Market volatility has become a permanent fact of every investor’s life.

In fact, 80% of investment managers in a recent survey said they expect volatility to increase in 2015.

While most investors fear and run from volatility, Shah Gilani has spent more than 30 years turning volatility into profit. “To me,” says Shah, “lots of volatility means tons of opportunities.”

You see, when markets are volatile, that can mean that capital has begun to flow like a wave from sector to sector and asset to asset. Savvy investors who catch these “capital waves” as they’re forming can ride them to major, sustained profits.

Capital waves can originate from just about anything. Including…

  • Unexpected GDP numbers, overlooked labor reports, or pending laws and regulations that sway markets…
  • Political upheavals that can change the outlook of regional markets…
  • Radical market events like sudden corrections or full-on crashes…
  • Manipulation of the markets by central banks, ultra-powerful traders, or political power brokers…
  • Paradigm-shifting insider moves (normally the domain of a very powerful few) that ultimately disrupt the entire investing universe.

After 35 years in the trenches, Shah Gilani’s great strength is his ability to spot these waves while they’re just beginning to gather force – while there’s time enough to invest in them and profit as they rise… and profit again when they fall.

With the Federal Reserve getting ready to raise its benchmark interest rate for the first time since 2008, how much capital will we see flow out of equities? Shah knows.

Will a Greek debt-default and exit from the Eurozone trigger a global financial meltdown? And where is the safest place to park your capital if it does? Shah knows.

Which companies and markets will suffer most from a rising dollar? And what does that mean for investors seeking extra income? Shah knows.  

With central banks in Europe, Japan, and China flooding banks and capital markets with liquidity, what’s the best play for scooping up stocks at bargain-basement prices? Shah knows.

Shah knows what to do to capture the greatest returns from the waves of capital that flow through the markets.

In fact, since it launched in 2010, Shah Gilani’s Capital Wave Forecast has given its members the chance to get in on 93 double- or triple-digit winning capital wave trades.

These include gains as high as 456%… 455%… 371%… 197%… 165%…

Shah’s readers have made money in bull markets and bear, and by going long as well as by going short.

    “In Capital Wave Forecast, we take profits wherever and whenever we find them.” – Shah Gilani.

The great thing about capital waves is how quickly their payoffs can arrive.

For instance, Shah’s 371% pick on the FTSE China 25 scored those gains in under three months…

His 455% recommendation on the SPDR came home in less than two months…

His 456% win on Goldman-Sachs options rang up in less than 10 weeks…

And one of his TWO triple-digit winning picks on the FXI took just six weeks to pay off 238% gains.

What’s even more incredible is how many of these winners Shah’s Capital Wave Forecast readers could have cashed out simultaneously.

On October 31, Shah closed out two Madison Square Garden treats – for combined gains of 367% on a capital wave play that took barely two weeks to turn a profit.

And on that same day, he also closed out a SPY play that netted 103% gain in just three days.

That’s a single-day bonanza of 471%.

And that’s the power of “capital wave” trading.

With Capital Wave Forecast, Shah goes beyond simply predicting where massive waves of money are going to flow to and from in the markets…

He shows you what these capital waves really mean – instead of what the market-makers (like the bullion banks) want you to think they mean.

And most importantly, he shows you exactly how you can best profit from them. And how to do it before most investors even know these opportunities exist.

Here are a few more of Shah’s winners…

  • 371% in 3 months buying puts against China.
  • 165% in 22 days with a defense play based on rising volatility.
  • 113% in 29 days on SSO.
  • 101% on the Sibanye Gold Ltd. ETF.
  • 197% shorting the tech-heavy Nasdaq.


And as you’ve just seen, capital waves can rise and fall anywhere – in any market and any sector. So you can expect to be going long and short… to be playing equities and options (puts and calls), as well as ETFs.

So expect to be playing currencies, commodities, precious metals, and the broader market. And every step of the way Shah will be alongside you, spelling out exactly what to do: When to get in. What protective stop to use. When to tighten your stops. When to get out.

“I see to it that we manage our trades so that our reward profile always outweighs our risk profile,” says Shah. “That’s how I would run a multi-billion dollar hedge fund, because that’s the right way to do it.”

At Capital Wave Forecast, we believe that investing in every position equally is a huge mistake. A better idea is to stay flexible so you can ride each wave wherever it’s producing the biggest profits.

So with every recommendation he gives, Shah also provides a capital allocation plan. He specifies the portion of your capital to apply to the position, or he’ll ease you into a position with a split entry.

At Capital Wave Forecast, we never “chase” trades.

So every recommendation will specify a “buy-up-to” price that will provide a range of entry for new positions.

In a world where things can change on a dime, it’s critical that we limit our losses and preserve our capital. So, unless we’re putting on an options position, when we enter any trade we will almost always use stop-loss orders. As the trade develops, we’ll adjust our stops appropriately.

Whenever possible, alerts will come to you during trading hours, or in preparation for the next trading session.

Shah monitors the portfolio constantly. In the past 18 months, he’s averaged about nine alerts per month to his Capital Wave readers. That’s better than two per week. And he’s been known to send as many as 15 alerts in a given month – almost four per week.

In addition to specific trade recommendations and alerts, Shah also sends you weekly updates. These communiques shed more light on what has just happened in the markets, or what may happen in the near future, and what we are looking to do about it.

Finally, from time to time Shah will send you a “Portfolio Housekeeping” alert. These usually come at the start of a calendar year, or toward the end of summer. These alerts are for tightening up positions… adjusting stop losses… taking profits… and reviewing the status of the portfolio as a whole.

Since 2010 this approach has served Shah’s readers well.

    “I am very pleased with Capital Wave Forecast. I took gains of 87%, 145%, and 102%… No complaints there.”  – V. Shepp, York, PA


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