Fifty years ago, our smart phones and laptops were the stuff of sci-fi. Now these things are real.

What’s more, the inventions we’ll take for granted tomorrow are hitting the market today. Things like printed living organs… a universal vaccine that treats a hundred different viruses… memory cubes that let us connect 100 billion devices across the globe… “living” metals that cure cancer, Alzheimer’s and addictions.

For the investor with vision who gets in early, such radical technologies can form the bedrock of million-dollar portfolios. In fact, according to Forbes, “An astounding 25% of the Forbes 400 made their billions in technology.”

And that’s barely a taste of what’s about to come.

Naturally, such a fast-moving market filled with so many new-to-the-scene innovations can seem confusing, even to smart and savvy investors.

That’s why Michael Robinson created Radical Technology Profits to bring these billion-dollar opportunities to folks who see the vision but aren’t sure how to start cashing in on it.

In a Trade Alert celebrating Radical Technology Profits’ astounding 94.7% win rate, Michael himself summed up what’s at stake…

    “Right now we are witnessing something truly groundbreaking. I’m talking about the way so many huge tech trends – like the Mobile Wave, Cloud Computing, Big Data and, of course, Sensors and the Internet of Everything – are coming together all at once, creating some of the biggest profit opportunities I’ve ever seen.”


Each month in Radical Technology Profits, Michael Robinson brings you small- to mid-sized companies that push the boundaries of biotechnology, nanotechnology, advanced computing and storage, “miracle” materials, robotics, aeronautics, and beyond.

These companies are perfect for bringing you short-term gains in anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

The service came to life on May 17, 2012, when Michael sent out two bold 3D Printing recommendations. Twenty-five days later one of those picks – Organovo Holdings – had soared 91%. But what’s truly amazing is what happened next…

Because of the novel way Michael told his readers to play Organovo, not only did they see a 91% gain, but just 21 days later they saw a second 35% profit kicker.

Michael’s other inaugural recommendation, 3D Systems, climbed 30% in just four months. Michael (and his readers!) have never looked back.

    “Had you bought all five stocks I told you about at that time, you would have made an annualized profit ratio of a stunning 663%.” – Radical Tech Alert #175

Not long after Michael scored big with his 3D printing picks, he told his readers to get in on Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc.

The San Diego-based Kratos is a small-cap leader involved in complex gear for satellite communications, drones, electronic warfare, surveillance systems, radar jammers, and ballistic-missile defense.

At the time of that recommendation, everyone was running from companies like Kratos, because of deep cuts in the defense budget.

But Michael had been holding private meetings with CEO Eric DeMarco, so he knew something most investors didn’t. He knew that the Pentagon would never cancel its contracts with Kratos. This was because, thanks to fees written into those contracts, cancellation would actually cost the government more than fulfillment.

But what really convinced Michael to pull the trigger on Kratos was a series of high-level meetings he held with Major General Michael Mazzucchi.

It was during these sensitive closed-door briefings that Michael discovered that the military was already allocating a large piece of their $528 billion budget to update its capabilities using technology that Kratos excelled in.

For instance, he learned that the Air Force is using this technology for what the Department of Defense calls, “5th generation fighter sensors.” Another program, called the MQ-9/Block 5 Aircraft Program, was using the technology to transfer and encrypt classified intelligence.

These programs involved guaranteed contracts from the Army, Air Force, Navy, NASA, the Defense Logistics Agency, and the Department of Homeland Security, just to name a few.

Less than a year after Michael recommended Kratos, the stock was up 106%.

    As of last Friday we were up right at 70%. Not bad for holding a stock for less than three months.” – Radical Tech Alert #61

For readers of Radical Technology Profits, stories like these are par for the course.

Like the time he told his readers to get in on LIN TV, a full-fledged media company that built its business on local TV. You see, because Michael worked in newsrooms for more than 20 years, he could see that LIN TV was masterfully combining its local TV’s sales edge with the boom in new-media technology.

Three months to the day after Michael made his recommendation, LIN TV was up 76%. Even better, six weeks later his readers got the chance to grab a second payday, this time for 102%.

    “The market’s volatility is now working in our favor. Today we’ll be taking gains of roughly 175%… and 124%.” – Radical Tech Alert #223


How is Michael able to pick so many winners so easily?

For one, as a veteran reporter, he has a Pulitzer-quality nose for spotting a breaking technology story. And of course there’s that million-dollar Rolodex. While other analysts are glued to their screens, hoping to spot a trend, Michael might be out sailing with Reed Tausig, CEO of a promising software startup… or dining with Dr. Joseph Kim, CEO of a biopharmaceutical firm that’s leading the drive into synthetic DNA vaccines.

But at the end of the day, the real secret to all of Michael’s double- and triple-baggers is something he calls his Real Demand Tracking System.

Decades in the making, this proprietary system lets Michael filter out the “wannabe” stocks to find the true growth machines: Small-cap companies that possess “must-have” technology, strategic barriers to entry, first-class management, great cash flow, fat profits and, if possible, a hefty dividend.


Radical Technology Profits helps everyday investors get in on the ground floor of explosive opportunities in biotech, military defense, supercomputing, 3D printing, and every other cutting-edge breakthrough.

On average, you’ll receive four new investment briefings every month through Radical Technology Profits.

And Michael is there with you every step of the way to help you manage these plays. Rest assured, if Michael sees something important happen at the opening bell, he’ll send you an alert about it before the closing bell.

Now along with the four monthly investment research briefings, you’ll also receive instant sell alerts.

    “The market’s volatility is now working in our favor. Today we’ll be taking gains of roughly 175%… and 124%.” – Radical Tech Alert #223

So when it’s time to exit any opportunity and collect maximum profits, he’ll send you an additional alert via email.

You can also have these sent to your cell phone via text message, so you can ensure you receive these instructions as fast as possible.

You’ll also get weekly briefings that explore the economy, the markets, the groundbreaking technologies that are being developed, and, of course, all current investment opportunities.

In addition, Michael records audio and video reports of his meetings with the CEOs and innovators at the companies he’s targeting.

Plus, you’ll have 24/7 access to the Radical Technology Profits website where every communication is archived, and you can constantly monitor a real-time review of all of our open positions.

Because Radical Technology stocks operate in volatile corners of the market (that’s why they can shoot up so quickly), Michael protects you against losses and market mood swings by employing trailing stops, usually 20-25%.

To make sure you never overpay for a stock, he’ll also give the highest price you should pay to get into a position.


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