The conventional way to trade says to “buy low and sell high.”

But that “mainstream” method leaves out something crucial: share prices go down as well as up.

Smart traders like Shah Gilani can make fortunes when prices go down. In fact, investors who know how to “take the other side of the trade” frequently see single-day returns of 100% to 1,000%.

That sounds incredible, but it’s true. And it’s a truth that Wall Street would rather you not think about, or even know about.

Why? Because they take the other side of the trade all the time. And they want you on the losing side when they do.

Make no mistake… Wall Street players pull off “flip” trades every single day. And they make a killing when they do. They make quadruple-digit gains betting against huge companies like T-Mobile, Best Buy, Ralph Lauren, even Apple.

John Templeton is a legendary trader. He used this “flip” strategy to make $80 million dollars.

Jesse Livermore used it to amass a $100 million fortune.

Flip traders can even bet against entire countries. In one single day in September 1992, one man, George Soros, made $1.8 billion in profits because he saw that the pound sterling was going to fall in value.

“Flipping” the pound may have been the easiest money he ever made, and it was almost certainly the quickest.

Now you too can take the other side of the trade. And you too can do it literally every day the markets are open. In Short-Side Fortunes, Shah Gilani shows you how.


Flipping a trade (and making money doing it) is as easy as flipping a switch. Here’s how it works…

When Chinese internet giant Alibaba launched the biggest IPO in global financial history, investors the world over scrambled to get in. A smart move, to be sure. After all, analysts were predicting Alibaba shares would at least double in value.

Shah Gilani had a different take. Here’s what he told Short-Side Fortunes readers just days before the IPO:

    “The coming of Alibaba should result in an exodus of investors from Alibaba is going to crush Amazon right in Amazon’s backyard.”

Then Shah told his readers how to take the other side of the Amazon trade.

Twenty-seven days later, readers who listened to Shah got to cash in a 239% payday. On that same day, investors who took the obvious, mainstream route by buying Alibaba saw their investment drop 4.15%.

So Shah’s Short-Side Fortunes approach led to a 5,610% outperformance.

Or take what happened in February 2014, when ITT Education Services got sued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

The lawsuit alleged that ITT, one of the country’s largest for-profit educational services companies, was ripping off students by hiding the actual terms of their student loans.

Here’s what Shah told his readers:

    “ITT Educational Services is in trouble. Its revenues have been falling and there will be several attorneys general filing additional suits against them. There’s a way to make some very significant money on this news.”

Naturally, Shah also gave his readers step-by-step instructions on how to profit from ITT’s decline.

Shah was right again. Barely four months later, that flip trade paid off to the tune of 346%.

Taking the other side of the trade allows you to play in some amazingly lucrative corners of the market. In fact, you can easily profit by getting out ahead of some unstoppable global events, such as growing turmoil in Europe.

You see, starting in 2012, U.S. investors started buying euros so they could in turn buy European government bonds. Soon the rest of the world joined in. Momentum started building.

Trouble is, two years later, the “Eurozone” was experiencing zero GDP growth. Europe’s debt crisis was exploding and the future of the European Union’s currency, the euro, was in doubt.

Shah pounced on the opportunity, telling his readers…

    “There will be no stopping the fall of the Euro… and there’ll be no stopping the fall of European stock markets. We’re going to position ourselves today for a fall in European stocks.”

And by following Shah’s instructions, smart readers were well-positioned indeed. In fact, just 36 days later, readers who got in when Shah sounded the euro alarm saw gains of 449%.

Those are just some of the flip-side opportunities Shah has shown his readers.


As a Short-Side Fortunes member, Shah Gilani is going to take you under his wing and show you exactly how to make big money when asset classes flip directions.

You’re going to see opportunities in virtually every asset class on the planet.

In fact, Shah is currently zeroing in on opportunities to bet against commodities, currencies, stocks, bonds, ETFs…

Countries, leveraged loans, shopping malls, Chinese financial companies, Chinese real estate, retail companies, oil…

The list goes on and on. Whatever it takes to make money when values fall… that’s what you’ll be in on.

Shah sends out his simple, specific recommendations on average three times each week. And he’s been known to send as many as 16 updates in a given month.

Whenever possible, you’ll receive Shah’s communications hours before the markets open, so you can get out ahead of any trade action.

You’ll be given specific step-by-step instructions – the exact ticker symbol to play and the exact price to enter the trade at.

In order to maximize potential profits, Shah will also give you simple, detailed steps for “averaging down,” or adding to your position at lower and lower cost.

To protect your investment, Shah frequently employs stop losses. Shah will specify exactly – to the penny – where to place your stop. If at any time he feels the stop should be adjusted, he’ll send an immediate alert.

When it comes time to cash in on a position, you’ll be the first to know.

Each alert comes with a complete Trade Blotter that displays every open position, along with Shah’s rationale for the position.

There are a lot of “gurus” out there making recommendations. But the one thing they don’t recommend is how much capital to apply to every position.

Shah does. When he recommends a position, he also spells out the percentage of your capital he believes you should put into it.

This secret strategy is making Wall Street furious

At this moment, Shah is showing a small circle of readers this simple technique responsible for some of the biggest, fastest fortunes in history.

You could have used this trade to see:

  • 4,700% on Google in 12 hours
  • 1,800% on Apple in 6 hours
  • 1,100% on Microsoft in 18 hours
  • 2,100% on Nike in 10 hours
  • And even 8,180% on Auto Zone in 24 hours

Of course, these are exceptional gains. But the power of this trade is undeniable, especially right now.

We are at a unique moment in history: Stocks are rocking up and down, giant retailers are crumbling, the Fed is about to lose control of interest rates, war in the Middle East is a constant threat and ISIS affiliates have already hit Paris and San Bernardino. Commodities are plunging and oil is getting hammered, the China bubble is bursting and emerging markets are on the brink of chaos.

These are all REAL things. And the opportunity for creating wealth is unprecedented.

Unfortunately, most people who aren't familiar with this trade sometimes have the wrong impression.

You'll learn why that is and details on three huge trades you can make right now in Shah's latest presentation.