Tom Gentile


Tom Gentile is one of the world’s foremost authorities on stocks, futures, and options trading.

With nearly 30 years’ experience in the securities industry, Tom is regarded as America’s #1 Trader. Known as a master of developing rules-based trading strategies, he has invested millions of dollars to develop the most technologically advanced investing tools in the world. And his readers have benefitted from this breakthrough programming by being introduced to trades worth millions of dollars in profits.

Starting his investment career from his parents’ home in 1986, Tom quickly climbed the ranks of the American Stock Exchange. In 1993 Tom and a group of partners stared an educational company called Optionetics, which became a leader in the field of options education.

Optionetics was sold in 2009 to optionsXpress, and eventually to Charles Schwab and Company for a sizeable sum. After helping to facilitate a smooth transfer to Schwab, Tom could’ve easily sauntered off to a cozy retirement.

But that kind of thinking is not a part of the Tom Gentile DNA!

Since 2009, Tom has taught more than 300,000 traders the specific secrets of spotting high-probability and low-risk trade opportunities, and now he is going to use his years of options experience to pick winners to share with you.

In June, 2015 Tom launched his options trading service The Money Calendar Alert, which uses his patent-pending Money Calendar tool to find double-digit winners on even the smallest stock price moves.

And in 2016 he introduced Weekly Cash Clock, which follows an unprecedented moneymaking pattern with the potential to double your money, in four days or less, week after week.

Weekly Cash Clock is the only service with weekly “profit alarms” set for every Friday.

Tom is an author and co-author of over a half-dozen books, including The Options Course, The Volatility Course, The Index Course, and The Stock Market Course, each of which is accompanied by a hands-on practice workbook.

Tom has appeared on financial programs featured on CNBC U.S. Europe and Asia Squawk Box, Bloomberg, Reuters, and Fox Business with Neil Cavuto, and is a contributing columnist to Stocks and Commodities Magazine. Tom is also an accomplished radio personality, with years of experience on the radio in Los Angeles. He currently hosts the “Tuesdays with Tom” hour on WHNZ in Tampa, and around the world on iHeart Radio.

Tom Gentile Writes In:

Money Calendar AlertAmerica’s #1 Trader is Tom Gentile, and his Money Calendar Alert puts you on the path to scheduling consistent “Payout Appointments” into your daily planner. Money Calendar Alert is based on Tom’s proprietary Money Calendar tool that determines which of the world’s top 250 stocks and ETFs made consistent price moves…on an exact date and over a precise time period…every single year for 9 out of 10 of the past years. Money Calendar Alert finds simple, but very specific trades with statistical expectations to turn tiny moves in stocks into 100%…200%…even 300% “payout appointment” gains within 30 days or less. In Q2 2016 members celebrated 15 triple digit wins. Learn More

Weekly Cash ClockTom Gentile scores big with the first of its kind for Money Map Press. 

Tom Gentile’s Weekly Cash Clock gives you a weekly profit strategy that always starts on Monday and pays out winning gains by Friday. The Weekly Cash Clock crunches through billions of data points in millions of market channels.  All to find the unique market convergences that signal when certain stocks are about to shoot up dramatically in a given week.  And Weekly Cash Clock’s “Profit Alarm ” is set for every Friday offering the potential to capture gains of 100%…200%..up to 500% in 4 days or less. Learn More

Power Profit TradesTom’s twice weekly e-letter focuses on detailed strategies and instructions on trading for maximum gains using conservative moves on simple stock-only trades right through the most lucrative options trading plays that can easily triple your returns. Members to this service can access Tom’s latest research report “How to Double Your Money on the World’s Most Valuable Companies.”

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