Our Mission: Unlock $7 Trillion In New High-Tech Wealth

Today, technology has given rise to a radically different kind of market – one where a single profitable investment points you like an arrow toward another, which points you toward yet another… and on and on.

This explosion of tech-driven profit opportunities is now available because, unlike every other sector in the market, the technology sector has become fundamentally connected.

You see this fortune-making symbiosis at work in biotechnology. There, big data computing lets scientists design miracle materials like synthetic DNA to invent universal vaccines… then lets them use big data again to pinpoint which of those vaccines will save the most lives.

You see it at work again when advanced sensors called MEMS relay all that medical data to The Cloud, so doctors and patients can stay connected and doctors can prescribe real-time treatments to patients.

Because so many tech segments – biotech, big data, sensors, miracle materials – are so entangled, a profit-making breakthrough in one should lead the smart investor to expect a profit-making breakthrough in all the others.

The smart investor would not be disappointed. Today technology is creating technology in a kaleidoscope of massive profit opportunities.

Michael Robinson has identified seven of the fastest-moving and most deeply connected technologies in the world. He calls these seven trends The Opportunity Matrix.

Any one of these trends could form the cornerstone of a fortune by itself.

As a connected whole, today they are unleashing more than $7 trillion in new, tech-driven wealth.

The Most Important Tech Players Return Michael Robinson's Calls

This new, connected market can seem confusing to some people. How can you know which breakthrough vaccine will hit the market soonest? Or which semiconductor play today offers the safest and highest returns?

What’s more, the biggest profit opportunities in the Opportunity Matrix will be found with companies most investors have never even heard of.

That’s where Nova-X Report comes in.

Michael Robinson has spent more than 35 years in labs and board rooms throughout Silicon Valley, and no one knows technology companies – knows their products and leaders, their strategies and fundamental strengths – better than Michael.

Which is why, when the entire defense industry was recently feeling the pinch from wholesale budget cuts, Michael surprised everyone by recommending Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc.

The San Diego-based Kratos is a small-cap leader involved in complex gear for satellite communications, drones, electronic warfare, surveillance systems, radar jammers, and ballistic-missile defense.

But Michael knew, based on his private meetings with CEO Eric DeMarco, that the Pentagon was unlikely to cancel the contracts the company had on its books. This was because, thanks to fees written into their contracts, cancellation actually costs the government more than fulfillment. Less than a year after Michael recommended Kratos, the stock was up 106%.  

Or take what happened with Adept Technologies. At the time Michael recommended it, this small-cap robotics firm had lost its CEO, and was in disarray. Most investors had written Adept off as unfixable, but Michael knew better.

His years in the tech trenches had given him an expert’s ability to spot first-rate management. So when Adept tapped turnaround specialist Rob Cain to be its new CEO, Michael knew he was just the person to fix Adept’s financials and guide the firm into high-growth areas, such as the new market for mobile robots.

Six months after Michael first recommended Adept, the stock was up 144%. One of Michael’s readers, Alphonso Curtiz, wrote him to say…

    I bought shares of Adept Technology when you recommended them for the second time in September. I am very grateful for helping me more than double my investment.

These are the kinds of profits you can expect from Nova-X Report. In fact, Michael is so sharp that his readers are frequently able to get more than one block of profits from a single opportunity.

For instance, he recently recommended AutoBytel, which provides market research on automotive trends. Barely 107 days after entering the trade, Michael recommended cashing in one block for a 103% gain. A second block closed out later for a 50% profit.

The Nova-X Portfolio

In each monthly Nova-X Report, Michael Robinson reveals two new opportunities that have come to light based on his research and his dealings with the most revolutionary minds in technology and tech investing.

All Nova-X investments are long positions designed to maximize your gains while providing growth and safety. The report is divided into three segments:

  1. Foundational Plays – These are big-cap innovators and stable growth-oriented companies.
  1. Nova Growth – Here you’ll find small- to mid-cap visionaries, rare and nimble companies Michael expects to appreciate 100% or more over the next 12 months or so.
  1. Special Situations – These are unique opportunities like penny-stock biotechs and turnaround plays that carry extra risk, but require immediate action, since they give us an excellent chance to make oversized profits.

Each recommendation will spell out the size of the position you should take.

If Michael believes a position needs time to pan out, or he wants to allow room for you to add to your position at a discount… he’ll employ a split entry with a “low-ball” order.

To protect against losses, Michael frequently employs a 20-25% trailing stop.

To make sure you never overpay for a stock, he’ll also give the highest price you should pay to get into a position.

Each week, Michael will send you a complete Portfolio Update via email. These updates include company highlights, overall portfolio performance, trailing stop adjustments, and even “special situation” buy recommendations.

For Immediate Release: The Results of Michael's Year-Long Investigation

Stanford University has just released a ground-breaking human study and results are nothing short of astounding.

In the 24-week clinical trial 36 men between the ages of 60 and 85 literally aged backward – on a biological level – up to 25 years.

On the heels of this announcement, eight of the leading medical facilities around the country are now accelerating their own clinical trials for this Nobel Prize-winning discovery.

Their research focuses on a human “immortality gene” that can be switched on with the right combination of drugs – potentially reversing decades of aging and allowing our bodies to return to the health and vitality we had in our 30s.

Michael Robinson is all over this story.

His findings show this amazing new treatment could be available to nearly every American within 24 months.

Take a few moments to watch this investigation and find out what these breakthroughs could mean for you and your loved ones.