wave of Ultra High-Def TV to a 500% Windfall

Plus, the two Nova-X Report editions you’ll receive during your trial.

These gifts are my way of saying thank you, regardless of your decision.

Let’s not waste another minute. Your copy of The 180% Backdoor Smartwatch Play is ready to be sent to you.

Just click below to accept a risk-free test drive of the Nova-X Report right now.

Or simply call 800-513-6445 or (443-353-4487 for international callers) from 9 am to 5 pm (Eastern Time).

Once again, this is Michael Robinson.

Michael Robinson
Executive Editor, Nova-X Report