Shah Gilani knows where profits really come from.

During his 34 years as an investing professional, Shah made an all-important discovery: The only way to consistently garner market-shattering profits is to identify the most powerful catalysts or “agents of change” that are currently shaking up the markets.

Shah calls these powerful change agents Disruptors.

Disruptors can spin out of almost anything: a tiny subsection in a new law or government policy… a subtle demographic shift… a fluctuation in coal pricing… a new biotech breakthrough… a dramatic change in weather.

But they all have one thing in common: They start capital flowing in a new direction, and they trigger enormous profits.

And savvy investors who catch these “Capital Waves” as they’re forming can ride them to major, sustained profits.

Capital Waves can originate from just about anything. Including…

  • Unexpected GDP numbers, overlooked labor reports, or pending laws and regulations that sway markets…
  • Political upheavals that can change the outlook of regional markets…
  • Radical market events like sudden corrections or full-on crashes…
  • Manipulation of the markets by central banks, ultra-powerful traders, or political power brokers…

Paradigm-shifting insider moves (normally the domain of a very powerful few) that ultimately disrupt the entire investing universe. After over three decades in the trenches, Shah Gilani’s great strength is his ability to spot Disruptors and identify Capital Waves while they’re just beginning to gather force – while there’s time enough to invest in them and profit as they rise… and profit again when they fall.

And he’ll show you how to do it, too.

The Capital Waves Shah’s Tracking Now

Right now, Shah is following three little-known, disruptive industries that are about to launch massive, lucrative Capital Waves.

He has his eye on specific companies in each of these channels that he believes are poised for incredible returns. Stay tuned.

  • A new way to protect consumers from the effects of cybercrime. Hackers cost businesses $445 billion a year, and companies are desperate to stop the bleeding. Last year this industry generated $2.5 billion in premiums, and it’s expected to nearly triple in the next five years.
  • A hyper-growth, high-impact technology that integrates GPS, GIS, and remote sensing. Industries like utilities, telecom, transportation, disaster management, and real estate consider this technology a mandatory part of doing business. The overall market for this technology is growing 35% each year, but the commercial subset is skyrocketing 100% annually.
  • A new use for artificial intelligence that will shape how customers shop online. Since 2012, companies like Salesforce, IBM, Teradata, Microsoft and Adobe have snapped up eight different companies in this sector…and that’s just the beginning.

Shah knows what to do to capture the greatest returns from the waves of capital that flow through the markets. And he’s ready to share that knowledge, and those profits, with his readers.

In fact, since it launched in 2010, Shah Gilani’s Capital Wave Forecast has given its members the chance to get in on 93 double- or triple-digit winning Capital Wave trades.

And you’ll be amazed at how quickly these payoffs can arrive…

  • For instance, Shah’s 455% recommendation on SPY came home in less than two months…
  • His 371% pick on the FTSE China 25 scored those gains in under three months…
  • His 456% win on Goldman-Sachs options rang up in less than 10 weeks…
  • And one of his TWO triple-digit winning picks on the FXI took just six weeks to pay off 238% gains.

What’s even more incredible is how many of these winners Shah’s Capital Wave Forecast readers could have cashed out simultaneously.

On October 31, Shah closed out two Madison Square Garden treats – for combined gains of 367% on a capital wave play that took barely two weeks to turn a profit.

And on that same day, he also closed out a play on SPY that netted 103% gain in just three days.

That’s a single-day bonanza of 471%.

And that’s the power of “Capital Wave” trading.

Here are a few more of Shah’s winners…

  • 165% in 22 days with a defense play based on rising volatility.
  • 113% in 29 days on SSO.
  • 101% on the Sibanye Gold Ltd. ETF.
  • 197% shorting the tech-heavy Nasdaq.

Shah’s Capital Wave Forecast Trading Philosophy

“I’ve been following the markets now for more than 30 years, and I’ve come to believe that the most successful market investors in the world are traders.

These days, as capital moves in waves in and out of asset classes and positions at ever-faster speeds, a trading mentality like the one we’ll cultivate in Capital Wave Forecast is the key to taking a massive number of chips off the table.

I never send a recommendation unless I’m confident it will make us money.

And the methods I’ve honed over more than three decades allow me to have a great deal of confidence that my recommendations will do just that.

But in the markets, things can change, sometimes very quickly. No one can control the future.

We can (and will) control how we put our portfolio together. And we’ll see to it that we manage our trades so that our reward profile always outweighs our risk profile.

That’s how I would run a multibillion-dollar hedge fund, because that’s the right way to do it.

It’s a simple philosophy in the final analysis: We don’t put all our eggs into one basket.”


As you’ve just seen, Capital Waves can rise and fall anywhere – in any market and any sector. So you can expect to be going long and short… to be playing equities and options (puts and calls), as well as ETFs. Note: Shah will usually offer an alternative options trade to those who can’t (or don’t want to) short.

So expect to be playing currencies, commodities, precious metals, and the broader market. And every step of the way Shah will be alongside you, spelling out exactly what to do: When to get in. What protective stop to use. When to tighten your stops. When to get out.

“I see to it that we manage our trades so that our reward profile always outweighs our risk profile,” says Shah. “That’s how I would run a multi-billion dollar hedge fund, because that’s the right way to do it.”

Here’s how Shah works to put money in your pocket every week.

He constantly tracks technical and fundamental indicators that might affect all Capital Wave recommendations. From this data, if he sees a need to add to a position or take quick profits before a stock drops, he’ll issue a trade alert to your email inbox right away. You’ll be able to opt-in for a text message as well as an email alert, ensuring that you never miss a trade.

Whenever possible, alerts will come to you during trading hours, or in preparation for the next trading session.

Shah is also a huge proponent of risk management.

So for each and every one of his Capital Wave trade recommendations, he’ll be monitoring the potential risk on a daily basis. Every recommendation will specify a “buy-up-to” price that will provide a range of entry for new positions.

And unless you’re putting on an options position, when you enter any trade you will almost always use stop-loss orders. As the trade develops, you’ll adjust our stops appropriately. Shah will direct you every step of the way.

He’ll also do everything in his power to squeeze the most profits out of a Capital Wave…like recommending a cluster of positions all linked to the same Disruptor.

What Shah Will Send You

  • Shah monitors the portfolio constantly. In the past 18 months, he’s averaged about nine alerts per month to his Capital Wave readers. That’s better than two per week. And he’s been known to send as many as 15 alerts in a given month – almost four per week.
  • Even when there’s no specific trade recommendations, Shah will still connect with readers to shed more light on what’s happening in the markets.
  • Finally, from time to time Shah will send you a “Portfolio Housekeeping” alert. These usually come at the start of a calendar year, or toward the end of summer. These alerts are for tightening up positions… adjusting stop losses… taking profits… and reviewing the status of the portfolio as a whole.

While Shah’s minimum profit target is always 100% in the short term, he sets goals for individual trades that may be much higher.

Right now, he’s tracking a disruptive opportunity that is projected to make 724% over the next 12-18 months.

And he’s looking forward to helping you profit from a whole portfolio of lucrative Disruptors that produce huge Capital Waves…every single week.

Get ready for the ride of your life.


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